Friday, June 6, 2014

Emery's Newborn Photos

While we were in the hospital, Emery had a mini photo shoot with Belly Baby Photography. It's a company that has photographers that work right there in the hospital every day just to take pictures of the new babies. I love having her sweet, brand new little face captured forever.

Love this little pouty face.

Wide awake! That paci got us through the photo shoot. We would give it to her and then take it out of her mouth and the photographer would take as many pictures as she could before Emery realized the paci was missing!

We also had Lauren of Fresh Grace Photography do a photo shoot once we got home. She did our maternity pictures, too. We originally had it scheduled for two days after we got home and we quickly realized that was pretty much impossible. We could barely open our eyes, let alone get ourselves ready for a photography session! Lauren totally understood {she has two sweet girls of her own} and we rescheduled for a couple of weeks later. Emery was almost three weeks old in these pictures.

This is one of my favorite family pictures.

Emery was sleeping great before Lauren got there, but of course, as soon as we started moving her around to take pictures, she let us know she wasn't super happy about it. I was thrilled that Lauren was able to get as many good ones as she did!

She absolutely would not keep her little legs tucked under her!

Daniel was trying to calm her down in this one, and I absolutely *love* how it turned out. Love.

This is the one we used for her birth announcements.

This is another one of my favorites.

Sweet little feet.

And of course, because things just work this way, Emery settled in for a perfectly peaceful nap as soon as Lauren was finished taking pictures. :)

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  1. Her newborn pictures are absolutely precious!! And I LOVE her birth announcement!! Beautiful!

  2. Thank you! Now I just have to decide which ones I want to frame...hardest decision ever for me! :-/ Are y'all back from the beach? I'm in the baby room for VBS this week so come and say hey if you're there!