Friday, May 22, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend {2015}

I got to celebrate Mother's Day for the second time a couple of weeks ago! Sometimes I still can't believe I'm someone's that weird?

Daniel and I decided last year that we would always make an entire weekend out of Mother's Day and Father's Day. We're big holiday people...we celebrate our birthdays the entire month and rationalize pretty much anything we want with "It's our birthday month!" :) Usually that means lots of Mother's Day weekend involved Chicken Salad Chick, Papa John's, frozen yogurt, and sushi. That's seriously making me hungry. Hey's Memorial Day weekend! We should totally celebrate! ;)

Anyway, we relaxed a lot on Saturday and took Emery to the park that afternoon. This baby loves to swing...although she wasn't feeling super smiley that day. Stupid molars.

I did a little swinging with Emery, too. She gets her love of swinging from her mama, I think, because I love it, too! Who can be stressed when they're swinging? Not me. She doesn't quite know what to think when she sees us swinging beside her, but usually she thinks it's pretty funny.

I woke up to this sweet face on Sunday morning. Just look at that bed head! I think she slept pretty well! :)

Sunday was a pretty relaxed day. We snapped a quick picture before church. I've learned the hard way that waiting until after church to take pictures usually doesn't work out so well...and I like to get in my pajamas as soon as possible when we get home! :)

I'm just so thankful for this precious little girl! She makes me so, so happy!

After Emery's nap, we made a quick trip to Sweet Frog! She liked the frozen yogurt, but didn't seem completely crazy about it. She'll learn... ;)

My mom was out of town on Mother's Day, so we celebrated with her this past Sunday. Everyone came over to our house after church for lunch. I'm so blessed to have these precious people in my life! I love them so much!

Mother's Day 2014

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

#richlyblesseddaily2015 {Weeks 19 & 20}

Here's what's been going on in our little world the last couple of weeks! :)

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Day 127: Oh you know, just doing a little leisure reading. She stood there holding her Daniel Tiger trolley book and jabbered the whole time like she was reading!

Day 128: This little girl had a 6:00 bedtime tonight. Transitioning to one nap is tough...I'm pretty sure she's ready because for a couple of weeks now, she's been sleeping well for her morning nap and either fighting her afternoon nap or taking one and then taking forever to go to sleep at bedtime. I guess it's just going to take a little while to adjust.

Day 129: I think she would swing all day!

Day 130: It's been a sweet Mother's Day with this little love bug! She's a fan of frozen yogurt!

Day 131: We're finally finishing the last season of Parenthood tonight with cupcakes left from Emery's birthday party. {I seriously love having cupcakes in the freezer!}

Day 132: Hanging out in the boppy just like when she was a tiny baby.

Day 133: She parked for a minute to watch a little Daniel Tiger.

Day 134: She uses this little cubby as her own little personal storage unit. I love finding things that she's put in random places!

Day 135: We got to go to the Regions Tradition today at Shoal Creek! Last year, Emery was teeny tiny and slept the whole time. Not so much this year! We had so much fun, though! That place is so beautiful!

Day 136: Just two sweet cousins having a little tea party and picnic together this morning. 

Day 137: My mom was out of town on Mother's Day, so we celebrated her today! So thankful for her and these other precious girls in my life!!

Day 138: She'll play peekaboo with anything these days! We finally had to block off the stairs. After months of her leaving them alone, she suddenly became obsessed with them. It only took a couple of days of 20+ trips up the stairs behind her for us to do something about it!

Day 139: Her face when I play peekaboo with her on the couch! The laugh that goes along with it is priceless!

Day 140: I made it up on the couch, now how do I get back down?

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

#richlyblesseddaily2015 {Week 18}

We've had a great week! We are so thankful to have our happy baby back! Her molar on the top on the other side even cut through, and it was *much* easier compared to the first one! Fingers crossed the ones on the bottom come in soon and we can be done with molars for a little while!

The pictures from this week crack me up! Emery is turning into such a little ham! :)

Have a great weekend!

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 Day 120: Sometimes you just need to wear your sunglasses at breakfast. Emery was super happy today until I dragged her to the doctor with me... Wow. What was I thinking? She went back to her happy self as soon as we left.

 Day 121: Emery loves taking her socks off! When I ask her if she can put it back on, she lays it on top of her foot! She kept putting this basket over her head in the kitchen this morning. It was just so cute! 

 Day 122: Fun at the park this afternoon!

 Day 123: Outdoor concert, food trucks, and Steel City Pops with my church family tonight. I love that my church does events like this!! Emery loved the popsicle and kept going back and forth between mine and Daniel's.

 Day 124: Emery kept putting her pacifier in her picnic basket today and closing the lid on it...all without taking it out of her mouth!

 Day 125: We had a fun day! We had lunch at Chicken Salad Chick with Aunt Alie, and then Emery got to swing with Vanna on her new playset!

Day 126: She did this all by herself and then kept doing it once she realized it was making me laugh! 

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Friday, May 1, 2015

#richlyblesseddaily2015 {Weeks 16 &17}

Here are the last couple of weeks of #richlyblesseddaily2015. We had a rough week last week...molars. Wow. Isn't one molar good enough? She really doesn't need the other ones, right? Anyway, this week has been *much* better. Our happy little girl got a little happier each day and we were so glad to have her back!! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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Day 106: I got to be the mystery reader today for Vanna's class and then I ate lunch with her! So much fun!!

 Day 107: We had lunch with Daddy today!!

 Day 108: Perfect lazy Saturday in our jammies! Lots of peekaboo and reading happened today!

 Day 109: Getting a little Sunday afternoon snack from Mommy. But seriously, how big does she look standing there like that??!!

Day 110: Emery got to try her first sucker at Nana and Gampa's this afternoon. {Don't worry-she was under very close supervision!} She also got to swing in the swing my dad built when my sister and I were little! She didn't want to get out!

 Day 111: Sweet girl had a fever today. I sure did love that she fell asleep in my arms, but I felt so bad for her! I think she's just teething...hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Day 112: Emery's fever is better today, but she's still not quite herself. She's been relaxing a lot in her chair today!

 Day 113: She's always been mesmerized by ceiling fans!! I just can't believe how grown up she is looking!!

 Day 114: This little one is getting her first molar. It has not been fun for anyone.

 Day 115: Checking out her new snack cup. She would stick her hand in, grab a handful of Cheerios, and then jerk her hand out...launching Cheerios everywhere! So thankful that she was a bit more like herself today. 

 Day 116: Plastic Easter eggs are fun all year!!

 Day 117: We got to have dinner with Aunt Alie, Uncle DJ, and Vanna tonight. This was the best picture I could get of these two sweet cousins! Too many new toys for Emery to stop and look at Mommy.

 Day 118: She LOVES to play with beach balls!! She can usually catch it, too!

Day 119: I think she was ready to go to bed.

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