Tuesday, September 30, 2014

#richlyblesseddaily2014 {Weeks 36, 37 & 38}

Here are the last three weeks of #richlyblesseddaily2014! Goodness, I'm so behind! These last few weeks have been so busy! We've had four birthdays and that just created a whole lot of busyness! But it was fun busyness for sure! So...here are the snapshots from our day to day life lately.

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 Day 249: New favorite toys in the Exersaucer...the dangly butterflies. And I love how she was hanging onto her toys with both hands when we were at Publix today.

 Day 250: Practicing with a sippy cup!

 Day 251: This little one is rolling all over the place. I put blankets on the floor and she rolls right off and all over the rug. She had fun playing with the laundry basket until she got her foot stuck in it.

Day 252: Excited face! All it takes is for us to bounce her up and down while she sits in our laps!

Day 253: My sweet, sweet baby. And also, her hair is getting long enough for her to get bed head now!

 Day 254: Vanna made a "Brown Bear" book at school and read it to Emery today! She loved looking at Vanna's pictures and feeling the different textures on all the pages!

Day 255: Date night at home...a puzzle (clearly we didn't make much progress-1000 pieces is a LOT of pieces!), 90s music on Pandora, and peanut butter pie parfaits for dessert.

 Day 256: I love how she kicks up her legs when she's in her swing. It was also a perfect fall-feeling night for a fire and roasting marshmallows!

 Day 257: SIX months old today! What?!?!

 Day 258: She was snuggling with her little pillow and her Wubbanub this morning. Just so cute! One of my favorite parts of the day is going in her room when she wakes up. Her smiles and happy kicks melt my heart every time!

 Day 259: Lots of birthday preparation today. September is a huge birthday month for our family and someone is turning 30 this year!!

 Day 260: Six month checkup at the doctor today! Praising the Lord for a healthy and happy baby girl! We are so thankful!

 Day 261: Helping Mommy water flowers...

 Day 262: She was all ready to party for Daddy's birthday and then she crashed!

Day 264: We had a wonderful time celebrating my favorite guy who will officially be 30 tomorrow!

 Day 264: We were all representing Alabama for our annual church picnic today! And a big happy birthday to my sweetheart today on his official birthday!

 Day 265: She is having a GREAT time playing with Daddy's birthday balloon!!

Day 266: Holding her bottle like a champ.

  Day 267: Lunch at Chick-fil-A with my two loves on my birthday. One more thing, I love Chick-fil-A. #mypleasure

 Day 268: Birthday dinner at my parents' house with my favorite cake ever...my mom's amazing German chocolate cake!

Day 269: Who knew playing with bags of tortilla chips and tortillas would be SO much fun? She entertained herself the entire time I made dinner. Will we be eating those tortilla chips? Definitely not.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Emery {6 Months}

Six months...half a year. Well, actually, she's now 6-1/2 months old. Every month, I say I'm going to start writing this post early and I never do. Maybe next month. :)

I am so, so thankful for a healthy, happy, growing baby, but goodness. It's just going by way too fast. I'm one of those people who is all too aware of how quickly time passes. I swear I have a non-stop loop of the songs "You're Gonna Miss This" and "It Won't Be Like This For Long" playing in my head. And yet, even though I held her a ton, I still wish I would have held her more when she was a newborn. I'm just trying to soak in every single moment with this little sweetie

She is so close to sitting up on her own! She can do it for a little bit before she starts to lose her balance, but I'm sure it will be any day.

One Month Update
Two Month Update
Three Month Update
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Five Month Update

Here's what's been going on with Emery the last month.

- Her last doctor's appointment was on September 17th. She weighed 17 pounds, 6 ounces (75th-90th percentile). Her length was 27.5 inches {I knew last month's measurement was wrong} which was the 95th percentile...still a tall girl! Her head circumference was 17.25 inches which was the 75th percentile. She had to get shots, but she did great. She cried like crazy as soon as it happened, but she stopped as soon as I picked her up and seemed fine the rest of the day.

- She's grown out of most of her 3 month clothes, but she can still wear some. Most of her things are 3-6 months and 6 months. Her pajamas are still 6 months, but she has outgrown a few of them. The 9 month pajamas just seem *so* tall! She's still in size 2 diapers.

- She's doing great with her schedule! On a typical day where we stay home, she wakes up anywhere from 6:30-7:30. She's all smiles when I go and get her and it's one of the best parts of my day! She eats about 7 ounces and then has cereal and about an ounce of a fruit or vegetable. So far she's had peaches, pears, mangoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and avocados. She didn't seem to be a huge fan of sweet potatoes or carrots and she hated avocado! Her favorites so far are definitely mangoes and pears. When it's something she really likes, she dives for the spoon and says "mmmm" the whole time! :) She stays awake for about 2 hours and then takes her morning nap which lasts anywhere from 1-2 hours. {I think we've *finally* said goodbye to the 45 minute intruder!} When she wakes up, she has another 6-7 ounce bottle, stays awake for another two hours and takes her afternoon nap which is also usually 1-2 hours. Another 7 ounce bottle, 2 to 2-1/2 hours of awake time, then she takes her third nap which is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. When she wakes up, we get to have some family time because Daniel is home. Around 7:00-7:30, she has her last 7 ounce bottle, then we get her ready for bed, and she's usually asleep by 8:00 or 8:30.

- One of her favorite things to do when I feed her is put her hands in her mouth when it's all messy and then touch everything she possibly can.

This is what she thought of avocados...

- She is all over the place. Looking at everything, trying to reach and grab {and eat} anything that's remotely close to her, she's just so curious and wants to explore all the time.

- I can't believe she doesn't have a tooth yet. I feel like she's been teething for 4 months!! She is drooling, eating her hands {and anything else}, chewing on her toys, running her tongue over her gums, sucking in her bottom lip, and still nothing. She hasn't been exceptionally fussy, though. She's had a few fussy days where I can tell her gums hurt, but nothing terrible. I'm expecting that first tooth any day, but I've been saying that for a while!

- She loves her feet! She plays with them all the time and loves to put them in her mouth.

- Her hair is growing and it's so cute. It's longer on the top and the sides are getting a little fluffy...especially right after she's had a bath. I love it so much!

- Our doctor recommended giving Emery a little bit of apple juice every now and then once we started solid foods and she *loves* it! I decided to go ahead and try giving it to her in a sippy cup and she's doing great! She was so confused at first, but after a few tries, she didn't have any trouble at all!


- She's making all kinds of new sounds, but squealing seems to be one of her favorites. She's also doing this sound that's kind of like a long drawn out cough.

- Smiles are super easy to get out of her. If it's someone she knows, just looking at her and talking will usually get a smile unless she's really tired. It's a little tougher to get a laugh, but she surprises us sometimes with what will make her giggle. One day she laughed when I sneezed and I fake sneezed about a thousand times that day trying to get more giggles. Daniel can *always* get her to laugh. He kisses her and makes silly noises when we get her ready for bed and she goes crazy giggling. It's one of the highlights of our day!

Riding "horsey"...one of her favorite things! :)

- She is rolling over both ways like a champ! She will roll over almost instantly after we lay her down anywhere. She's also learned how to roll over in her sleep which was *awful* at first. For almost a week, she would wake up *several* times a night {think every 15-20 minutes} because she was on her tummy and couldn't get back on her back. That didn't last long, though, and now she almost always sleeps on her side or her tummy. Speaking of being on her tummy, she's finally a fan of tummy time. She still pretty much hated it and would cry and kick her legs at the beginning of the month, but now she's almost constantly on her tummy when she's playing on the floor.


- She's starting to try and hold her bottle. She does really well when there's only a couple of ounces left and it's not very heavy. Like with every other milestone, I'm certainly not rushing anything! ;)

- Something she started doing almost right after she turned five months old was putting her Wubbanub pacifier in her mouth by herself. She didn't have it quite right at first...

...but she's totally gotten the hang of it and can do it every single time now. She will actually look at the pacifier very intently to find the part that goes in her mouth and then she puts it right in. It's pretty adorable!

- The exersaucer is still one of her favorite things. Those dangling butterflies that used to be her favorite now drive her crazy and we ended up taking them off. She would have them in her hand and then get super frustrated. I think she wanted to be able to put them in her mouth and she couldn't reach them. She seems to be much happier now that they're gone! :)

- She went through a short phase where she didn't want me to rock her to sleep. I was seriously freaking out. I rock her to sleep for almost every nap and I love, love, love it. Thankfully, it only lasted a couple of days. I wasn't ready to give that up yet!

- She tries to grab anything and everything. If I pick something up, she immediately reaches for it. If she's in her Bumbo seat, she's leaning from side to side grabbing for anything within her reach. One morning, I was carrying her out of her room and I had Wubby on top of a pile of things I was carrying with my other hand. She reached for it, grabbed it, and put it right in her mouth! She also likes to reach for and grab faces!!

- Overall, she's a pretty laid back happy baby and I'm so thankful for that! She really doesn't cry much at all unless she's really tired or hungry. She absolutely lights up our lives and makes us smile more than we ever have before!!!

A few more of my favorites from this past month... :)

She is all smiles when Daniel gets home every day! Melts my heart.

I'm wearing jeans!!

Sweet, sweet girl...and fluffy hair. :)


Sleeping sure is exhausting.

She was laying in the Boppy and sat up all by herself!

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