Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fourth of July {2015}

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Daniel got a floating holiday instead of getting July 3rd off, but we still had a fun weekend celebrating! He's taking this Friday off and we're going to the lake! So excited!

My parents' neighborhood does a big Fourth of July dinner and fireworks show every year, and we've gone the last few years. It's so much fun! Emery seriously couldn't get enough of these balloons when we first got there!

My sister and I found matching outfits for Vanna and Emery last summer. These sweet girls are just too cute!!

She is *obsessed* with phones lately and can barely stand it when she sees one and can't hold it! She usually says "hewo" when she sees or hears a phone! <3

Our little walker! Last year, Emery slept most of the time. This year, she was a little walking machine!

Gampa took Emery to get her first balloon animal. Emery loved her little mouse balloon and kept pulling on it's tail!

Gampa and his sweet girls.

She was fascinated with the glow sticks...another first for her!

Emery and her Uncle Steve.

Nana and Emery waiting for the fireworks! It had actually cooled down quite a bit by this time, so we were glad we had blankets! {Although my mom would need a blanket even if it was 80 degrees! :)}

We had to break out the glow sticks again while we were waiting!

We were kind of worried how she would do with the fireworks, and we were amazed! She got kind of scared when they first started, and her heart started racing, but she calmed right down and couldn't take her eyes off of them!

Our sweet girl stayed up until 10:15 {!!!!} that night and giggled the whole way home!

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