Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend {2014}

I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day this year! It was an absolutely perfect day. Daniel got up to do Emery's first feeding so I could sleep in, but he brought her to me first to give me some Mother's Day love. :) {I still *cannot* believe she is TWO months old!! Where has time time gone?!?} I slept until 9:30 and then woke up to a yummy omelet for breakfast with all of my favorite ingredients. Well, make that an omelet scramble. Flipping omelets is hard, people. :)

It totally reminded me of the omelet I got every morning on our vacation last summer. Oh, and those chocolate croissants! I want to go back!!!


Then I got my first Mother's Day gifts. Daniel gave me a "Mother's Day You Pick Three" with a bunch of date night ideas. So sweet and thoughtful. I loved it. He also picked out this beautiful frame and put one of my favorite family photos from our newborn session in it. There was a letter on the back. If you know me, you know I cried. I couldn't even read it at first, y'all. I had to give it a minute!

Emery was a perfect angel during church and slept the whole time. Our pastor preached an incredible sermon that morning about the sin of comparison. It was powerful and serious, but he did talk for a few minutes about how he's glad he's not a mom in our Pinterest-driven society. It was so funny, but it was so good for my soul.

Another thing that was good for my soul was going on my first mom's night out on Friday night with some wonderful ladies in my church community group. We went to see the movie Moms' Night Out and not only was the movie hilarious, the message was so, so encouraging. This was my absolute favorite quote from the movie:

I just love that so much. And that's not just for moms. That's for everyone.

Oh, and some fun facts about the movie: the parents of the directors of the movie are in our church community group and are the sweetest couple and the movie was filmed in Birmingham! It was so neat to see my city in a movie!

Anyway, after church on Sunday we headed to my sister's house for Mother's Day lunch. It was a perfect day so we took some pictures outside.

Becoming a mom has made me appreciate my amazing mom even more. I'm so thankful for her.

Emery was hungry by this time and was letting everybody know it! :)

I know what an incredible gift it is to be a mom and I don't take it lightly. I'm so thankful for my baby girl and for the wonderful Mom that God gave to me.

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  1. What a sweet recap of your first Mother's Day! Daniel did a great job of making it special for you first thing in the morning! :) I loved being able to all celebrate with Mom together!! :)