Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sadie's Pink Lemonade First Birthday Party!

Oh my heart... Our sweet little Sadie girl is ONE! Her first year absolutely flew by and we are just so thankful for the happy little sweetheart that she is!

This is crazy, but I picked the theme for her party while I was still pregnant with her! I saw pictures of pink lemonade birthday parties floating around Pinterest while planning Emery's parties and I always thought it was so cute. Then I saw some really cute pink and yellow things on clearance at Hobby Lobby and Home Goods last year a few weeks before Sadie was born and I was sold. I absolutely loved this theme and the happy, sunshine-y colors just fit her personality so well!

I just adore this "1" party hat! Emery wore one just like it at her first birthday party, too. Sadie kept yanking it off, but she kept it on for the most important moments. 😊Someone local made her sweet shirt for her, I ordered her tutu on Etsy, and I made the garland in her pictures. I used this for her high chair, too.

I found this invitation on Etsy and just absolutely loved it!

The sweet people at my favorite ballon shop on Etsy sent us a huge box with a ton of fun balloons to use for the party! Sadie loved looking at all of them, and Emery was so excited about the adorable lemon balloons! I just adore these confetti balloons! They are so fun and you can choose the confetti colors to match your party perfectly! The light pink, hot pink, and yellow confetti looked so cute with all of the other party decorations!

The Etsy shop that generously provided all of the balloons for Sadie's party is offering all of my readers a coupon code for 10% off a purchase of $10 or more. The code is BLESSED10 and it is valid through January 31, 2020. Yay! I promise you will love these balloons!! Click here to visit their shop.

{You can click on any of the pictures to see them larger.}

We decided to get ambitious with the balloon garland {we used something called "balloon decorating strip"} and I'm in love with how it turned out. We did this a few nights before the party and it still looked great on party day. We even left it up for a few more days after the party.

We had a slideshow going during the party with pictures from Sadie's first year. 😭💕

I just love the addition of the confetti balloons in the garland. I think it adds such a fun touch!

Confetti balloons

These lemon balloons were just so cute and fun!

Some more fun shots of the balloons!

We loved the balloon garland so much, we did another one in the dining room! 😂

I always love setting up the dessert table for my girls' birthday parties! Sadie's turned out so cute! I just used some yellow wrapping paper that I cut in half for the table runner.

I found both this little crate and the pink lemonade sign at Hobby Lobby. The pink lemonade sign was one of the very first things I bought when I was pregnant with her. The lemons that I bought for decorating were the biggest, most juicy lemons! We've been making all kinds of lemon things since her party! 😂

The same friend from church who has made other cakes for Emery's birthdays made this adorable smash cake for Sadie.

The picture frames are the same ones from the Dollar Tree that I've used for all the girls' parties. Daniel just spray paints them every time we need a different color!

Here's a close up of her stats poster. Such sweet memories on this poster. 💕

Click here to view this listing in my Etsy shop!

We had pink and yellow Starburst, sugar cookies, and chocolate cupcakes.

I found the lemon cookie cutter on Etsy. It was made with a 3D printer! They have all kinds of really unique cookie cutters.

I saw this cupcake decorating idea on Pinterest. The sweet people at the balloon shop sent me the straws that were just perfect for this!

We put up Sadie's monthly pictures in the kitchen. It's crazy to see how much they grow and in just one year.

Simple flowers on the kitchen table with wrapping paper as the table runner. I found these lemon placemats at Hobby Lobby the week of the party and thought they were just perfect!

We did more balloons and flowers in the dining room.

Once it was party time, Sadie was just all over the place, as usual!

Kind of blurry because they're always on the move, but this is probably the best picture we got of the girls together! Emery was *so* excited about Sadie's pink lemonade party and talked about it for weeks. She would say, "I'm so excited to come to Sadie's pink lemonade party!" and she would tell Sadie all about it, too.

Sadie with her cousin Vanna! 💕

Nana, Jayma, and Sadie...

Yes, this is the best we could do for a picture with Nana and Poppa! 😂 Two wiggly girls!

Love this one of Aunt Allie, Uncle DJ, Vanna, and the girls!

Jayma, Marah, and the girls...such sweet smiles!

Uncle Steve, Aunt Char, Zach, Jayma, Marah, Cole, Emery, and Sadie.

And about the time we were ready for a picture with Mommy and Daddy, Sadie and Emery were pretty much done with pictures and this was the best we got! 😜

After we got done with all the pictures, it was time for dinner! Sadie was ready...she *loves* to eat!

It was even nice enough to sit outside! Emery was *loving* sitting outside with all of her big cousins!

After Sadie was done eating, she made the rounds visiting everyone. Love this one of her and Poppa.

Hanging out with Daddy... 💕

 ...but she never stays still for long!

Then it was time for cake! I think she was wondering why everyone was staring at her. 😂

I got her lemonade necklace here.
Quick family pic before she digs in!

Except she didn't really dig in. She was pretty dainty! I really was surprised...with as much as she loves to eat, I thought she was going to destroy her smash cake! 😂

Just not sure what to think...

She really seemed to like the fondant lemons!

After she had had enough of the cake, Nana gave her some ice cream! She definitely loved that!

Then it was time to open presents! Emery was very eager to help with this!

Sadie was pretty into it, too!

She got a new Wubbanub paci from Aunt Allie, Uncle DJ, and Vanna.

Instant new friend... 💕

She was ready to get into that turtle! 😂

As if her first birthday wasn't exciting enough, she also decided to take a couple of steps! She's not walking yet, but she takes a few steps pretty much every day. I'm sure it won't be long!

We're so thankful for our happy, healthy girl and our precious family that celebrated her with us!

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