Friday, September 8, 2017

Teacher Questionnaire {Free Printable!}

Emery just started preschool this week! Having her in school has me thinking back to my years as a teacher and I'm so excited to be on this side now! Parents can make or break a school year and I always said I would be a great parent to teachers once I had a child in school! 😂

One of the things the PTO always did at the school I taught at was have all the teachers fill out a questionnaire with our favorite things. They would send it home with all the parents of students in our class and the parents could use it as a guide when they wanted to send us something.

I loved this idea and knew that I would do something like it once Emery started school. I'm going to send this to her teachers so I know all their favorites when I'm buying gifts for them. It will also be nice to know their favorite candy or Starbucks drink when I want to just brighten a random morning! 😊

Click on the picture to view a larger version, then right click to download and save!

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Emery Goes to School! {2017}

My baby girl started preschool today! We registered her in January and it felt like her first day was so far away, but here it is already! We've been talking about it a lot the last several weeks and she was so excited! We went to meet her teachers last week and she woke up that morning saying, "Mommy! Daddy! I'm ready to go to school and meet my teacher!"

Her teacher had lots of toys out and she loved getting to play for a little bit!

Emery and her teachers, Mrs. Valerie and Mrs. Sarah! They are both so sweet!

So proud of her backpack! I can't stand how big she looks here!

After we met her teachers, we got to go check out all of the special classrooms she'll visit during the week. She's very excited about the computers and tablets!

The music room was super fun!

We spent the next few days getting ready for her school party! I saw a post on Instagram from my favorite balloon shop of an adorable apple balloon. I ordered the apple balloon and they sent me a whole bunch of extra goodies! They are the sweetest! They also offer my readers a special discount! You can use the code BLESSED10 to get 10% off any order of $10 or more! This code is good until December 31, 2017. :)

They sent me some of my favorite confetti balloons! I love these!

They also sent me some red, green, and yellow balloons to match the confetti balloons. Emery loved all of the balloons!

The party hats were a last minute addition. Emery mentioned that we were all going to have party hats and I added them to my Walmart pickup order! I love Walmart pickup! I also made her a first day of school poster. This poster is available in my Etsy shop! {I also have a pink and gold version.} When we asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up like Mommy and Daddy, she really thought about it and said "Minnie Mouse" very seriously! 😂

I just love that happy apple! Emery loved it, too! I had it inflated a few weeks before the party so she would start to look forward to it!

The banner was the first thing I put up. I found some that I liked on Etsy and put one together on my own. I'm excited to hang this up every year!

The apple string lights above the banner are from the Target dollar spot.

I also found these cute little ceramic decorations in the Target dollar spot and they were the perfect thing to bring the mantle all together!

I loved how the table turned out! I got a lot of ideas on Pinterest, of course! The table runner is from Target, and the placemats are just scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby! I wasn't even looking for the chalkboard easels, but saw them on and knew they would be perfect! Emery loved those and is still playing with them!

She was so excited for her party when she woke up from her nap!

And even more excited when Uncle DJ, Aunt Allie, and Vanna got here!

We had breakfast foods for our dinner. Emery made sure we all had party hats during dinner! Everyone was a very good sport! 😂 {I had no idea how big of a hit those party hats would be...we're still wearing them and having "parties"!}

We made apple cupcakes and apple cookies for dessert!

Mommy and Daddy with our sweet girl!

Precious cousins!

We spent yesterday playing at home and getting everything ready for school. We let Emery pick dinner and she picked "Don Peppa", of course! We went to Panera to get a cookie for a treat and we got cookies for her teachers, too. As a former teacher, I know cookies on the first day of school are a necessity! 😂

This morning came too quickly, but Emery woke up excited to go to school! She picked Honey Nut O's for breakfast {she calls them Honey No-doze 😂} and wanted to sit in the dining room so we could have a party at breakfast! Party hat and all!

We got dressed, brushed teeth, and took some special first day pictures! She was singing the Daniel Tiger morning routine song this morning. 💕 I adore how these pictures turned out! I was acting like a complete fool to get these smiles! My girl looks so grown up! 😢

Click here to check out this poster in my Etsy shop.
She was so excited!

This poster is available in my Etsy shop, too!
I just love this smile!

Happy with Daddy!

Little girl with a huge backpack!

So silly!

And a little bit of sass!

We got to school a little early and hung out in the parking lot for a few minutes. Emery was a little more serious, but still excited! She needed some lipstick! 😂

We said a prayer together {she prayed for Mommy, Daddy, Sadie, her teachers, and her school}, took a quick picture with Sadie, and headed in to school!

She gave us hugs and kisses, sat right down in her spot with her teachers and was totally fine! I had to say her name a few times to get her attention and we blew her a kiss. She blew a kiss back to us and we were off. As soon as we walked out the door, I started crying! I'm sad that she's growing up but also so proud of her for doing so well! I'm so thankful she handled going to school so well!

Daniel and I headed to Starbucks and then back home where I cried again because it was too quiet! I did have this precious face to look at, though. 💕

After a few hours, it was time to go pick her up! It was so cute watching her walk out to the car with one of the teachers. She was happy and said she had a fun day! We asked her if she wanted to go get a treat and she picked ice cream at Dairy Queen.

We asked her lots of questions, one of which was if she used her manners. She said, "I didn't use my manners." 😳 I'm really hoping that answer was just for shock value and that she did, in fact, use her manners! She was an exhausted girl and went right to sleep when we got home!

I'm so thankful she had such a good first day of school!

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sadie {3 Months}

Here we are again! Another month has passed and Sadie has grown and changed so much! She is such a happy baby girl!

3 Months/13 Weeks

9 Weeks

10 Weeks - I can't believe the difference between the 9 week and 10 week pictures! She changed so much!

11 Weeks

12 Weeks

- We had a doctor's appointment on August 24th and Sadie was up to 14 pounds, 12.5 ounces!

- She is wearing 0-3 month, 3 month, and a few 3-6 month clothes. All of her jammies are 3 month and she'll probably be in 6 month ones soon since she's on the tall side. Emery was the same way with PJs, always a size ahead. She's wearing size one diapers and will probably move up to size two before too long.

- A couple of days after she was 2 months, she started getting really fussy and squirmy for feedings and spitting up a lot more often. We thought maybe she was ready for a level 2 nipple, but that didn't help. Thankfully, we had a doctor's appointment two days later and found out she probably had acid reflux. The doctor prescribed Zantac and a different formula and she is so much better now!

- We moved her up to 5 ounces on July 22nd and up to 6 ounces on August 5th. This is around the time she started sleeping through the night more often which is why I think she started eating more during the day. She eats about every 3 hours, and just recently has started to go 4 hours between feedings every now and then, not consistently yet, though.

Her little hands are almost always in fists when she eats!

Emery is quick to help! She loves to help feed Sadie!

- We moved Sadie to her room on July 28th and she slept from 8pm-3am that night! That was the first time she didn't wake up to eat around 10:00. She hasn't woken up for that 10:00 feeding since we moved her to her room. She has continued to do so well in her room! She slept from 8pm-6:15am on July 31st, then from 8pm-7am on August 8th! She has slept from 8pm until 6-7:30am every night since then. Every now and then she'll wake up in the middle of the night for her paci, but we haven't had to feed her in the middle of the night for the last few weeks. Those first couple of months of her not sleeping through the night seemed long, but I also can't believe that we're already back to the schedule of Daniel and I having our evenings to ourselves. She was always so content, though, that we didn't mind her hanging out with us while we watched TV in the evenings. 💕

- Sadie has started to be on a relatively predictable schedule which is nice because I love a routine! She wakes up between 6:30-7:30 and is usually very smiley and happy! 💕 She eats, stays awake for a little over an hour and will take a nap anywhere from 45 minutes-2 hours {a shorter nap is more common}. She'll eat around 10:00-10:30, stay awake for about an hour and a half and take another pretty short nap, maybe 45 minutes to an hour. On a perfect day, I'll feed her around 12:30 and put her in her swing for another nap around 1:00. She's usually pretty tired by this time because most days she's only taken two short naps. This is also the same time Emery takes her nap, so when it works out, both girls will nap at the same time. Sadie will usually sleep until 3:30-4:00, eat again, stay up for about an hour and a half, then go to sleep for a 30-45 minute nap. We feed her her last bottle around 7:00, do her nighttime routine {diaper change, lotion, jammies, songs, rock, sound machine, lay her down with her paci}, and she's usually asleep by 8:00.

Happy baby after sleeping for 11 hours straight!

I love these morning smiles!

She takes a long nap in her swing almost every afternoon! So glad she finally started liking her swing!

- She really is a dream baby and really only gets fussy if she's hungry or tired!

- We got her a kick and play piano a few weeks ago and she loves it! She kicks like crazy and loves to look up at the mirror and toys. She's even started to grab at some of the toys. Emery loves the kick and play, too! 😂

- She has become the smiliest little thing! It is so easy to get her to smile and we all just love it! She's even started to do those smiles where she opens her mouth as wide as she can. So, so cute!

- Sadie has also started talking a lot! They are the sweetest little baby noises! She absolutely loves it when people talk to her, and she talks back a lot now. It's precious!

- She seemed to have a blocked tear duct a few weeks ago. Her eye was always watery and sometimes a little crusty in the mornings. I asked her doctor and she told me to massage the inner corner of her eye a few times a day and it seemed to work itself out.

- Bath time has become a little more messy...especially when Emery is involved. 😂 I still bathe her in her tub at the kitchen sink and she kicks so much that it gets water everywhere! She likes her baths, though! And Emery *loves* to help give Sadie a bath!

- She has started putting her hands in her mouth more and more. I'm hoping that doesn't mean she's going to be teething soon!

- She is doing great at tummy time! She doesn't last too long, but she can get her head up really high now! She doesn't roll over from her tummy to her back yet, which is just fine with me! I'm not ready for any of those milestones yet!

- Sadie looks just like her big sister. I went back and ready Emery's three month post and so many of the pictures look exactly like Sadie!

- She is still a big fan of her pacifier! She doesn't have it all the time, but it definitely helps soothe her to sleep or keep her happy while she waits for her bottle!

- She scoots! Emery would scoot all the way down to the end of her crib when she was this age, but Sadie scoots and rotates herself around! Usually she rotates 45 degrees, but last night she turned herself all the way around and her head was at the opposite end of the crib. Sometimes it wakes her up because she bumps her head or her feet on her crib while she's scooting.

- She likes to look at the TV! Sometimes when Emery is watching Mickey Mouse or Daniel Tiger, Sadie will watch it, too! She also seems to like Fox News. 😀

- She is still our little snuggle bug and I love to hold her for naps whenever I can! She also still loves to be swaddled!

- Emery is still an amazing big sister and gets so excited when Sadie looks at her, smiles, or talks! She loves to help with anything and everything and it is so sweet to see.

Reading to Sadie...
- She has also started playing with her baby Stella more often and it is so cute to watch her treat Stella like we treat Sadie. Watching Emery with Stella makes us feel like we're pretty good parents! 😂

Burping baby Stella
She put down Stella for a nap...usually she swaddles her, too! 😂
We are so incredibly grateful for these precious girls!

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