Thursday, May 15, 2014

Emery {2 Months}

Emery is TWO months old!! I can't hardly believe this sweet thing has been in our lives for two months, but I can hardly remember what it was like without her! She is growing so much, changing every single day, and has just become the sweetest, happiest, most content little sweetheart.

Click here to read Emery's one month update. :)

Here's what's new with her this month...a *bunch* of random little things, but things I want to make sure I remember!

- At her two month check up yesterday, she weighed 12 pounds and 4.5 ounces (75th percentile) and was 24 inches long (98th percentile!!!!). Her head circumference was 15-3/8 inches (50th percentile). She got her first shot and her check up and she did so well. She jolted when she felt it and cried, but she calmed down pretty quickly. She was *really* sleepy the rest of the day. I held her for all of her naps and I loved the extra cuddles. :)

- Her hair is still really light on top but a little darker in the back. Her eyes are a really dark blue and I think she'll probably keep her blue eyes. Both Daniel's and my eyes are blue.

- She's wearing mostly 3 month clothes and a few 0-3 month things. She's getting so tall, though, that even the three month sleepers are getting too short for her! She's wearing size one diapers. I remember opening the first package and thinking they were so huge!

- She has become more and more alert during the day. When she's awake, she absolutely *loves* to stare at the ceiling fan. She's curious and looks all over the place, but most of the time, she's looking at the fan. She will smile, kick her little legs, and make the cutest happy noises. Sometimes when I'm holding her in my lap, she'll lean all the way back so she can see it.

- She still loves to eat and eats really well. She eats 6 ounces about every 3 hours, about 30 ounces every day. We joke that she has her eating "game face" because as soon as we give her a bottle she gets this really intense, focused look on her face. She'll even put her hand up on her bottle sometimes. It's so cute.

- At around 5 weeks, she got a bad case of baby acne. I called the pediatrician and they said it could last for 4-6 months!! I was so worried. Thankfully, it only lasted about 2-1/2 weeks.

- At the beginning of the month, she still hated baths. Now, she seems to like them a little more. She really never cries anymore. She just kicks her feet around in her little tub. I'm so thankful! It was stressful giving a screaming baby a bath! They're slippery little things!

- She's still sleeping in her crib and doing great! At the beginning of the month, we were really struggling with sleep. She would only go to sleep if one of us was holding her. We were those parents that would oh so carefully lay her down in her crib and then tiptoe out of the room trying to avoid the squeaky spots in the floor. This wasn't so bad during the day, but it really made some of those night time feedings L-O-N-G. I spent many hours in the middle of the night reading tips on helping your baby sleep on their own. {This website is *great*!}

- We decided around 5 weeks that we would start a bedtime routine. We talked about doing sleep training but we were going to wait until about 8 weeks. The first night we did the routine {eat, lotion, jammies and swaddle, read Time for Bed and I Love You As Much, sing a song, pray, hugs and kisses}, we decided on a whim to just go ahead and put her in her crib awake. She cried a few times and we would go in to hold her and calm her down and then just put her back in. And that was it. No sleep training. She goes to bed almost every night without crying. If she does cry, we usually only have to go in once. I tried the same thing the next day for naps and it worked! It was such a relief!

- She still sleeps in the Swaddleme wrap. If we swaddle her in a blanket, she's out in no time. She even got out of one of the swaddle wraps, but it's only happened a couple of times. It's like she was taunting me with her arms all stretched out. Look what I did, Mommy! 

- She is sleeping through the night!!! It first happened the night before she was six weeks old. Daniel and I woke up around 4:00 and were like, "Umm, did you get up with her?" When we realized neither one of us did, we had the freak out moment where we had to check if she was okay. She was totally fine, we went back to sleep, and she didn't wake up until 6:00! She's still sleeping through the night and doing even better. We give her her last feeding at 7:30, she's in bed by 8:30, and she usually sleeps until 7:00-7:30. We were waking her up between 10:00-11:00 each night to give her one last feeding, but almost every night we did that she started waking up around 3:00??? Weird. Let me tell you, getting a full night of uninterrupted sleep does wonders for your sanity!!

- She still *loves* her Wubbanub pacifier, which we now affectionately call "Wubby". She likes to have it before her naps and before she goes to sleep {probably not a good thing}, but she doesn't usually wake up once it falls out of her mouth. It really does calm her down or soothe her back to sleep if we're at church or something.

- She's on a pretty regular 3 to 3-1/2 hour schedule which is so nice for this mama who thrives on routine. She wakes up, eats, stays awake for about an hour and 15 minutes, then takes a nap.

- When she's awake, she loves to look at the fan {of course}, but she's become more responsive when I shake a toy in front of her or even when I read books. I've noticed she will really look at the pictures in Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? I think it's because the pictures are one color on a white background so it's easy for her to focus.

- She's such a content little baby. We just love hanging out together all day. It's so nice that she's fine with laying in the Boppy and watching me do whatever I might be doing. We fold laundry together, and sometimes I'll bring her swing into the kitchen so she can watch me cook.

- She loves it when someone talks to her. She smiles {sometimes she crinkles up her nose and squints her eyes} and makes sweet coos and gurgles back. She moves her mouth like she's trying so hard to talk back. I absolutely love it and make a complete fool of myself trying to get her to do it. Isn't that what parenthood is all about? :)

- One of our favorite things is to watch her stretch. She stretches like a champ. As soon as we wake her up and unwrap her swaddle, her little arms go straight out and then straight over her head and she stretches for a good minute. I laugh every time like it's the first time I've seen it.

- She sneezes a lot, and they're the cutest little sneezes ever. It's almost like she's whispering "shoo" when she does it.

- She's recently developed a little pouty face. She'll furrow her brow and stick out her lower lip. We're in big trouble if she still does that as a toddler, because it's just so, so adorable.

- And, here are a few more pictures from my phone from this past month that I just love. I seriously can't stop taking pictures of this baby.

We love this baby more than we imagined possible! She brings so much joy and laughter into our lives. We are so, so thankful for her every single day!

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  1. I get teary reading all these cute stories!! You have some absolutely adorable pictures of her!! I love them all, but some faves are of Emery with wubby, wide-eyed in her Swaddleme wrap, and the one where Daniel is reading to her and showing her the pictures! She will so love hearing all these sweet stories in a few years! :)

  2. I definitely get teary writing them! I just want to remember everything!! I know she'll have so much fun with you, mom, and Vanna next week but gosh, I am going to miss her so much!!!