Thursday, October 26, 2017

Sadie {5 Months}

FIVE months! Sadie is almost halfway through her first year. It's so bittersweet. She is such a good baby, so sweet and happy almost all the time!

18 Weeks
19 Weeks
20 Weeks
21 Weeks

- We haven't been to the doctor since her 4 month checkup, so I'm not sure where she is for her height and weight. She's growing like a weed, though!

- She's wearing mostly 6 month clothes, but some 3-6 month things still fit. All of her pajamas are 6 month and some are even 9 month. She's wearing a size two diaper.

- She's a great eater! She's eating 7 ounces every 3-4 hours. She goes 4 hours between feedings a little more often now. She tries to hold her bottle herself, but usually just ends up taking it right out of her mouth.

- She's still taking Zantac. Her doctor said we might try going without it at 6 months so I'm sure we'll talk about that at her next appointment.

- Sadie is doing great with bedtime and naps, too! She was sleeping with one arm out of her swaddle last month, but she's sleeping in a sleep sack with both arms out now and is doing great! She almost always rolls over and sleeps on her side or on her tummy. She's still sleeping with one arm tucked in a swaddle for her naps, but we'll start leaving both arms out for her naps soon. I want her to get really accustomed to it at bedtime so it will hopefully be an easy transition for naps. She's napping really well now, so I don't want to mess that up!

- She did have a little sleep regression around 4.5 months where she would wake up several times a night and was napping terribly. Thankfully, it only lasted a few days and she's back to consistently sleeping well most of the time!

- On a normal day, Sadie usually wakes up around 7:00-7:30, she'll eat and stay awake for close to two hours, then take a nap that will last about 1.5-2 hours. Then she'll eat again, stay awake for about two hours, and take another 1.5-2 hour nap. Then she eats, stays awake 1.5-2 hours, and will take a short 30-45 minute nap. Then she's awake for another hour or so before taking her last bottle and going to bed around 7:00-7:30. She still has some short naps sometimes during the day, but we can usually count on at least one good, long nap every day.

- Sadie loves bath time and kicks the entire time she's in her little tub! 💦

- She has found her feet and *loves* playing with them and putting them in her mouth! It's so cute! She also kicks one of her legs up when she's in the car seat or the swing. She'll just be sitting there with one leg sticking straight up! 😂

- She still likes her swing and is pretty content there, but she doesn't nap in her swing anymore. If Emery is watching something on TV, Sadie will lay in her swing and watch, too.

- Any time we lay her on the floor to play, she almost immediately rolls over to her tummy. She loves toys that light up and play music and she still loves her crinkly Minnie Mouse book. She also still likes to play in her kick and play piano, but she doesn't stay on her back for very long.

- Sadie loves her paci, but really only has to have it if she's getting sleepy. It definitely soothes her if she's even a little bit fussy. We always give it to her when we lay her down, but usually she goes to sleep without it. As of a few weeks ago, she can get it in her mouth by herself sometimes. I remember being so excited when Emery learned how to do that!

- She tries to click her tongue and loves it when I do it to her. She always tries to do it back and it's the cutest thing ever! She sticks her tongue out and makes smacking noises.

- She's blowing bubbles with her mouth pretty much all the time and can be pretty slobbery. I don't know if that means a tooth might be on the way?

- She hugs my arm when I'm changing her diaper and stares at my ring the whole time. Anytime it catches her eye, she stares at it!

- We tried her in the nursery at church a few weeks ago and she was not a fan. It was in the late afternoon and she hadn't napped well that day, so it could have been that she was just tired. She wouldn't sleep or eat and I had to go get her. It was so sad. She really is so happy all the time as long as she's with people she knows really well. We're going to try her in the nursery again this week and hopefully it will go better!

- Sadie loves being in the Baby Bjorn which makes being out and about easier. We used it when I took the girls to the McWane Center and she even took a nap in it. We also used it at the pumpkin patch and she was as happy as she could be! She loves to be close to Mommy and Daddy.

- She still hardly ever giggles!!! For being such a happy baby, we just can't believe we haven't gotten any really good laughs yet. We've gotten a few little giggles, but they are few and far between! She really is so happy and absolutely loves it when someone talks to her. Really all you have to do is look at her and she gives the biggest smiles! Even right after she got her last shots, she stopped crying when I picked her up and then gave the nurse the biggest smile! I'm extra thankful for all of her sweet smiles since we're not getting many laughs yet! 💕

- Emery is still such a sweet big sister. She doesn't love it when Sadie gets a hold of her hair or kicks her while she's kicking her little legs, but she's pretty patient most of the time. She loves to talk to her and make her smile, and is quick to want to help give her a bath or give her her paci or a toy. If Sadie is upset in the car, Emery will try to sing to her or say "shhh shhh shhh" gently to get her to calm down. {And sometimes she'll tell me, "Mommy! Sadie won't calm down! She's crying over and over and over again!" in a frustrated voice. 😂} This morning before school, I heard Emery talking to Sadie in her swing so I peeked out to listen and heard her say, "It's okay, Sadie. I'll be back soon. You be a big girl for Mommy while I'm gone, okay?" It was such a sweet little moment. 😢💕

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sadie {4 Months}

Oh, my heart! Our sweet little Sadie is 4 months old! She is so precious, and even happier...if that's possible!

14 Weeks

15 Weeks

16 Weeks

17 Weeks/4 Months
- We had a doctor's appointment on September 19th and Sadie weighs 15 pounds, 11.5 ounces (75th percentile). She's 27 inches long (almost off the charts!) and her head circumference is 15.75 inches. 

- She is wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes and a few 3 month things still fit. We're going to have to move up to 6 month pajamas any day since she's getting so long. She's still in size one diapers, but we'll move up to size two as soon as we run out of size ones.

- She is eating 6 ounces every 3-4 hours. She is still on Zantac and it has definitely helped her so much! 

- It looks like we're going to have a little red-headed baby! We noticed that it had a reddish tint to it a lot when we were out in the sun, but I feel like it looks red almost all the time now. My mom has strawberry blonde hair, so that's probably where she gets it!

This was on baby dedication Sunday.

- Sadie has hit some major milestones this month. She rolled over from her tummy to her back on September 10th and then rolled from her back to her tummy on September 17th! I didn't think she was close to doing either one! We were completely shocked both times. The happy part is that Daniel and I both got to see it together. Emery gets such a kick out of it every time Sadie rolls around. Her doctor said she's probably a month or two ahead on her gross motor skills and that we might have an early walker. I'm really hoping she's wrong! 😳 Even though she can roll both ways now, she doesn't really do it that often.

- Since she can roll now, we've had to start transitioning her out of being swaddled at night. We're just leaving one arm out for now which is what we did with Emery. The first few nights were rough, but she's doing great now. I tried leaving one arm out for her naps, too, but that did *not* go well so we're going to wait on that. I figured it's safe for her to be swaddled for naps because I can watch her the whole time on the monitor.

- She is still doing great with her sleep and doing better with her naps most of the time! She started taking longer naps this month which has been so helpful because it makes her even happier! She still wakes up after about 45 minutes for most of her naps, but usually she'll go back to sleep. She takes most of her naps in her crib now. It makes me a little sad because it means she's growing up. She always sleeps with her head to the side, so we don't have to worry about her getting a flat spot on the back of her head! 😂

- She used to be content to just lay propped up in the boppy, but now that's she's more mobile, she's always pulling her neck up like she's doing baby crunches!

- Every single time we feed her, we lay her in the boppy {she seems more comfortable than if we hold her} and she panics and cries until we put the bottle in her mouth. Then she immediately makes this sound that's like a high pitched sigh of relief. 😂 I try to get her bottle in her mouth as fast as I can before she starts crying, but I'm usually not fast enough!

- Sadie has definitely discovered her hands and has them in her mouth a lot of the time. She was even sucking her thumb one morning when I went in her room to get her. She grabs at toys and looks at them and is really good at pulling her paci out of her mouth.

- She loves her kick and play piano, Sophie the giraffe, her crinkly Minnie Mouse book, Baby Einstein take along tunes, and playing pat-a-cake. She will not give us any real giggles yet, but she is quite possible the smiliest baby I've ever seen and gives us lots of happy squeals! 💕

- We dedicated Sadie at church on September 10th which was a special day for all of us. She did so well during the dedication and smiled at our pastor the whole time he prayed for her. My heart can barely handle all of the hopes and dreams I have for her and Emery.

- Emery is still doing so well being a big sister to Sadie. She gets so excited every time Sadie smiles at her and celebrates when Sadie rolls over. It's precious! She also takes care of her loveys like we take care of Sadie. She will feed them with a bottle, swaddle them up, bounce them to comfort them, sing them songs, and lay them down for naps. Emery loves to help put Sadie to bed or down for a nap. She always wants to read her the book, You Are My Cupcake, and makes up her own words to it. She puts "honey little" in front of all the things in the book {you're my honey little gumdrop, my honey little peanut, my honey little cutie pie}. It is so hilarious...and adorable!

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Teacher Questionnaire {Free Printable!}

Emery just started preschool this week! Having her in school has me thinking back to my years as a teacher and I'm so excited to be on this side now! Parents can make or break a school year and I always said I would be a great parent to teachers once I had a child in school! 😂

One of the things the PTO always did at the school I taught at was have all the teachers fill out a questionnaire with our favorite things. They would send it home with all the parents of students in our class and the parents could use it as a guide when they wanted to send us something.

I loved this idea and knew that I would do something like it once Emery started school. I'm going to send this to her teachers so I know all their favorites when I'm buying gifts for them. It will also be nice to know their favorite candy or Starbucks drink when I want to just brighten a random morning! 😊

Click on the picture to view a larger version, then right click to download and save!

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Emery Goes to School! {2017}

My baby girl started preschool today! We registered her in January and it felt like her first day was so far away, but here it is already! We've been talking about it a lot the last several weeks and she was so excited! We went to meet her teachers last week and she woke up that morning saying, "Mommy! Daddy! I'm ready to go to school and meet my teacher!"

Her teacher had lots of toys out and she loved getting to play for a little bit!

Emery and her teachers, Mrs. Valerie and Mrs. Sarah! They are both so sweet!

So proud of her backpack! I can't stand how big she looks here!

After we met her teachers, we got to go check out all of the special classrooms she'll visit during the week. She's very excited about the computers and tablets!

The music room was super fun!

We spent the next few days getting ready for her school party! I saw a post on Instagram from my favorite balloon shop of an adorable apple balloon. I ordered the apple balloon and they sent me a whole bunch of extra goodies! They are the sweetest! They also offer my readers a special discount! You can use the code BLESSED10 to get 10% off any order of $10 or more! This code is good until December 31, 2017. :)

They sent me some of my favorite confetti balloons! I love these!

They also sent me some red, green, and yellow balloons to match the confetti balloons. Emery loved all of the balloons!

The party hats were a last minute addition. Emery mentioned that we were all going to have party hats and I added them to my Walmart pickup order! I love Walmart pickup! I also made her a first day of school poster. This poster is available in my Etsy shop! {I also have a pink and gold version.} When we asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up like Mommy and Daddy, she really thought about it and said "Minnie Mouse" very seriously! 😂

I just love that happy apple! Emery loved it, too! I had it inflated a few weeks before the party so she would start to look forward to it!

The banner was the first thing I put up. I found some that I liked on Etsy and put one together on my own. I'm excited to hang this up every year!

The apple string lights above the banner are from the Target dollar spot.

I also found these cute little ceramic decorations in the Target dollar spot and they were the perfect thing to bring the mantle all together!

I loved how the table turned out! I got a lot of ideas on Pinterest, of course! The table runner is from Target, and the placemats are just scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby! I wasn't even looking for the chalkboard easels, but saw them on and knew they would be perfect! Emery loved those and is still playing with them!

She was so excited for her party when she woke up from her nap!

And even more excited when Uncle DJ, Aunt Allie, and Vanna got here!

We had breakfast foods for our dinner. Emery made sure we all had party hats during dinner! Everyone was a very good sport! 😂 {I had no idea how big of a hit those party hats would be...we're still wearing them and having "parties"!}

We made apple cupcakes and apple cookies for dessert!

Mommy and Daddy with our sweet girl!

Precious cousins!

We spent yesterday playing at home and getting everything ready for school. We let Emery pick dinner and she picked "Don Peppa", of course! We went to Panera to get a cookie for a treat and we got cookies for her teachers, too. As a former teacher, I know cookies on the first day of school are a necessity! 😂

This morning came too quickly, but Emery woke up excited to go to school! She picked Honey Nut O's for breakfast {she calls them Honey No-doze 😂} and wanted to sit in the dining room so we could have a party at breakfast! Party hat and all!

We got dressed, brushed teeth, and took some special first day pictures! She was singing the Daniel Tiger morning routine song this morning. 💕 I adore how these pictures turned out! I was acting like a complete fool to get these smiles! My girl looks so grown up! 😢

Click here to check out this poster in my Etsy shop.
She was so excited!

This poster is available in my Etsy shop, too!
I just love this smile!

Happy with Daddy!

Little girl with a huge backpack!

So silly!

And a little bit of sass!

We got to school a little early and hung out in the parking lot for a few minutes. Emery was a little more serious, but still excited! She needed some lipstick! 😂

We said a prayer together {she prayed for Mommy, Daddy, Sadie, her teachers, and her school}, took a quick picture with Sadie, and headed in to school!

She gave us hugs and kisses, sat right down in her spot with her teachers and was totally fine! I had to say her name a few times to get her attention and we blew her a kiss. She blew a kiss back to us and we were off. As soon as we walked out the door, I started crying! I'm sad that she's growing up but also so proud of her for doing so well! I'm so thankful she handled going to school so well!

Daniel and I headed to Starbucks and then back home where I cried again because it was too quiet! I did have this precious face to look at, though. 💕

After a few hours, it was time to go pick her up! It was so cute watching her walk out to the car with one of the teachers. She was happy and said she had a fun day! We asked her if she wanted to go get a treat and she picked ice cream at Dairy Queen.

We asked her lots of questions, one of which was if she used her manners. She said, "I didn't use my manners." 😳 I'm really hoping that answer was just for shock value and that she did, in fact, use her manners! She was an exhausted girl and went right to sleep when we got home!

I'm so thankful she had such a good first day of school!

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