Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter {2016}

Another Easter has come and gone... I know I say it *all the time*, but I seriously can't believe how fast time goes. It's just crazy. I went back and read my blog posts from the last two Easters {2014 | 2015} and it's such a reminder of why I wanted to do this blog in the first place! So many sweet little memories I would have probably forgotten. I've got to make more time to document our little everyday moments. They really are the most precious. 

Anyway! I need to move on before I turn into a puddle of tears.

The day before Easter, Emery got to go to a sweet friend's birthday party! It was a pajama party and Emery loved it! She's still talking about it! 

Making a Fruit Loops necklace! Emery loved eating the Fruit Loops straight off of her necklace!

Sweet little friends.

That afternoon, Nana and Poppa came over so we could go see the baby chicks at Tractor Supply. They also brought Emery her Easter basket with these silly glasses in it. 

She got to pet a baby chick! She looks upset, but she always makes this "it's so cute I might cry" face when she sees something cute! It's hilarious.

After we saw the baby chicks, we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream! {Or "ice chume" as Emery calls it!}

Easter Sunday was an early one for us! I had to sing and Daniel had to greet people, so we were all there by 7:00! Emery woke up happy, though! After church, we headed home so Emery could take her nap and then went to my parents' house for Easter lunch.

She is always on the move!

This was the best we could get for a family picture! She was squirming to get away from me!

We did get a couple of cute pictures of these sweeties in their Easter dresses. 

LOVE this one! 

Emery was *very* into the bunny ears this year {unlike her very first Easter}! She loves to go "hop! hop! hop!" and jump around. She also got this adorable bracelet from Nana and Poppa for her birthday and she was *so* proud of it. Her teacher at church said that Emery showed it to everyone that came in the room that morning! 

Emery *loves* Poppa's truck so much, so when she saw it outside, she wanted to get in. This picture of her in the back of a truck in her Easter dress just makes me laugh.

It was been a really rainy week, so we had to do our Easter egg hunt inside. Emery totally got the hang of it and had so much fun collecting eggs!

She had been playing with the empty plastic eggs at home for the whole week, so when she realized there was candy inside of them, she was super excited!!

We were all laughing so hard at these next couple of pictures! For some reason, Emery wanted to wear her tutu skirt like this. 

She also played a few songs on the guitar. "Jesus Loves Me" and "Oh How I Love Jesus" are a couple of her favorites. Of course, every time I try to get it on video, she stops. 

We were hardly home at all on Easter Sunday, so we gave Emery her Easter basket a couple of days late. The same thing happened last year In a couple of years, we won't be able to get away with that!

I loved doing her Easter basket this year! It gets more and more fun every year, I think! I actually had her basket done in February! Someone on Instagram mentioned how great the dollar section at Target was, so I went right after Valentine's Day. It was full of tons of fun spring and Easter things that weren't all disorganized yet. Yay!

Here's a list of everything that was in Emery's Easter basket this year and where I got everything:
 - candy in plastic eggs, of course 
 - Easter bunny stickers, Target
 - I Love You Honey Bunny book {It's super cute!}
 - The Story of Easter book {I feel like this is a very age appropriate Easter book!}
 - Flower and butterfly lacing blocks, Target
 - Cookie Shapes and Opposites books, Dollar Tree
 - Paw Patrol notebook, Target {She loves to draw and color!}
 - Play-Doh Chick and Bunny Stampers, Target {This was a great way to introduce play-doh! Emery loves it!!}
 - Stuffed chick, Home Goods
 - Bunny bubble wand, Target
 - Light up wands, Target {I got her two of these because she likes to play with things like this like they're musical instruments. }
 - Monogrammed hat, Etsy

She was definitely excited about those M&Ms! And she's making her "It's so cute I could just cry" face with her new baby chick stuffed animal.  The picture of her in the hat is just too funny. Emery pretty much refuses to smile if we say "smile!" so we say "show us your teeth!" and that's the face we get! 

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