Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Emery {3 Months}

Emery is THREE months old! This past month absolutely flew by! It was such a busy month and she has changed in so many ways.

One Month Update
Two Month Update

Here's what's been going on with Emery the last month.

- We haven't been back to the doctor since her two month check-up except for shots, so we're not sure how much she weighs. I would guess around 14 pounds. I know she's getting taller, though. Her little toes are at the very tip of her pajamas.

- Her hair is getting a little darker...I don't think she'll end up blond.

- She's still wearing 3 month clothes and a few {very few} 0-3 month things. We have a few 3-6 month outfits, but those are too big on her. She's still in size one diapers, but we may go up to size two in the next few weeks.

- She went through a phase where she wasn't eating well at all. She would squirm around and move her head all over the place while we were trying to feed her. She would also rarely finish a 6 ounce bottle. We were feeding her every three hours, but the last few days we've tried a four hour schedule and she's eating so much better. I guess she was trying to tell us that she just wasn't hungry enough yet. She's now eating 6 ounces four times a day.

- It's amazing to me how quickly she learns. She's started smacking her lips and mouth as soon as I put her bib on. It's so adorable!

- We've worked on tummy time quite a bit this past month. At first, she hated it. She'd cry after just a minute. She's getting so much better! She can get her head up pretty high and stay on her tummy for several minutes now.

- Speaking of tummy time, she shocked us a couple of weeks ago when she rolled over from her tummy to her back!! She looked pretty surprised and proud of herself when she did it, too! She's done it a few times since. It's so sweet, but I'm not rushing her into being mobile just yet. It's pretty nice to put her somewhere and know she's not going to crawl away!! :)

- She scoots!! Every morning, she has scooted herself all the way to the end of the crib until her feet are touching the rails. We freaked out one morning when we looked at the monitor and didn't see her on the screen!

- She still likes looking at the ceiling fan, but she's really started to look at the TV in the last few weeks. I think it's all the bright colors.

- We are in big trouble, because she's starting doing the cutest little pouty face where she sticks out her lower lip. I have got to get a picture of it, because it's seriously precious.

- She gives us the pouty face every now and then, but most of the time, she's very smiley. It doesn't take much at all to get her to give us a huge smile where she crinkles her nose and we love every single one. My favorite part of the day is getting her out of her crib in the morning. She kicks her little legs like crazy and gives me tons of huge smiles. Seriously makes my day! Oh, and she still stretches like crazy once we take her out of her swaddle.

- One of our favorite things to do to get her to smile is to play "pat-a-cake" with her. {I always say "patty cake" which I guess is completely wrong. I looked it up. I don't think Emery cares.} She just loves it so much!

- She's not quite as smiley when she's in unfamiliar places, though. She just looks all over the place and takes everything in. We think she gets overstimulated pretty easily because she tends to get fussy when there's a lot going on.

- One thing that is not so fun to talk about is the 45 minute intruder. Oh my goodness. It is from the devil. She wakes up from every single nap 45 minutes after she went to sleep. It's awful. It wouldn't be so bad if it was enough sleep for her, but it's not. I've read all about it and tried different things to fix it, but nothing has worked so far. No fun at all. I'm so hoping it's just another stage that will pass.

If only she could sleep this well all the time... ;)

- I really shouldn't complain about the 45 minute intruder, though, because she is still sleeping through the night!!! We put her in bed around 8:30 and she'll sleep until about 7:30. She usually wakes up around 6:30, but if we give her her pacifier, she'll usually go back to sleep for a little bit.

- She has started to grip and hold on to toys with a little help from me. I'll put her hand around a toy and she'll hold on to it for a little bit. So cute.

- I *think* she's found her hands. I've noticed her staring at them the last couple of days. She gets so focused in on them that her eyes will cross. She also rubs her eyes and sucks on her hands a lot.

- She still *loves* her swing and I love it, too. It's so nice to just bring in the kitchen when I'm cooking or if we're eating so she can be with us. She even falls asleep in it, sometimes {but only for 45 minutes}. When I first put her in it, she starts kicking her legs like she's trying to make it start swinging. So precious.

- Her Wubbanub {aka "Wubby"} pacifier is still her best friend. You can probably tell since it's pretty much in every picture. We don't leave home without it.

- She likes to look in mirrors. She has a stuffed monkey that has a mirror on his belly that she really likes. There's also a mirror in her play mat and I see her staring at it sometimes.

- She is getting the prettiest long eyelashes. Lucky girl. :)

And here are some other random pictures from this past month...just because. :)

We need to take her to Mexico in this dress!

Sometimes she's so tired, she'll fall right back to sleep after stretching.

Precious baby smile!

Sneaky hand...

She looks so proud of herself. :)

I can't get enough of this face.

Sweet cousin Vanna's dance recital!!

We love this sweet girl so much and are so grateful for the last three months!

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  1. Daniel RichardsonJune 19, 2014 at 8:15 AM

    I just love all the smiles, wonderful post sweetheart!

  2. You have captured some of the sweetest pictures!! She is just so cute and fun!! Love all the little stories about what she's doing now! :)