Thursday, May 21, 2015

#richlyblesseddaily2015 {Weeks 19 & 20}

Here's what's been going on in our little world the last couple of weeks! :)

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Day 127: Oh you know, just doing a little leisure reading. She stood there holding her Daniel Tiger trolley book and jabbered the whole time like she was reading!

Day 128: This little girl had a 6:00 bedtime tonight. Transitioning to one nap is tough...I'm pretty sure she's ready because for a couple of weeks now, she's been sleeping well for her morning nap and either fighting her afternoon nap or taking one and then taking forever to go to sleep at bedtime. I guess it's just going to take a little while to adjust.

Day 129: I think she would swing all day!

Day 130: It's been a sweet Mother's Day with this little love bug! She's a fan of frozen yogurt!

Day 131: We're finally finishing the last season of Parenthood tonight with cupcakes left from Emery's birthday party. {I seriously love having cupcakes in the freezer!}

Day 132: Hanging out in the boppy just like when she was a tiny baby.

Day 133: She parked for a minute to watch a little Daniel Tiger.

Day 134: She uses this little cubby as her own little personal storage unit. I love finding things that she's put in random places!

Day 135: We got to go to the Regions Tradition today at Shoal Creek! Last year, Emery was teeny tiny and slept the whole time. Not so much this year! We had so much fun, though! That place is so beautiful!

Day 136: Just two sweet cousins having a little tea party and picnic together this morning. 

Day 137: My mom was out of town on Mother's Day, so we celebrated her today! So thankful for her and these other precious girls in my life!!

Day 138: She'll play peekaboo with anything these days! We finally had to block off the stairs. After months of her leaving them alone, she suddenly became obsessed with them. It only took a couple of days of 20+ trips up the stairs behind her for us to do something about it!

Day 139: Her face when I play peekaboo with her on the couch! The laugh that goes along with it is priceless!

Day 140: I made it up on the couch, now how do I get back down?

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  1. Love them all of course! But, it's especially cute how she parked the elephant ride-on to watch Daniel Tiger! And, that sweet face when you were playing peek-a-boo at the couch! So sweet!! :)