Monday, June 24, 2013

{Summer To Do List} Mini Golf + Milkshake Date

Hi! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was full of a few summer to do list things and a whole lot of packing! In fact, as you read this, we are most likely on our way to sunny Mexico! Yay! We're reeeaallly hoping this weather forecast changes, though. Yikes!

{Helpful travel note: I used this packing checklist and it helped me not go crazy! It pretty much covers everything! I found it here on Pinterest, but couldn't find an original source, so I just took a screenshot and printed it.}

On Friday night, we ended up crossing two things off of our summer to do list, one thing that was planned and one that was unplanned. We had planned to go play mini golf and Daniel was seriously messing with me all day with texts asking me things like, "Are you ready to bring your A game?!"

This is coming from the guy who secretly googles strategies for Phase 10 before we play. Although, I've only beaten him one time out of all the times we've played, so maybe he's on to something... :) On our way to mini golf, he proposed a bet. If you've been reading along, you know that we've been off sugar for a few days (ha!). So, his bet was that if he won, we would go to Sonic and get milkshakes afterward. If I won, we could go any place I wanted. To cover his bases, he did add a disclaimer that we could NOT go to Publix and get celery or tomatoes. Did he really think I would pick that?! I guess I've been pretty serious about this no sugar thing this week because choosing celery as a celebration for a mini golf victory is definitely NOT like me! The bet was on! Really, I would hardly call Sonic milkshakes losing, though. :)

In true Daniel form, he had to "warm up" before we started.

I started out strong as I usually do in mini golf and really thought I might pull out a win.

But...the luck didn't last long {as usual} and I started getting scores like 11. Yep, that would be just on one hole. Not good. And this guy must have googled "geometry strategies for mini golf" because he beat me big time! :)

He was sweet and tried to give me a chance by saying everything could come down to our score on the last hole...and he still won. :) Oh well, I guess we'll have to go get milkshakes. {And I totally would have picked the same thing if I would have won! Definitely not celery...or tomatoes.}

Oh my goodness, Sonic milkshakes. They are SO good. I got peanut butter fudge and it was delicious. And even better, they're half off every night after 8:00 p.m. Win! Just be prepared to wait a little while because that place is pretty hoppin' after 8:00! I always have to let my milkshake sit for a few minutes so I don't burst a blood vessel in my face trying to drink it. Anyone else have that problem? Just me?

I hope y'all have a great week! You can follow me on Instagram for updates on our trip! :)

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  1. oh, my goodness! you had me laughing so hard throughout this whole post! And I'm sorry, but I could seriously see you going to Publix and buying a Veggie tray just to prove a point! LOL! I guess I'm glad Daniel won ;) Maybe next time! Have a blast in Mexico!!!