Monday, September 8, 2014

#richlyblesseddaily2014 {Weeks 34 & 35}

Here are weeks 34 and 35 of #richlyblesseddaily2014! I *cannot* believe that we only have a little over 100 days left in the year! It has flown by and I'm so thankful that I have a picture and a memory from each day!

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Day 235: Bedtime with a new friend...Ellie. So far, she's a fan of pulling on Ellie's ears.

 Day 236: Sunday night with my sweetie. I wish there was an extra day in every weekend.

 Day 237: Thanks but no thanks on the toys, Mommy. I'll just play with this bag of salad.

 Day 238: She loves her feet!!

 Day 239: I was putting laundry away in her room and when I turned around this is how I found her!!

Day 240: Sweet girls at Sweet Frog for an after school treat!

 Day 241: She's ready for tomorrow! #rolltide

 Day 242: Emery got all dressed up for the first game of the season!

 Day 243: Pre-Labor Day barbecue at Jim & Nick's for dinner!

 Day 244: She loves her daddy!

 Day 245: Swinging on one of the few summer nights we have left...we're ready for fall!

 Day 246: She's holding her bottle like a champ most of the time and she's a huge fan of mangoes!

 Day 247: Shopping with Mommy! She is a GREAT little shopper and doesn't even mind me piling stuff in the stroller. I think she thought they were new toys!

Day 248: Tired, sweet, snuggly baby. <3

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  1. Gorgeous pictures as usual, but the one that got me in particular is where she is just looking up at Daniel. So, so sweet. Love it!