Saturday, April 12, 2014

#richlyblesseddaily2014 {Weeks 13 & 14}

Here are weeks 13 and 14 of #richlyblesseddaily2014! I'm hoping to get back to blogging a little more regularly very soon. This sweet baby girl takes up a lot of my time...and I'm completely okay with that! :)

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 Day 88: The baby was sleeping, so we made pancakes for breakfast just like old times!

 Day 89: First walk outside!

 Day 90: Sleepy smiles.

 Day 91: I love this baby girl so much.

 Day 92: First trip to Publix today!

Day 93: I just wore myself out screaming for my newborn pictures. Now I'll take a peaceful nap.

 Day 94: My loves.

 Day 95: First date since Emery was born! We're seeing Divergent and then going to dinner. And of course, our date included a trip to Babies-R-Us to get some things for our sweet girl. Life of a parent. :)

 Day 96: Emery is a fan of her new swing! It's our second try...she's probably the only baby ever to hate the mamaroo! We're okay with that, though, because this one was a LOT cheaper! :)

 Day 97: This girl gets the hiccups at least twice a day. Gripe water cures them every time...and she LOVES it! Cutest thing ever.

 Day 98: Emery got to spend time with her Aunt Aliesha and sweet cousin Vanna this afternoon!

 Day 99: Can't hardly stand the cuteness of her in this hooded towel! :)

 Day 100: The chalkboards will be back soon! How is it that my sweet angel (who fell asleep in a very weird position today after I tried everything else for an hour) will be one month old in just a few days?!

Day 101: Out to dinner with my TWO sweethearts! :)

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  1. Her sleepy smiles just trip me out... One proud Dad behind those pictures.

  2. Oh my gosh - the sleepy smiles and her in the hooded towel!! SO cute!! She's just such a sweet little thing, and she has fantastic parents!! :)