Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter {2014}

I've always loved holidays, but now that our first holiday with a baby is behind us, I can already tell I'm going to love them even more. Even though Emery was only 5 weeks old for her first Easter, it was so much fun. I had already decided a couple of months ago that she would have an Easter basket. I had so much fun picking it out! Daniel thought I was crazy when I was ordering it in February, but I think he gets it now. Maybe. :)

We went shopping early last week for things to put in her Easter basket. At first I came up completely blank. I mean, what do you put in a newborn's Easter basket? But once we got started, it was easy...too easy. We had to stop ourselves. We're in big trouble when Christmas comes around. {I'll share what we put in her Easter basket at the end of this post. ;)}

Obviously, not *all* of this was for Emery. I mean, she is my daughter so she's bound to love sweets, but I don't think she's quite ready for a Reester Bunny.

Easter morning was a whirlwind. Getting anywhere with a baby requires getting up and ready *several* hours before we need to least that's how it's been with us so far. We tried to get a picture of her with her Easter basket before we left for church. She was *not* having it. I really hope she appreciates her Easter basket a little more in the future.

We decided we'd try again after church. This was our third time going to church. The first time she only lasted about 20 minutes in the service. The second time was Good Friday and she slept the whole time. On Easter Sunday, she did the same thing! We were so relieved. She was much happier after church and gave us a few sweet smiles with her basket.

After church, we headed over to my parent's house for lunch. Emery didn't get any attention at all. Bless her heart.

We had such a fun afternoon spending time with our family, eating lots of food, and making new memories with our sweet girl.

So, what did I put in that Easter basket of hers?

Some things I already had, so I just added those to her Easter basket to fill it up a little more. Here's a list!

  • Bunny ears (found in the dollar spot at Target)
  • Pacifiers - She loves her Wubbanub, but I got a couple of extra ones to keep in the diaper bag.
  • Pacifier wipes - I never even knew these existed until I saw them at Target. These will be perfect to keep in her diaper bag!!
  • Pat the Bunny - I love, love this book! I can't wait until she can interact with all the special pages!!
  • The Easter Story board book - We definitely want her to learn the *real* reason for Easter!
  • Stuffed bunny
  • Appliqued outfit
  • Headbands - I've ordered several of her headbands from Ema Jane, but I ordered some from Amazon recently that are really cute and a great price!
  • Taggies caterpillar rattle - She loves to look at this and listen to the soft rattle noise!
  • Toy for the car seat handle
  • Bath toys
  • Sunglasses (found in the dollar spot at Target)
  • Clorox wipes to go pack - These are definitely more for me, but if she could, Emery would thank me. ;) These will come in handy when I have to use those changing tables in public restrooms! I have a changing pad in our diaper bag, but I don't even want that to touch those changing tables. 
  • Boogie wipes travel pack - I love using these to clean off her little nose. They smell amazing, too! She doesn't mind at all when I use them on her!
Oh, and here's how she felt about those bunny ears. In her defense, I totally forgot to put them on her until late that night when it was time for her to go to bed. Still, this picture is a classic.

Happy Easter!

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