Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pumpkins and a Strawberry

We packed in a bunch of fun fall and Halloween activities in the last couple of weeks! There is just something about's my favorite! Emery was only 7 months old last year around Halloween, so we didn't do much more than trunk or treat at our church and a little trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. This year, we got to introduce her to all kinds of fun fall activities!

The weekend before Halloween, we took Emery to the pumpkin patch! This hay bale was painted like a jack-o-lantern which didn't quite make it in the picture...oops. She loved sitting up here!

She kept trying to pick up giant pumpkins!

Nothing sweeter than her reaching up to hold my hand.

Emery also tried to sit down on several pumpkins. It was too funny! Just taking a little rest...

Walking with Daddy... I love this picture so much.

This one looks like a good one to sit on! I can't even. This just cracks me up.

Maybe if Daddy helps, she can pick it up. :)

My sweet girl and me. I love her so much.

She finally found a pumpkin she could pick up! She kept throwing this little one off the truck!

The next day we got to get dressed up and go to our church's trunk or treat. Our sweet little strawberry! She caught on really fast that we were going from trunk to trunk collecting candy. She put some of it in her bag, but she always had a piece or two in her hand saying, "open? open?" I have no idea how much she ate, but she did not go to sleep that night until after 10:00!!

Emery also got her first taste of popcorn and was definitely a fan. We heard lots of "more"!

We also got to see Super Girl and walk around with her for a little bit! And my little strawberry is smiling! {But of course she's not looking...most of the time it's either one or the other!}

I love's so cute of Vanna, but Emery is way more interested in the fact that Vanna has M&Ms!

Creeping a little closer to the M&Ms... {By the way, Vanna definitely shared! She loves to share with Emery!}

A couple of nights before Halloween, we carved a pumpkin! It had an Elmo face...of course. ;)

She watched Daniel for a few minutes and then she decided to throw leaves instead. She throws them up and says "yay!!!"

She *loved* the Elmo pumpkin! She still goes to the window and says "Elmo?" and "hello!" We had to turn it around so she could see the face from inside. :)

The weather for Halloween was supposed to be super rainy, so we headed to Publix that night to do a little early trick-or-treating. It was so cute! They passed out candy in every department and had little games that the kids could play.

Of course, as soon as she saw candy she kept saying "open? open?" This girl loves her some candy! {Just like mama...and daddy.}

Once we got home, it was starting to mist, so we decided to head out and do a little trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.

I think she knew we were about to get more candy!

Love my little strawberry girl.

We did about 6 houses and it just kept raining harder and we headed home. :( We still got several trick-or-treaters, though! Emery loved going to the door and saying "hey!"

Emery was very timid when we were out trick-or-treating and would only take one or two pieces of candy, but once we were home, she dug in to our candy bowl with both hands!

An appropriate place to end...a mouthful of candy. ;)

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