Sunday, June 16, 2013

Three Year Anniversary Recap

This past Wednesday, we celebrated our three year anniversary. We are going on a trip in about a week, so we just had a low key celebration. I started the morning at VBS at our church and then Daniel and I met for lunch at Olexa's in Mountain Brook. It was confirmed once again that he knows the way to my heart when he suggested we go there for lunch. :) I've talked about Olexa's before when I posted my buttercream frosting recipe.

Lunch was delicious, but let's be honest. We were there for the cake. I absolutely love white cake, but I cannot resist the chocolate cake at Olexa's. It's the softest, moistest (is that even a word?!) cake and the chocolate frosting is so smooth, rich and creamy. I don't think I'll ever find a copycat recipe for that! I mean, look at this cake. And it's served warm!!! Nothing like it.

After Daniel got home from work, we just had a casual dinner at home. We bought this Welch's Sparkling Raspberry Limeade a couple of weeks ago. Have y'all seen this? We thought it would add a little something special to our anniversary dinner at home! It was really good! It reminded me of the Sonic limeades!

For our anniversaries so far, we've pretty much stuck with the traditional or modern anniversary gift in our gifts for each other. This year was leather, crystal, or glass. I found this really neat Etsy shop called Gun Metal Gems. I got Daniel this leather key chain that had a stamped metal plate on it. The metal plate had the latitude and longitude coordinates of the church where we got married. I loved this because it's masculine, but still sweet and special. I thought it would be a neat thing to pass down to a son or grandson someday. {Okay, I'm so sentimental that just thinking about that gets me teary eyed!} It was like a scavenger hunt when he was entering the coordinates in to see what the location was. He loved it!

Daniel got me this gorgeous wallet to match my purse. I've been wanting one for a long time now, so it was really sweet that he remembered and that it went along with the leather anniversary gift theme!

Thankful for this day that I got to spend with my precious husband celebrating our marriage so far and thinking about all of the wonderful years to come!

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  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE what you got him for his gift!! What an awesome idea (that I may or may not steal in the future! lol)! Sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary! Can't wait to hang out in a few weeks! :)