Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fourth of July Weekend Recap {2016}

I love that Fourth of July was on a Monday this year instead of the middle of the week, but man...I sure do like it better when it's on a Friday or Saturday so we can sleep in a little bit the next day. But we had a super fun weekend!

Emery and Daniel went on a daddy daughter date night a few weeks ago at Chick-fil-A and they both had the best time. She had been asking to "go date on a daddy"  for a few days so Daniel kicked off the three day weekend by taking her on another date.

She wanted to go to "Reddy's" {Freddy's} and get a grilled cheese and "i chume with a cherry on it"!

It makes me sad that she is growing up so fast, but it sure is cute that she's old enough for things like this now.

We took it easy and stayed around the house on Saturday. It was pretty nice, of course, but not as humid as it has been lately. Emery *loves* going outside, so we got out the splash park that we got her last year so she could play in the water. She *hated* it last year...

What a difference a year makes!! She loved it! She was a little confused at first...she kept saying "Take shirt off? Take shorts off?" like it was a bathtub. 

She just looks so grown up...

She wanted to push Daddy in the sweet. 

Time to cool off with a popsicle!

Sunday was another relaxed day. We went to church and then stayed home the rest of the day. Emery even helped fold a little laundry. She asked for a towel and we were shocked when she ended up with this!

Don't be fooled, though...she does way more unfolding than folding!

We started Monday off with a bang and went out for donuts at Krispy Kreme!  Not sure why, but this is the face we get when we tell her to smile! 

Emery loves sprinkles!!

We did a little shopping the rest of the morning and headed home so Emery could take a nap before our big night!

For the last several years, we've gone to my parents' neighborhood for dinner and a fireworks show. It's such a fun tradition! They have a little mini carnival for the kids and Emery got to do the bounce houses. To say she loved it is an understatement! She kept saying, "I bouncing, Mama!!" 

This bounce house started deflating when she was in the ball pit. I about had a panic attack, but it didn't bother her one bit! She didn't want to get out! 

Climbing up the ladder so she could go down the slide!

Taking a little break for some pictures with Mommy and Daddy. This girl and her faces!

Then it was time for dinner. Emery made the rounds and got lots of treats. A little chocolate with Poppa...

And some ice cream with Uncle DJ. 

The girls played together while all the adults talked. They are just too sweet.

Then we headed outside to get a good spot for the fireworks! So excited!

Hanging out with Nana, Poppa, and Uncle Steve while we waited.

Emery and Vanna both got their faces painted while we waited, too! Emery was really excited about it, but was super serious when it was happening.  Emery will pretty much try anything if Vanna does it first!

Then it was time for the fireworks show! Emery was completely fascinated with the fireworks! She kept pointing, naming the colors, and saying "Look, Poppa!"

Watching with Aunt Allie. 

And that's it...another Fourth of July in the books and it was a very sweet one!

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