Thursday, March 31, 2016

Emery Turns TWO! {Elmo Birthday Party}

Click here to read about Emery's pink and gold first birthday party!

Our little sweetheart turned TWO this week! She's loved Elmo for a while, so we decided in January that we would do an Elmo birthday party for her.

We had some really pretty days in February, so we took the pictures for her invitation and we got some really sweet ones. 

We did a really small party again this year, so we really didn't have to have invitations, but I still wanted to make one. 

This invitation design is available in my Etsy shopClick here if you're interested!

Here's one my favorite parts of Emery's fun day! The dessert table! Let me tell you, it was definitely her favorite part. I bought lots of M&Ms around Valentine's Day because they were pink and red, and she was in heaven because they were within her reach and nobody was stopping her from eating them!!  There is no telling how many M&Ms she ate!! She was up until 10:30 that night, so it was a *lot*!

{You can click on the pictures to see them larger.}

I used these confetti balloons at her party last year and loved them *so* much! The sweet people at this Etsy shop gave me the balloons for her party this year. They gave me the giant "2" balloon, too. Emery *loved* that giant balloon...and all of the other ones, too!

The Etsy shop where I got the balloons is offering all of my readers a coupon code for 10% off a purchase of $10 or more. The code is BLESSED10 and it is valid through January 31, 2020. Yay! I promise you will love these balloons!! Click here to visit their shop.

I made her stats poster again this year and it was another one of my favorite things. Such sweet memories on that poster! 

This custom stats poster is available in my Etsy shop. Click here if you're interested!

I was loving that all the Valentine's Day candy coordinated with her party colors! We had Hershey's Kisses, York Peppermint Patties, and M&Ms...all favorites of Emery's!

Cake stand: Kirkland's

Cupcake tower: Amazon; Picture frames {spray painted}, heart dish: Dollar Tree;
Cardboard 2/E {spray painted}, polka dot plates: Hobby Lobby

Oh, this cake!!   The same friend who made her stunning cake last year made this precious Elmo cake. It just brought everything on the table together. I loved it so much! Emery talked about her "Elmo cake!" all weekend! Seriously...all weekend. 

Pink and orange cupcakes!

I also made "2" and "E" cookies. They tasted really good, but I wish I would have decorated them differently! I don't know why I didn't use orange frosting instead of the white?! Of course I thought of it after I had already frosted half of them white.

I made a template for the Elmos that are on the ends of her banner and just printed it out on colored card stock.

Click here to download the template.
I *loved* how her banner turned out! I had a sweet friend that cut out all of the scalloped circles and regular circles for me with her Silhouette! It saved me *so* much time because I was planning to cut out everything by hand like I did for her banner last year!

I used those sticky foam squares to attach the letters so they would be raised up a little. I loved how it looked!

I made a matching banner for her high chair, too.

We decorated the mantle with more confetti balloons and Elmo balloons. Those Elmo balloons are from the Dollar Tree!! Yes! I also hung a few circles from the mantle that matched the cupcake toppers and tissue paper pom poms.

We hung this sign on the front door. 

We decorated the kitchen with tissue paper pom poms and more of the little circles that matched the cupcake toppers.

Cute Cokes and waters! I used some of Emery's stuffed Elmos to decorate, too.

We had pizza for dinner, so I just had a few of Emery's favorite snacks out for when everyone got there. Chips and dip, lots of fruit and fruit dip, goldfish, and cheese and crackers.

Of course, I saw this on Pinterest!

Elmo and Dorothy hanging out by the fish bowl.

On to the pictures of our sweet girl enjoying her big day! It was hard to keep her still! She was so excited!

She made *lots* of visits to the M&M bowl! 

Pointing to a picture of her and Elmo.

More M&Ms for the birthday girl!

With our sweet two-year-old! That precious smile was brought to you by her sweet and silly cousin Vanna!

Time to open presents!

Vanna made Emery a sweet Elmo card!

It was so cute!

Emery got a little timid opening presents, so Daddy and I had to help a little bit.

I'm pretty sure she had a mouth full of M&Ms here. 

Showing Poppa one of her new books!

Emery loved the "This Little Piggy" finger puppet book that Uncle Steve and Aunt Char got for her. She thought it was hilarious!

She wanted Uncle Steve to read it, too!

Playing with her new MagnaDoodle with her cousin Zach.

Poppa got the bowl of M&Ms so Emery would be still for a picture! 

She was very sweet and shared with everyone! 

Aunt Allie, Vanna, and silly Uncle DJ! 

Uncle Steve was trying to get Emery to laugh, so he threw some M&Ms up in the air!! It made everyone else laugh...she was totally shocked! A little later in the party, she went a got a little handful of M&Ms and threw them in the air! Thanks, Uncle Steve! 

After presents, it was time for pizza! Emery loves pizza!! Just like Mommy and Daddy... 

Finally, the best part...cake! She looks so freaked out by the candle!

We gave her the Elmo from the top of her cake and she loved it! I think it was made from that moldable chocolate and she had eaten both of his legs before we knew it! 

It was even nice enough outside that we could go out and of her favorite things!

Daniel took the next two days off of work which was so nice! Her actual birthday was on Monday, so we tried to do as many of her favorite things as we could. The first thing she did was play with the confetti balloons!

Then she played with some of her new toys from the party!

She *loves* orange juice so she definitely got some that morning!

Chocolate chip pancakes, blueberries, and blackberries for our sweet birthday girl!

And then a few more presents for her to open.

She got some of those Gymboree bubbles {the BEST!} and she loved popping them. They land and don't pop right away, so she could walk around and pop a bunch of them.

That afternoon we went to the park!

She did lots of swinging and sliding!

Then we went out for one of her favorite dinners...chips, guacamole, and a cheese quesadilla.

She loved seeing the fish! This girl has no fear. She stuck her hand right in the water!

Back at home for some cake and ice cream!

And her first time with some sidewalk chalk!

Her last present was a baby stroller. She's giving her baby her paci. 

The next day, we went to an indoor playground and she tried the giant inflatable slide for the first time! I think we all went down it at least 20 times.

That afternoon, we played with more of her new toys.

And played outside some more!

The birthday fun lived on for a few days! She loved playing with these tissue paper pom poms! It was too cute.

And just like that, another year is gone. It went by so, so fast. It was full of so much joy, but I wish it would slow down just a little. We love our angel so, so much and are so thankful for the incredible blessing of being her mommy and daddy!

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