Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday {February 21, 2014}

Happy Friday!! I'm linking up with Darci again today for Five on Friday!


We went to an infant CPR class on Wednesday night, and while the class was extremely informative and helpful, I'm thinking that Daniel and I shouldn't have sat together. When they put those cheesy videos on with the *terrible* acting, we had a hard time controlling our snickering. You know when you start laughing in church about something that's not that funny, but you can't stop laughing because you know you're not supposed to be laughing? Yeah, it was like that. Thankfully, we were in the back row. We had the same problem at our childbirth classes during the "relaxation" exercises. Lots of giggling. Oh, and we were total champs at the CPR thing...except when Daniel popped the chest off of his mannequin.

I have a new money making app to share with you! It's called Checkout 51 and it's probably the easiest one yet. It's a lot like Receipt Hog and Ibotta. One thing I really like about Checkout 51 is that they do offers for things like fresh produce, milk, and bread. I redeemed an offer last week for fresh strawberries, and they have another offer this week for bananas. All you do is select the offers you want to redeem, upload your receipt, and it will be approved within 24 hours. Once you earn $20, they'll mail you a check.

{Click here to see my entire post about several other money making apps.}

My maternity leave is coming up so quickly {but yet, so slowly}! I knew it would be a *ton* of work getting everything ready, but it has me so completely overwhelmed. It's so hard to try to think about every little detail. I will say, though, that the organization lover in me is having fun putting together this pretty binder. The dividers and perfectly hole punched pages make me happy.

We had such a good Valentine's Day weekend! We were talking the night before and were shocked to realize that it was our 6th {!!} Valentine's Day together...or as the lady at the Publix bakery wrote...our "6th Valentine Day". Daniel said he knew he was in trouble when she asked someone how to spell Valentine's. And yes, if you're wondering, he did get us me an entire cake for Valentine's Day. What can I say? I'm pregnant and I love cake. Don't worry, half of it is in the freezer.

Here we are on our very first Valentine's Day together in 2009. It feels like so long ago!

So, just for laughs, and maybe a little sympathy, I thought I'd share a photo of my "balloon feet" as I affectionately call them.  I've been talking about how bad my feet are swelling in my weekly pregnancy updates, and you just can't appreciate it unless you see it. After all, one of the reasons I started this blog was so I'd have pictures to go along with memories. This one is definitely a doozy. It's so bad, I know. If you hate feet, I'm so sorry.

On that note, happy Friday, friends! You'll find me this weekend with my balloon feet propped up! ;)

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  1. You poor thing!! The swelling is the pits. On the upside that cake looks divine. The labor classes and cpr classes were also too much for my husband. I kept thinking they were going to kick us out.

  2. I can definitely relate to the foot swelling! Mine got really bad when I was pregnant which ended up being related to the pre-eclampsia, Hopefully you don't end up getting that! I am a new follower from the 5OF link up!

  3. Yes! It seemed like everyone else was totally into it! And I definitely enjoyed my fair share of the cake. I'm soaking up these last few weeks of eating whatever I want whenever I want without the guilt! So glad you stopped by! :)

  4. Hi Sarah! So happy to have you following along! :) I'm definitely hoping I don't get pre-eclampsia! My doctor didn't seem too concerned about it when I went on Thursday, but she did tell me my feet looked awful! Planning to spend much of the weekend on the couch. :)