Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sadie {1 Month}

Our sweet Sadie girl is one month old! I'm tearing up as I type that {no surprise there...I'm such a cry baby!}. This first month with Sadie has just flown by! I did these updates for Emery and I love being able to go back and read about all the little details each month. There are so many sweet little memories that I probably would have forgotten, and it's fun to compare how the girls are similar and different! So, I'm going to try to stay on top of these updates for Sadie, too! 

One Week 

Two Weeks - This sleeper looks so funny when she's all stretched out! 😂

Three Weeks

Four Weeks - Starting to smile! 💕

Sadie was born on Friday, May 19th at 7:24 a.m. and it didn't take us long to find out we had been blessed with a sweet, sweet baby. {I'm planning to do a whole post about the day she was born!} 

Here's what our sweet Sadie is like at one month old:

- At her two week {almost three week} check up, she weighed 8 pounds and 10 ounces and was 22 inches long. Her head circumference was 14.5 inches. She was in the 95th percentile for height (she'll be tall just like Emery) and she was in the 50th percentile for weight.

- She's wearing newborn diapers and all newborn clothes, but I'm sure we'll be switching to size 1 diapers and some 3 month clothes pretty soon.

- She doesn't usually mind diaper changes unless she's hungry!

- Speaking of eating, Sadie is a great eater and has been since the day she was born! When we brought her home from the hospital on May 22nd, she was eating about 1.5 ounces every three hours and now she's eating about 3.5 ounces every 3 hours! She almost always finishes every bottle!

- She's been a great sleeper so far, too. When Sadie was a little less than a week old, I actually asked our doctor if it was normal for her to sleep *so* much! I know it's normal for a newborn to sleep a lot, but Sadie was rarely awake! She sleeps great at night, too, for the most part. Starting at about one week old, she would wake up about once a night, usually between 2:00-3:00 and then again around 6:00-7:00. We thought it was too good to be true, but for the most part, she's been pretty consistent! 

- Right now, she's sleeping in the pack and play in our room and doing great with that. She's kind of a noisy sleeper, so we're not sure how long it will last. She is a grunter! 😂 She usually naps in the Boppy, on one of us, in her swing, and sometimes in her pack and play. I love this stage where you don't really have to worry about sleep/nap training!

- She is our little snuggle bug. She goes to sleep on us so easily and is so snuggly, we just love to hold her for her naps.

- She gets the hiccups all the time, just like Emery! The gripe water we used with Emery works for Sadie, too, and it's so cute watching her lick her lips!

- While Emery was hooked to her paci from the start, it took a little longer for Sadie to start taking it consistently. She's really starting to like it now, though. It definitely helps her go to sleep!

- Sadie is not a fan of riding in the car if she's awake...she pretty much has to have her paci or she's crying. If she's tired, though, she usually goes right to sleep.

- She *loves* being swaddled and it has calmed her down since the day she was born. Usually if she's fussy, we can put her in a tight swaddle and she'll calm right down and go to sleep. She sometimes gets her arms out, but not nearly as often as Emery did.

- When she's trying to get her bottle or paci, she shakes her head back and forth frantically. It's hilarious! Then when she finally gets it, she gets a really intense look on her face if she's eating and a really peaceful look on her face if it's her paci.

- Sadie is strong! She can already hold her head up for a few seconds at a time. When we have her up on our shoulder, she bobs her head around trying to look all over the place.

- She hated her first couple of baths, but is starting to like them more. She's happy for about the first half and then she screams for the rest. Then she usually cries until I get her in her pajamas.

- Sadie does really well when we're out and about! We've gone to the grocery store, the library, church, and out to eat and she always does really well! This was from her first Sunday at church. 💖

- We can't believe how much Sadie and Emery look alike! These pictures from Emery's one month post look just like Sadie!

- Emery could not be a sweeter big sister. We are so thankful! She always wants to know where Sadie is and if she is asleep or awake. She shares her loveys with her and likes to give her her paci when she cries. She lays her head on Sadie's head to give her "hugs" and kisses the top of her head. She also talks in a high-pitched sweet voice to her and will say "She's so cute!" Sadie already loves Emery and pays attention when she's in front of her. 

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

38 Weeks

How Far Along: 38 weeks and 1 day

Size of Baby: According to The Bump, the baby is about 19.6 inches long and weighs about 6.8 pounds. Sounds a lot like birth weight!! 😳

Gender: It's a girl!! Her name is Sadie Hope!

Maternity Clothes: Yep, I've worn that coral shirt in the picture above the last 3 out of 4 Sundays. I'm ready for some new clothes!

Wedding Rings On/Off: On, still noticing some swelling in my hands. 

Stretch Marks: Definitely some new ones on my hips, and a few small ones around my belly button, which I was really hoping wouldn't happen. It's almost like I can actually feel my skin stretching. My belly is kind of itchy and it just feels like it's pulling. I'm also a little paranoid. It can't get that much worse in the time I have left, though.

Sleep: I'm still sleeping remarkably well! I wake up kind of early, but I'm sleeping through the night most nights! 

Cravings/Aversions: Still nothing super specific...just enjoying all the foods I can in the time I have left!

Symptoms: Nothing really new, just more of the same. More slow, more uncomfortable, more achy. 😉 A little heartburn still, a little swelling, and my ears have been plugging a little more often again. 

Movement: Lots and lots of kicking and stretching going on! She really seems to like to put her feet (I think?) up into my ribs on my right side. I can't wait to see those little feet!

Mood: I'm basically feeling every possible feeling that can be felt, which is pretty typical for me. I'm so excited to meet Sadie and see Emery and my family with her, but I'm nervous about adjusting to a new normal. I'm praying that we all make a smooth transition. 

What I Miss: Definitely the same as last week--Being comfortable, having energy, and moving around like a normal person!

Looking Forward To: We're going to try and fit in a lot of fun things this week. We have an early doctor's appointment tomorrow, so we're all going to go out for donuts first. Emery and I are going to go get mommy/daughter mani/pedis one day, and I've still got to do my big Trader Joe's trip! Most of all, we're looking forward to meeting Sadie!

Best Moment This Week: We've been getting out more baby things this week and one of them was the Pack & Play. Emery was so excited to see it all set up {she calls it the "packing play"} and immediately got some of her loveys to put in there. She got her pillow from her bed and a blanket and put Curious George to bed. She sang "O How I Love Jesus" to him {she calls it "O"}, asked "You want 'O' one more time, George?" just like we ask her, turned the lights off, and told him to have a good night's sleep. She also put Ellie right beside him. It was too sweet. We're praying she's like that with Sadie!

We also had a sweet Mother's Day today. I love this sweet picture! 💕

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

36 Weeks

We're having our living room painted this week, so those are paint samples behind me!

How Far Along: 36 weeks and 3 days

Size of Baby: According to The Bump, the baby is about 18.7 inches long and weighs about 5.8 pounds. I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and my belly measured right at 36 weeks, even though I feel *huge*!

Gender: It's a girl!! Her name is Sadie Hope!

Maternity Clothes: Yep, and pretty tired of them! At home when I'm in pj's, my t-shirts don't even go all the way over my belly anymore! 😂

Wedding Rings On/Off: On, but they are a little more snug. I haven't had any major swelling, but definitely some.

Stretch Marks: I think I might have some new ones on my hips. Not surprised...I feel like my hips have gotten so, so wide.

Sleep: I've been sleeping well again with the exception of one night this weekend. I woke up at 3:30, couldn't go back to sleep, so I came out to the living room and worked on my computer until it was time to get ready for church. Other than that, I've been sleeping very well. So thankful for that!

Cravings/Aversions: I'm still really loving the Minute Maid Berry Punch!! I also saw a commercial for Captain D's {what?!} and really wanted it, but it was too late at night. I can't really think of anything else that I've been craving. I'm just trying to eat as much as possible while I don't have to think about it or feel guilty about it! 😂

Symptoms: Very, very slow moving and uncomfortable. I'm starting to have more back achiness and the mild heartburn has returned. I have very little energy and just really don't want to move much or do much at all. Where is my nesting energy?! I'm also getting some swelling in my feet, ankles, and legs. It's not nearly as bad as the swelling I had with Emery, though! My ears have gotten so much better! They used to be plugged every single day for several hours. They still plug almost every day, but it's not as bad and it doesn't last very long. I was worried that symptom was never going to go away.

Movement: *All* of the time! And she loves to be up in my ribs which is such a weird feeling! She is getting so strong. It feels like she loves to stretch out! 💕

Mood: We still have a ton of things going on at home {painting, building a deck, redoing our back yard} so I have been getting a little overwhelmed and stressed about all of that. I've also been getting really sentimental lately about doing things with Emery and how different things are going to be in just a few weeks. I know it will all be good, and I'm very thankful, I just get very sentimental and emotional when the season of our life changes.

What I Miss: Being comfortable, having energy, and moving around like a normal person!

Looking Forward To: A bunch of random things... I've been looking over a bunch of blog posts that list out the best things at Trader Joe's and I think Emery and I are going to do a big trip in the next few days. They have a bunch of freezer meals that are supposed to be really good and I think they will come in really handy when Sadie gets here. I'm also going to get a mani/pedi before Sadie is born, so that will be really nice. We're having the main level of our house painted in the next couple of days and I can't wait for it to be done and get everything put back in to place! Emery also has her last Kindermusik class this week {which I'm pretty emotional about-we started when she was 18 months old!}. There will be a little end of the year party and I know she's going to love that! That girl is all about a party!

Best Moment This Week: I can't remember where we had gone, but Emery and I were driving home one afternoon and out of nowhere she said, "I love being with my mommy". Umm, my heart absolutely melted. We've also been getting out more of the baby gear like the car seat and it's been fun talking to her about when she was a baby.

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Emery Turns THREE! {Sweet Shoppe Party}

Click here to read about Emery's pink and gold first birthday party!
Click here to read about Emery's Elmo second birthday party!

Oh my goodness. HOW can I be writing about my baby's third birthday?!? It just doesn't seem possible. 😭

I had a little bit of a hard time coming up with the theme this year. I like doing character parties because there are so many fun ideas for those, but Emery really isn't into one specific character right now. She goes through phases with Daniel Tiger, Mickey, and Veggie Tales. After some thinking and searching on Pinterest, I had the idea of doing a party centered around sweets. One thing Emery is consistent with is her love of any sweet treat! 🍨🍩🍪🍫🍬🍭 I thought about doing a baking party, but I felt like she was a little too young for that, so I settled on "Emery's Sweet Shoppe"! It ended up being a really fun theme to do...and she loved it!

I found some clip art on Etsy I liked which gave me the color scheme and she already had a dress that was perfect for her invitation! Thankfully, we had a nice day in February where we were able to get a sweet picture for her invitation.

It's hard to get a "real" smile from her these days. When we tell her to smile, she usually closes her eyes and makes a crazy face. I think I was either tickling Daniel or he was doing a crazy Scooby Doo voice when we got this sweet smile. 😂💗

I always dread starting the invitation because I feel like it takes me forever to come up with something I'm happy with, but this one came together pretty quickly! I love all the colors!

This invitation design is available in my Etsy shopClick here if you're interested!
Click here for a matching thank you card!

Once again this year, the sweet people at this Etsy shop sent us a big box with a *ton* of fun balloons to use for the party! Emery *loves * balloons so much! They were definitely a highlight for her! I just adore these confetti balloons! They are so fun and you can choose your confetti colors to match your party perfectly!

The Etsy shop that generously provided all of the balloons for Emery's party is offering all of my readers a coupon code for 10% off a purchase of $10 or more. The code is BLESSED10 and it is valid through December 31, 2017. Yay! I promise you will love these balloons!! Click here to visit their shop.

{You can click on any of the pictures to see them larger.}

They also sent us the big "3" balloons and the adorable candy themed "Happy Birthday" balloons! Even though the party was over a month ago, these balloons are still floating and Emery is still playing with them!

Along with all of those fun balloons, they also sent us a bunch of small balloons and large swirl balloons that all matched the colors we were using. We wrapped these in cellophane and hung them around the kitchen and dining room to look like wrapped candies! I *loved* these!!!

Here's a close up of the larger ones. They gave the kitchen such a fun touch!

This is the best picture I have of the whole kitchen where you can see more of the large candies hanging from the ceiling. They were super cute!

The table decorations were pretty simple for the kitchen table. Just a tablecloth, a cute candy themed box {from Hobby Lobby}, a sign that matched the rest of the decor, and some fun confetti that matched the balloons from this shop.

We hung the little candies in the dining room, too.

I pretty much did the same thing for the dining room table as I did for the kitchen. Just a tablecloth, some cute boxes and signs, some vases from the Dollar Tree filled with jelly beans, and this polka dot paper runner {Target Dollar Spot!} which just happened to match perfectly!

One of my favorite parts of Emery's party every year is setting up the dessert table. I loved how fun and colorful it turned out this year! It was definitely her favorite part!!

Considering the theme this year, we had quite a selection on the dessert table!! We had chocolate cupcakes and sugar cookies...

LOTS of candy... Gummy worms, gummy bears, Starburst, Pixy Stix, fruity Tootsie Rolls, Easter M&M's, Starburst jelly beans, and Skittles! Emery was in heaven! 😂 I got the colored buckets at Hobby Lobby and Target, the clear candy bowls and colored scoops are from Party City, and the glass heart dish is from the Dollar Tree.

I wasn't originally planning to do an actual birthday cake since we were having cupcakes, cookies, and tons of candy, but Emery started talking about her party and said she wanted a pink birthday cake with sprinkles. So Nana made her one! She loved it, of course! It was so funny when it was time blow out the candle because she still doesn't know how to blow bubbles or candles. She just goes, "fffff"! We also had some Easter colored marshmallows on this side of the table {blue candy bowl from Party City} and I made some colored mints with some white chocolate mint candy melts from Hobby Lobby. The marshmallows might have actually been Emery's favorite candy out of them all! She ate a *lot* of marshmallows!

Everyone made little bags of candy to take home with those mini polka dot paper bags {from Hobby Lobby}.

I also made a stats poster this year with all of Emery's current favorite things! It's so fun {and a little bittersweet} to look back on these every year!

This custom stats poster is available in my Etsy shopClick here if you're interested!
For the menu, we did ham and cheese sliders, cheesy Ro-Tel bacon cups, mac and cheese bites, veggies and dip, chips and dip, and fruit cups. You can't see it very well in this picture and we didn't get a close up, but I loved how the silverware turned out. I wrapped the silverware in a napkin and then put a candy bracelet around it! They're in the back on the left side of this picture. I saw the idea on Pinterest and it turned out super cute!

We just did punch and water for drinks. I made water bottle labels that matched the rest of the decor. We made this punch recipe and it was really good!

And now for some picture of our precious birthday girl!! This is probably my favorite one of her from the whole party! She was *so* excited!

We got pictures with all the party guests early so we didn't get busy and forget. Emery *adores* all of her family members and talks about them all the time. 💕

With her sweet cousin Vanna who she loves so much! And she's totally holding onto a marshmallow here... 😂

Nana and Poppa with the birthday girl!

Uncle DJ, Aunt Allie, and Vanna!

Uncle Steve, Aunt Chari, Zach, Marah, and Cole! We missed Jayma!

And finally one with Mommy and Daddy!

After pictures, it was finally time to eat! Emery was so excited that she barely ate anything...except maybe some jelly beans from the table centerpieces. 😉

Then we opened presents! She was definitely ready for this! Silly girl!

Love this one! And I can't believe she's 3!

She got some new dress up outfits from Mommy and Daddy along with a few other things...

A doctor's kit, doctor coat, and Daniel Tiger book about going to the doctor {which she can now pretty much recite} from Aunt Allie, Uncle DJ, and Vanna. Emery even wore that doctor coat to her check-up later that week! 😂 Her doctor was very impressed when she knew what an otoscope was!

A beautiful jewelry box from Nana and Poppa that had one of my childhood necklaces in it. She wanted to put it on right away. She also got some clothes, books, and an art easel from Nana and Poppa which she loves!

And a Minnie Mouse microwave that talks and lights up from Uncle Steve and Aunt Char! She loved hearing Minnie talk!

After she opened all of her presents, we took her outside for her big present from Mommy and Daddy...a trampoline! It was cold on her birthday, so we had to get bundled up first. It was totally a labor of love on Daniel's part putting this thing together! But the look on her face was worth it! She loves it!

We went back inside to sing to our birthday girl and have cake and ice cream and we didn't take any pictures of that! 😔

She had so much fun at her party and seeing her so happy and excited is just the best! 💕

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