Monday, July 8, 2013

Crock Pot Chicken Tacos {Only 3 ingredients!!}

Good Monday morning, everyone! I hope y'all had a great holiday weekend! It was rainy all weekend here so we saw a movie on Saturday afternoon, went to church on Sunday morning, and pretty much relaxed at home the rest of the time. Oh, and we made homemade ice cream this weekend and it was a fabulous success{and dangerously easy}! I can't wait to make another flavor! I plan on sharing the method we used soon! :)

But today, let me tell you, I've got a great recipe to share that has become an absolute staple in my meal planning. I found this recipe a little less than a year ago and have made it so many times since. I knew it would be a winner as soon as I saw it. I love tacos, I love easy recipes, and I love having food ready and waiting on me in the crock pot. I also love it because it's so easy I don't even have to pull out a recipe to make it! Oh, and did I mention that you only need three ingredients?

It's also a fairly budget friendly meal, especially if you can get everything on sale. It makes a large amount of chicken and we usually end up freezing half of it so we have dinner ready for another night. That's another thing I love about this recipe! I love having meals ready to go in the freezer! It really helps on those days we just don't feel like cooking!

Whenever I make a crock pot recipe, I always use these slow cooker liners. It makes clean up so much easier!

And here's a trick I love for filling the taco shells. It's so quick and easy, you can do several at a time, and then you can just slide the whole muffin tin in the oven when you heat them. Be careful, though. I've had tacos slide out and fall on the oven door before. :(

These are our favorite taco shells. Usually, all 12 taco shells are unbroken {don't you hate when you get a box of taco shells and half of them are broken?!}, and they perfectly crisp and crunchy after they're warmed in the oven.

Okay, so have I sold you yet? :) You have to give this one a try. I know you'll love it!!

Crock Pot Chicken Tacos
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1.5-2 pounds boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 packet of taco seasoning
1 (16 oz.) jar of your favorite salsa (My favorite is Tostitos Restaurant Style)

  1. Arrange the chicken breasts so they cover the bottom of the crock pot. Sprinkle them evenly with taco seasoning and then spoon the salsa over the chicken so that the taco seasoning is covered. Do not stir.
  2. Cook on low for 4-5 hours or on high for 2-3 hours.
  3. Shred the chicken using two forks and stir so everything is evenly incorporated. You may want to drain some, but not all, of the juices.
  4. Fill your tacos with chicken and top with cheese. Bake at 425 for 2-3 minutes to warm the taco shells and melt the cheese.
  5. Top with sour cream, salsa, guacamole, green onions, tomatoes, etc... Enjoy!
Source: Iowa Girl Eats

Let me know what you think of these!! Have a great Monday!

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  1. Found you through the Tasty Tuesday link up. Thanks for the taco shell tip! We usually do our shells on a baking pan and while they don't break, they sometimes "sag" and then there isn't much room to stuff anything!

  2. So glad you found me! :) I love that taco shell tip...makes things so much easier! Hope it helps! :)

  3. I make my own taco seasoning tha tI would be interested in trying this recipe with! Sounds so simple and delicious! :)

    Thank you so much for linking up with me this week at Tasty
    Tuesdays! I’ve pinned this & shared it with my followers! Please be sure to
    stop back by the party and check out some of the other links!

  4. I'm sure it would be great with homemade taco seasoning! Thanks for hosting the party and for sharing the recipe! :)