Wednesday, February 26, 2014

37 Weeks {Full Term!!}

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How Far Along: 37 weeks and 1 day

Size of Baby: According to The Bump, the baby is the size of a winter melon {I don't even know what that is!}. She's a little over 19 inches long now and weighs about 6.3 pounds.

Total Weight Gain: As of last week's appointment, I've gained 35ish pounds. I have no idea why I looked. I didn't want to, but I just couldn't tear my eyes away.

Gender: It's a girl!! Her name is Emery Faith.

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes! And maternity leggings with big, cozy t-shirts are what I'm wearing as soon as I get home every day!

Wedding Rings On/Off: Still on, I haven't had much swelling at all in my hands.

Stretch Marks: Just the same ones.

Sleep: I've been sleeping a little better this week. I've had a couple of nights where it's been hard to get to sleep, mainly because my brain is racing. I know it's ridiculous, but the other night I couldn't go to sleep because I was worried that the shade of gray on Emery's nursery letters wasn't right. I know, so silly. Most nights, I've been able to sleep until about an hour before my alarm goes off. It's really not that bad at all!

Cravings/Aversions: Things that are really cold have been sounding good lately. I'm feeling a little weird about some meats, too.

Symptoms: I really cannot complain at all. I'm really tired, but the heartburn and back pain have pretty much disappeared this week. My feet are still swollen, but I've noticed that it's much better when I wear flip flops. One new thing that's started happening this week is that my belly has started to feel much heavier.

Movement: She's moving quite a bit, but she's still very unpredictable. The other night she hardly moved at all and I started counting kicks, and then the next night she wouldn't be still!

Mood: Happy, excited, and nervous!

What I Miss: Nothing! I'm just enjoying these last couple of weeks {days?} of being pregnant.

Looking Forward To: We have our 37 week doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait to see what she says! We'll be taking our hospital bag with us just in case!

Best Moment This Week: I finished my maternity leave binder at work!! I'm planning to work until next Friday, but who knows if that will happen or not. I was even able to get plans together for next week just in case I'm not there. I'm so relieved to finally have it finished!!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Emery's Baby Shower {February 9, 2014}

A couple of weeks ago, my wonderful mom and sister threw Emery and me a beautiful baby shower. They are both just so good at making things pretty and adding the most perfect thoughtful touches.

I went over to my mom's house the day before to "help" {help = sitting around eating multiple onesie cut out cookies} them get things ready and I cried when I saw everything they'd done already. That really was no surprise, though. :)

They had pictures all over the house of me growing up. My sister also made this *adorable* pennant banner. I love, love, love it!

These precious baby onesie cookies were another one of my favorite things. I mean, can you get any cuter?

The cake and cake table were so pretty, too. I loved the pink polka dots...I love anything with polka dots! I do not love the cheesy senior picture in the background!

Sweet Vanna was such a great helper, too.

She was on punch duty and had many samples to make sure it was okay.

Her tutu around the punch bowl was such a cute little touch!!

She also helped Gampa {love that she calls him Gampa} get the balloons and bow just right on the mailbox.

And, of course, she did a few ballet moves while she was outside. Why not? :)

We had so much fun putting the finishing touches on everything.

It all just turned out so pretty.

Our family and friends blessed us with so many things for Emery! We are so thankful!

Vanna did such a great job bringing me the presents and helping me pick things up since my baby belly gets in the way. One of the funniest moments was when she chose to pose with these particular gifts. None of the little baby outfits or bibs. This little gem is definitely coming back out when she has her own baby shower!

We had so much fun organizing everything in the nursery that night when we got home!

Although, Daniel was really the one who ended up organizing everything. I sat in the glider with my balloon feet propped up.

It was such a perfect afternoon! I'm just so thankful for everyone that came and for my precious family who already loves this little baby girl so much.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

#richlyblesseddaily2014 {Week 7}

Week 7 of #richlyblesseddaily2014! You can follow along every day on Instagram @richlyblessedblog. :)

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 Day 46: We ran TONS of errands today and also now have an installed car seat! It's getting real!

 Day 47: We took the car to get washed inside and outside on this springy day (can't bring baby home in a dirty car) and I did this week's chalkboard. I loved the heart garland so much that I Just had to use it again!

 Day 48: Daniel had the day off today but got up early so we could go to breakfast together before I had to go to work. I also started working on my maternity leave binder. Seriously overwhelming.

 Day 49: I finally made Daniel his favorite cookies for Valentine's Day! Better late than never...

 Day 50: Chick-fil-A for dinner before our infant CPR class. Daniel is acing the class...he spotted the problem for this victim right away. Just take the bag out of its mouth. ;)

Day 51: Only a few more weeks for our doctor's appointment + dinner out tradition. 

Day 52: Daniel's coworkers surprised him with a shower today! It was also a fun mail day - the headbands I ordered for Emery came in!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday {February 21, 2014}

Happy Friday!! I'm linking up with Darci again today for Five on Friday!


We went to an infant CPR class on Wednesday night, and while the class was extremely informative and helpful, I'm thinking that Daniel and I shouldn't have sat together. When they put those cheesy videos on with the *terrible* acting, we had a hard time controlling our snickering. You know when you start laughing in church about something that's not that funny, but you can't stop laughing because you know you're not supposed to be laughing? Yeah, it was like that. Thankfully, we were in the back row. We had the same problem at our childbirth classes during the "relaxation" exercises. Lots of giggling. Oh, and we were total champs at the CPR thing...except when Daniel popped the chest off of his mannequin.

I have a new money making app to share with you! It's called Checkout 51 and it's probably the easiest one yet. It's a lot like Receipt Hog and Ibotta. One thing I really like about Checkout 51 is that they do offers for things like fresh produce, milk, and bread. I redeemed an offer last week for fresh strawberries, and they have another offer this week for bananas. All you do is select the offers you want to redeem, upload your receipt, and it will be approved within 24 hours. Once you earn $20, they'll mail you a check.

{Click here to see my entire post about several other money making apps.}

My maternity leave is coming up so quickly {but yet, so slowly}! I knew it would be a *ton* of work getting everything ready, but it has me so completely overwhelmed. It's so hard to try to think about every little detail. I will say, though, that the organization lover in me is having fun putting together this pretty binder. The dividers and perfectly hole punched pages make me happy.

We had such a good Valentine's Day weekend! We were talking the night before and were shocked to realize that it was our 6th {!!} Valentine's Day together...or as the lady at the Publix bakery wrote...our "6th Valentine Day". Daniel said he knew he was in trouble when she asked someone how to spell Valentine's. And yes, if you're wondering, he did get us me an entire cake for Valentine's Day. What can I say? I'm pregnant and I love cake. Don't worry, half of it is in the freezer.

Here we are on our very first Valentine's Day together in 2009. It feels like so long ago!

So, just for laughs, and maybe a little sympathy, I thought I'd share a photo of my "balloon feet" as I affectionately call them.  I've been talking about how bad my feet are swelling in my weekly pregnancy updates, and you just can't appreciate it unless you see it. After all, one of the reasons I started this blog was so I'd have pictures to go along with memories. This one is definitely a doozy. It's so bad, I know. If you hate feet, I'm so sorry.

On that note, happy Friday, friends! You'll find me this weekend with my balloon feet propped up! ;)

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