Monday, August 25, 2014

#richlyblesseddaily2014 {Weeks 32 & 33}

Here are weeks 32 and 33 of #richlyblesseddaily2014! 

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Day 221: Bath time!

Day 222: Swinging on a Sunday afternoon.

 Day 223: She LOVES this blue iguana that lights up! It just so happens to be the most annoying toy on the whole thing. :-|

 Day 224: Date night and Emery decided to come along. Mommy and Daddy didn't want their Living Social to expire!

 Day 225: Baked with my little sweetie today...she wanted that shiny bowl so bad! Now after cleaning, organizing, and doing laundry I'm enjoying some reading and Pandora while she naps. OH...and this PBK Halloween catalog is going to get me in big trouble. Too cute!!

 Day 226: My world. <3

 Day 227: So tired...won't sleep but she's snuggly so I'm totally okay with it.

 Day 228: She gets more and more fun every single day! And she is growing up way too fast trying to hold that bottle on her own. This mama just isn't ready for that yet!

 Day 229: Watching Pioneer Woman this morning before church and playing with her football while Mommy cooked dinner tonight. She's ready for football season! #rolltide

 Day 230: Well, she got her Wubbanub pacifier in her mouth all by herself today.

 Day 231: Sure, sounds like a great idea to do Emery's handprint and footprint in pink paint. WHAT in the WORLD were we thinking?!?! We were covered, she was covered, the counters were covered, and we barely got anything worth keeping. {And yes, that is one of Emery's headbands that Daniel is wearing on his arm! :)}

 Day 232: Out for pizza! Emery clearly is not as excited about this as her mommy is! And also, those cheeks... <3

 Day 233: So much cuteness for one day!

Day 234: She's always holding on to Wubby. She's even started reaching for it if she sees it and she can put it in her mouth herself!

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  1. Some of those pictures are seriously just too much!! You get some of the Cutest poses! It's amazing! Love, love the one of her in the white towel!! :)