Monday, June 17, 2013

Money Making Apps for Your Smart Phone!

You may want to open this post on your phone so you can download the apps a little easier. :)

Here are some of my favorite apps that I use to make a little extra money. No, you're not going to make a ton, but I love earning gift cards to places I actually go and getting PayPal deposits into my bank account every now and then. Keep reading to learn how!

Receipt Hog - I never thought I'd be happy to say, "I'm a hog!" until I downloaded the Receipt Hog app. You start out as a runt and as you scan more receipts you eventually reach hog status (yes!). :) All you do with this app is take pictures of your grocery and drug store receipts. Dollar Tree works, too! You get a certain number of coins based on your pig's status. Once you earn 1,000 coins, you can redeem them for $5.00 in cash which will be deposited into your PayPal account. Easy! :)

{Update: Receipt Hog has been updated! Click here to read my post about the new features!}

Ibotta - This app gives you money back for buying specific products they have featured. These products vary and change every couple of weeks. The cool thing about Ibotta is that it's over and above any savings you may have already received at the grocery store. You just tap the "Earn" button underneath the item you purchased, scan your receipt, and scan your item. Once you earn $5.00, you can get a deposit from PayPal. Right now, they have a special offer going on for new users. You can get $10 if you complete five offers within your first two weeks! Combine that $10 with the savings you already got per product, and the five items would probably end up being close to free! Gotta love free stuff! :)

Viggle - I've earned over $200 in gift cards in the last year with Viggle. It takes a little effort, but not too much. The basic concept is that you use an audio check in feature to check in to a TV show and you'll get one point per minute that you watch. You don't have to stay on the TV show to get points, though. You'll get points from the time you check in until the show is over. That's really all you have to do to get points on Viggle; however, there are some ways to maximize the amount of points you earn. One is called Viggle Live and it's offered for several shows that come on during prime time. Basically, it's trivia questions about the show you're checked in to. The more questions you get right, the more points you earn. Another way to earn more points is to look for bonus videos. These are usually worth a lot of points! They can be found in the "What's On" tab and sometimes inside of a Viggle Live trivia game.

App Trailers - It takes a little longer to earn rewards with this app, but it doesn't take as much effort as Viggle. For this app, you're just watching trailers for new apps in the app store. They're usually about 15-30 seconds. When I log in to this app every day, all I do is watch the new videos that have come up and then I play the free daily scratcher game for that day (under the "Redeem" tab-see pic below). This takes me about one minute per day. I always redeem my points for Amazon gift card codes, but there are several choices including Gap, Starbucks, Target, iTunes, and more.

I hope you can use some of these apps to make a little extra money! Comment below if you have any questions or if you know of any other money making apps! :)

You can also find some great money making websites here!

Note: Some of the links in this post are my referral links; however, the people at these apps have no idea who I am. I just really like their apps.


  1. I had no idea money making apps existed! Thanks for teaching me something new!
    - Dani

  2. GymPact! You make a pact to work out a certain number of days per week. At the end of the week, if you've met your goal, you get paid! But if you miss a day, you owe money. Even more incentive to get your fitness on!

    1. Awesome! I'll have to check that one out! I could always use more motivation to work out! :) Thanks for sharing!