Saturday, January 27, 2018

Sadie {8 Months}

Oh my heart! How can it be 8 months?! We are in such a FUN stage right now with Sadie! I wish I could freeze time. She is just so happy and interactive!

And she's always trying to go somewhere... 😂

32 Weeks
34 Weeks - Dark picture, but I just love this face!

Such a little cutie pie! 💕

- We won't go to the doctor again until her 9 month checkup. She's definitely done some growing this month. She has the cutest chubby little thighs!

- She's wearing mostly 6-12 month now. I'm about to get out some 12 month pajamas for her because the 9 month ones probably won't last much longer. She's still in a size 3 diaper.

- For her bottles, she's still eating about 8 ounces every 4 hours. Every now and then, she won't finish her bottle, but she usually does. She has to have something in her hands while she eats, otherwise she gets super squirmy!

- She took her time in the solid food department, but it is official that Sadie loves food! She gets so excited when she sees us with the bowl and spoon and is eating like a champ. She's tried lots of new foods this month--mango, green beans, zucchini, yogurt {LOVES it!}, blueberries, peanut butter, prunes, peaches, spinach, and puffs. She's liked pretty much everything, but she preferred the green beans and zucchini when they were mixed with other things. We mixed the green beans with butternut squash and the zucchini with banana and she liked them much better then!

- She's still doing great with her bedtime sleep. Naps are still hit or miss--she'll do a short one sometimes, but we can usually count on at least one long nap every day. Her schedule is pretty much the same as last month. Most days she takes two naps, but sometimes three depending on what time she wakes up in the morning and how long her naps are.

- Still no teeth!

- I've been trying to get her to say some words, but nothing yet. I mainly just say "mama, dada, and Emery" to her. She always smiles, but she hasn't really started babbling yet.

- I thought for sure she'd be crawling really well by now, but she's still mostly scooting and rolling everywhere. She's done a few little crawls, but not much at all yet. I'm pretty sure by next month, she'll be crawling everywhere!

- She is trying to pull up on things! She can't pull herself up on her feet, but she can get up on her knees. She's also learned how to sit herself back up from being on her tummy.

Standing up with a little help from Mommy... 

She get so proud of herself!

- Sadie is pretty content most of the time! She likes to sit on the floor with a basket of toys and just play. One of her favorite things to do is pull a basket over and take everything out! Then she usually puts a toy in each hand and claps them together.

- She loves the sit-to-stand walker she got for Christmas {especially the little door that says "peek-a-boo!"}

- She thinks it's hilarious when we do the monkey and elephant sounds! She also loves the song "Skidamarink"! Sadie is usually playing on the floor in Emery's room when I'm getting Emery ready for her nap. Emery almost always picks "Skidamarink" as one of her songs because she knows Sadie loves it. As soon as we start singing it, Sadie gets the cutest smile and claps! 💕

- Sadie can pretty much get wherever she wants to go and she loves to go over to the vent in the living room and the fireplace...of course, two places we don't want her to go! 😂 She also goes for anything of Emery's. She's super curious and wants to see everything!

- She absolutely LOVES screens {uh-oh, right?}. If the monitor screen is on, she will do anything to get it in her hands. She does the same for my phone! She likes to watch TV, too. If Emery is watching a show, she'll usually watch it, too, and she really likes watching Super Simple Songs on YouTube {just like Emery!}. If she gets fussy, I can put her in the swing with her paci, turn on Super Simple Songs and she's a happy baby. Emery still likes to watch those songs, too!

- She still doesn't laugh that often, but there are a few things that will always get her to laugh. Daddy and Emery are both really good at getting her to laugh! She loves it when I lift her in the air over and over again, too.

- There are a few things she doesn't love. One of those is getting dressed! It is so hard getting her dressed. She tries to flip all over the place on her changing pad. Sometimes I just put her on the floor to get her dressed because it's a lot easier. When I'm changing her diaper, I always have to get her a toy to hold, otherwise she'll roll over! She also doesn't love being by herself. Some mornings I'll put her in her exersaucer while I go to Emery's room to get her up. She'll play for a few minutes by herself, but she starts fussing if we're gone too long. As soon as we come back out, she's happy again!

- Emery is still the sweetest big sister. It is so cute to see them actually be able to play together a little bit now. She loves to help feed her, give her a bath, and she calls her all the names we call her {Sadie Girl, cutie pie, sweetie pie...} along with a few of her own {Sadie Googy?}. She always makes sure Sadie has plenty of toys around her and that her paci is close by. She doesn't love when Sadie tries to get into her things, but she's definitely becoming more tolerant.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sadie {7 Months}

Here we are at 7 months already! Our smiley little Sadie is still pretty smiley, but I feel like she's going to be getting her first tooth any day because she's been showing her fussy side a little more often here lately.

27 Weeks
We didn't take pictures for 28 weeks...oops. :(

29 Weeks

30 Weeks

Clapping all the time!!

- We went to the doctor last week for Sadie's second dose of the flu shot, but they didn't weigh and measure her, so I'm not sure how much she's grown. I don't feel like she's grown a ton this last month. I always gauge it by her footie pajamas, and some 6 month ones are still fitting her. When I took her to get her shot, she didn't even cry! She just made a little noise and then put her paci in her mouth! She's an angel baby!

- She's wearing 6 month, 6-9 month, and some 6-12 month clothes. Some of her 6 month pajamas actually still fit, and she is wearing some of her 9 month ones. We did move her up to a size 3 diaper.

- She's eating 8 ounces every 4 hours. We took her off of her Zantac and she's been doing just fine without it!

- We took a little break from oatmeal and then tried her with avocado and sweet potato. She just didn't seem interested at all. She wouldn't open her mouth and any food we managed to get in her mouth would get pushed right back out. There was plenty of gagging, too. Her doctor said to wait until 7 months, so we took another couple of weeks off. A few days before she was 7 months old, I had a ripe banana, so we decided to give it to her. She opened her mouth for the first bite and ate it all! There's been no turning back now. She's liked everything else we've given her {butternut squash, pears, apples} and is the cutest little eater now! I guess she was just taking her time!

- Sadie's still sleeping pretty well most of the time. Her naps the last couple of weeks have not been great, but I'm wondering if it has to do with her teething? We can still usually count on at least one good nap every day. She has continued to sleep really well at night! Her schedule is pretty much exactly the same as last month.

- She did hit some big milestones this month. She can sit up all by herself {sometimes she still topples over after a little while}!

- She can scoot, roll, and army crawl wherever she wants to go! She even gets up on all fours and will move back and forth like she's trying to crawl. I don't think it will be too much longer before she's officially crawling! It won't really be too much of an adjustment because she's already all over the place! She'll just be a little faster!

- She also started clapping this month {on 12/13}! We hadn't really been practicing with her, but she started doing it one afternoon and she hasn't stopped. She claps all the time! When we go in her room to get her in the morning or after naps, she claps! She'll do it any time we ask her to or if she gets excited or happy about something. It's just so sweet and cute!

- She still isn't a big giggler, but she always laughs when we clean her hands and feet during her bath! She also loves it when we lift her in the air!

- Sadie is always looking around and wants to know what's going on, so things like changing her diaper and feeding her have started to get difficult. As soon as we put her on her changing table, she tries to roll over and grab anything she can reach. We've started to give her a diaper or tube of lotion to play with so she'll be still. She also has to hold her paci while she's taking her bottle or else she gets too wiggly. If anyone is talking or making noise, she tries to roll over and see what's going on. I remember Emery was exactly the same way!

- She loves my phone and the baby monitor! If the screens are on, she will do anything to get them!

- Sadie really likes to play with almost all of her toys. As long as she has some toys within reach, she's pretty happy. She loves to scoot her way over to a basket and pull it over so she can pull everything out. She also loves to get to Emery's things, especially Emery's build-a-bear named Sprinkles. Emery is usually pretty good about giving Sadie toys and sharing her things with her, but she doesn't love sharing Sprinkles. She will, but sometimes it takes a little convincing.

My sweet Christmas girls!

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sadie {6 Months}

Our precious Sadie is half a year old! Time has seriously flown by and I know we're going to be celebrating her first birthday before I know it! Sadie has been such a sweet, happy baby and I've kind of been waiting for the day when it all just stops, but she is still just the sweetest, happiest little ray of sunshine! We love her so much!

22 Weeks

23 Weeks

24 Weeks

25 Weeks

26 Weeks/6 Months {and starting to get a little better at sitting up!}

- We went to the doctor last week for her 6 month checkup and are so thankful that she is a healthy, growing girl! She weighed 17 pounds, 15 ounces (75th percentile) and was 27.5 inches long (95th percentile). Her head circumference was 16.75 inches (50th percentile).

- She's wearing 6 month, 6-9 month, and some 6-12 month clothes. Her 6 month pajamas will not last much longer and some of her 9 month ones fit. She's still wearing a size two diaper.

- Her hair is really growing and it's still reddish/strawberry blonde!

- She is still a great eater! She's eating 7 ounces every 3-4 hours. She goes 4 hours between feedings almost all the time now.

- Speaking of eating...we gave her oatmeal for the first time the day before she was 6 months old and it was hilarious. She did not like it one bit. She made terrible faces and gagged! We gave it to her for four days with pretty much the same reaction every time. Her doctor said we could take a break from the oatmeal and give her some other foods, so we're going to try that this week.

- After her doctor's appointment last week, we reduced her Zantac to one time a day. After some time with just one dose a day, we'll try going without it. We'll see how it goes!

- She's a great sleeper most of the time! She was napping with one arm still in the swaddle, but I started leaving both arms out a few days before she was 6 months old and she's done great with it! Now that she's completely unswaddled all the time, we put her in a regular sleep sack for naps and bedtime.

- On a typical day, Sadie will wake up between 7:00-7:30, stay awake for two hours, take a nap that's usually 1.5-2 hours long, eat, stay awake for two hours, take another 1.5-2 hour nap, eat, stay awake for two hours, take a short catnap, play, eat, and then bedtime around 7:00-7:30. The timing of everything varies every day depending on when she wakes up, but the order stays the same. We've even had a couple of days where she'll sleep until 8:30 and then we'll skip that third nap. And then there are some days that she wakes up at 6:00 and we definitely have the third nap! It just all depends. But she's usually pretty happy no matter what, so I'm thankful for that!

- She loves her feet and grabs them to play with them a lot! She even likes to chew on her toes! I also noticed that she stares at her right hand a lot. She'll put it up in the air, look at it, and spin it around and around.

- We have reached the stage where everything goes in her mouth. She reaches for anything within grabbing distance {including our faces!}. When she reaches for something, it's like she's trying to give it a big hug. And then she puts whatever it is in her mouth!

- She's not crawling at all yet, but she can scoot and roll all over the place to get things she wants! She moves all over her crib at night!

- She loves to play in the exersaucer and the blocks on the green alligator are her favorite. I'll put them all in front of her and then she plays with them until they're all flipped back over on the side and we'll do it all over again!

- She is making lots of sounds {no mama or dada yet!} and one of them sounds just like Chewbacca! She does it all the time!

- There are days when I think she's for sure teething and then other days when I don't think so at all. She drools a lot and blows bubbles with her mouth, but no teeth yet!

- Her favorite sound is the crinkly sound. She has a crinkly book and there are some crinkly toys on her kick and play piano and exersaucer and she loves them! The Minnie Mouse crinkly book is definitely her favorite! {And I love this crinkly nose smile!}

- She is laughing a little more often, but still not even close to how much Emery laughed at this age. It's weird, because she's so happy, but she just doesn't laugh that often! Daddy and Emery are the best at making her laugh, and Emery *loves* that!

- We have this book called "Mommy and Me" and it has a little fuzzy elephant in it. She loves that elephant and grabs it the whole time I'm reading! And when we make the elephant sound, it gets her to smile every time. We took some pictures for our Christmas card the other day and I made that elephant sound so much that I made myself laugh at how ridiculous we all looked!

- She gives kisses!! It seems crazy, but she really does! I noticed it a few weeks ago that she seemed to be leaning toward my face and she's kept doing it! She gave Vanna lots of kisses the other day at Thanksgiving. It it the sweetest, cutest thing!

- Sadie went back to the nursery a few weeks ago and has been doing great!

- We had some fall fun with a trip to the pumpkin patch and Halloween!

- Sadie *adores* Emery {the feeling is mutual!} and is always watching her when she's around. I never really thought it would happen this early, but they sort of play together a little bit. Emery loves to give her toys and make her laugh. She'll sit by the exersaucer when Sadie is in it and play with her or dance in front of the swing when Sadie is swinging.

Emery also loves to go up to Sadie's room by herself {this makes her feel super grown up!} right after Sadie wakes up to give her her paci and talk to her while I make her bottle...and she also usually loads up Sadie's crib with all of her toys. It is just so cute! She's such a great helper, too. She never hesitates to go upstairs for us to get a bib, burp cloth, diaper, etc... Just this morning I was changing Sadie's diaper downstairs and I said that Sadie had just a little diaper rash. Without me even asking, Emery said, "Oh! I'll go get the diaper cream!" It was just precious. 💕 Seems so small, but I never want to forget that sweet moment. I love these girls so much!

My sweet little pumpkins!

Getting ready to go to the Christmas parade!

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