Saturday, June 21, 2014

#richlyblesseddaily2014 {Week 24}

Here is week 24 of #richlyblesseddaily2014! 

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 Day 165: Breakfast at Big Bad Breakfast today for an early Father's Day celebration. Or as Daniel kept calling it...Bad Boy Breakfast. ;)

 Day 166: Happy first Father's Day to the sweetest daddy this baby could ever want. He loves her so much! She is one blessed baby!!

 Day 167: Shots are the worst...and they make our little sweetheart go to sleep almost instantly. Bless her little heart. The only good thing? Lots of extra snuggles today.

 Day 168: I'm pretty sure she found her hands!

 Day 169: We'll have watermelon for days (weeks?) after our anniversary watermelon carving contest.

 Day 170: Happy girl!

Day 171: Emery spent part of the day with Aunt Aliesha and Vanna. She had so much fun that she fell asleep as soon as we started driving, didn't wake up when I unbuckled her from her car seat, and then slept for 2 more hours!!

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