Monday, June 23, 2014

Anniversary, Father's Day, and Baby Dedication

The week before last, we had one of the craziest weeks since Emery was born. It was our fourth wedding anniversary, Father's Day {Daniel's first one!}, and we dedicated Emery in the church service on Sunday. It was so super busy, but it was such a fun weekend!

Our anniversary was on a Thursday, so Daniel and I met for lunch at Olexa's in Mountain Brook {just like last year!}. If you're in Birmingham and you haven't had Olexa's, you must go. The chicken salad is amazing!! And the cake. Oh, the cake.

We exercised some ridiculously good self-control and didn't get cake at Olexa's because we had plans to recreate our wedding cake on Friday night. The lady who made our wedding cake made us a cake for our first anniversary, but she doesn't make cakes anymore! :( I decided on our second anniversary that I'd try to recreate it and I found a recipe that is actually pretty close. We've made it every year since...and I look forward to it allllll year!

We started our Father's Day Celebration on Saturday morning. I printed out this "Choose Your Own Father's Day Adventure" book from the Dating Divas and it was really fun. By the way, if you haven't checked out the Dating Divas, you definitely should! So many fun ideas!

To start the adventure, Daniel had to choose what he wanted to do for breakfast. One of the choices was to eat at Big Bad Breakfast which is a new restaurant in our area. I was pretty sure this was what he would pick and I was right.

Daniel could *not* get the name right, though. He called it everything from Bad Boy Breakfast to Big Boy Breakfast. It was hilarious! We had to wait for about 30 minutes, but it was a pretty morning and Emery just snoozed away.

It was worth the wait, though! We're already planning to go back sometime in July. There's something so fun about going out for breakfast.

We continued our anniversary celebration on Saturday afternoon with a watermelon carving contest. 

Yes, you read that right. We've always done the traditional anniversary gifts and this year was fruit. What a weird gift! So...we decided to get creative and carve each other a watermelon.

It ended up being really fun! I carved a turtle and Daniel carved {he would correct me and say that he "sculpted"} a heart.

We asked our Facebook friends to vote on their favorite and I won by a landslide. Sorry, honey. ;) He did kind of deserve it, though, because he was telling me all week that he was going to win without a doubt. :)

Saturday night, we went out to Ruth's Chris for our official anniversary date. Honestly, we've had these plans since last fall. I couldn't eat steak since I was pregnant and I craved it so much! It was worth the wait!

And then came Sunday, probably our busiest day yet. We were part of the Baby Dedication service at church and then we were hosting my family for Father's Day lunch. Our church did a brunch that morning for all the families who were dedicating babies and we got to invite our families.

I was worried all week that Emery would scream during the dedication, but she fell asleep a few minutes before the service started.

I love this face. And look at those sweet little hands.

Aaaannd, she woke up just in time for the service to start. She did okay for the first couple of minutes, and then around the time our pastor started praying, she decided she had had enough. Yep. Her beloved Wubbanub pacifier didn't even help. :-/

This was about how the rest of the morning at church went...

After church, we had my family come over for Father's Day lunch. 

Emery was much happier once we were home. She loves her sweet cousin Vanna!

We snapped a few family pictures before Emery took her afternoon nap. I'm so thankful for my sweet dad and everything he's done for me, and now I'm so thankful for the wonderful grandpa he is to Emery!

My mom and the girls. Emery was about done here!

Emery went down for her afternoon nap and we all had the perfect summer lunch. Potato salad, fresh green beans, rolls, and Daniel grilled baby back ribs and corn on the cob. My sister and I made two of our dad's favorite desserts, yellow cake with chocolate frosting and oatmeal scotchies.

Emery took a good nap and was much happier once she got up. I love this picture!

I'm so thankful for my family.

And I'm so thankful for this new father that we got to celebrate this Father's Day. I love watching him be a daddy!

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