Wednesday, February 5, 2014

34 Weeks

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How Far Along: 34 weeks and 1 day

Size of Baby: According to BabyCenter, the baby is the size of a cantaloupe. She's almost 18 inches long and weighs about 4.75 pounds.

Total Weight Gain: Around 25 pounds according to my last doctor's visit, but it's been two weeks, so I'm sure it's more by now. Not planning to find out how much, though. :)

Gender: It's a girl!!

Maternity Clothes: Yep, I have a few favorites that are really comfy...and some other things that are not so comfy anymore.

Wedding Rings On/Off: On

Stretch Marks: Still just the few I spotted a few weeks ago.

Sleep: Sleep is just hit or miss. Sometimes I sleep fine, other times it takes me forever to go to sleep, and then some mornings I wake up really early and can't go back to sleep. I'm really not having a hard time getting comfortable, so it's not that. It's just weird.

Cravings/Aversions: Still nothing specific. I'm hungry pretty much all the time. I get full really fast, so I eat several small meals {and snacks...and treats} a day. I'm not complaining. This phase of not feeling guilty about it is quickly coming to an end.

Symptoms: I'm still having back pain and I also noticed a little swelling in my feet this past weekend. I thought it was probably just because we did a lot of walking while we were in Nashville, but the swelling is definitely hanging around. My ankles are pretty much nonexistent and I'm moving pretty slow these days.

Movement: This little girl has been moving like crazy! She's kicked me in the ribs a few times and it actually kind of hurt! I'm sure she's going to be running out of room here soon and won't be moving quite as much, so I'm loving the constant movement right now.

Mood: I'm still very happy and excited, but I'm getting a little nervous. It's crazy to think about how one day soon we're going to leave this house as a family of two and come back as a family of three! I just want everything to be perfect and go so smoothly, but I probably need to let go of that.

What I Miss: Being able to move around somewhat gracefully. I am dropping stuff all the time, bumping into things and people {my poor students get bumped in the head with the baby all the time!}...I've just been super clumsy.

Looking Forward To: My mom and sister are throwing a baby shower for me this weekend! I don't really know a whole lot about the plans, so I'm excited to see everything and celebrate with friends and family!

Best Moment This Week: I ended up coming down with a cold over the weekend, but even though I was sick, we had a great time on our weekend getaway to Nashville. I'm planning to do a post about it soon!

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  1. I hate that the swelling is hanging around! I'm sure you remember my feet and ankles. Not fun. BUT, it is fun to look back on. Vanna loves to have me tell her things I remember about "when she was in my tummy." So glad you still had fun in Nashville even though you weren't feeling the best! We are looking forward to your shower this weekend!! :)