Sunday, July 14, 2013

{Summer To Do List} Steel City Pops

We've been hearing people around Birmingham talk about Steel City Pops for about a year now. I have to admit, we were kind of skeptical of all the hype. I mean, what's so great about a popsicle? I'll take cake or ice cream over a popsicle any day.

We finally made our first visit this weekend and well, we've changed our tune. I mean, wow. These popsicles are amazing. Their menu is super easy to read, too. Two categories: fruity and creamy. Daniel ordered strawberry and I ordered peanut butter.

I loved my peanut butter, but Daniel's strawberry popsicle was amazing! To me, a lot of popsicles taste like frozen watered down Kool-Aid. Oh, not this strawberry popsicle. It was like a frozen version of the best strawberry you've ever eaten.

I know that Steel City Pops was only on our summer to do list once, but we'll definitely be going back before summer is over! And I'll have a strawberry popsicle! :)

Make sure to come back tomorrow! I'm sharing how I made our homemade ice cream without an ice cream machine. That's another thing on our summer to do list we'll be doing more than once! :)

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