Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Rewind {Alabama Football Game}

Why do three day weekends {well, make that any weekend} have to go by so fast? We had such a fun weekend and I'm sad it's almost over! We got some much needed rest this weekend and also got a few things done around the house. We are s-l-o-w-l-y cleaning out the room that will be the nursery. It's been our "junk room" ever since we moved into the house. Anything that we didn't know what to do with went in that room...and now, we're finally having to go through it. It's a good thing, though! :)

Anyway, the best part of the weekend was our day on Saturday! I mentioned here that we decided to go to the first Alabama football game on a whim and we are so glad we did. In fact, we had so much fun that we pretty much want to go to every game now...too bad that won't happen!

We left Birmingham pretty early on Saturday morning...well, early enough that we could make it to Chick-fil-A for breakfast. If we are ever out and about together in the morning, it's pretty much guaranteed we're getting breakfast at Chick-fil-A! We had to take a baby bump picture before we left. :)

Almost 12 weeks!

Pretty much every single person at Chick-fil-A was wearing Alabama stuff! That's one thing that I love about college football in the south. It's just so exciting! It was like that on the drive to Atlanta, too. Almost every car on the road looked like this. It was the same at the rest stop we stopped at...Alabama fans everywhere!

We made it to Atlanta around 2:00 and found a place to park. We looked up some restaurants that were within walking distance and decided on a place called Max's Coal Oven Pizzeria. Just like everywhere else we'd been so far, this place was full of Alabama fans...and a few VT fans.

It was a really cool pace with chalkboard walls and an open kitchen area so you could see the pizza ovens.

We ended up getting the margherita pizza...a crispy thin crust with sauce {so good!}, mozzarella, and fresh basil. Who would think that a leaf would taste so good?! :)

After lunch, we made the quick walk from Max's to the Georgia Dome.

Once we were inside, we were on the hunt to find our easy task in a place that big. We passed several Alabama "super suites". We were dying to get a peek inside just to see the view they had!

We finally found our section and since we were about an hour away from kick off, we decided to explore all the food they had there. It was *hot* on our walk over, so I was in the mood for something cold and refreshing. I saw somebody with something that looked like sherbet and my mind was made up! We found it and I got a big cup of green apple which tasted like lime...exactly what I wanted! :)

Once we were in our seats, we were able to see how gigantic this place is! I had never been there before and it blew my mind!

{Click the picture to enlarge}

All the pre-game activities were so exciting! My favorite part was when all these little Chick-fil-A cows with parachutes came falling from the ceiling!

It was a great game! We loved every minute of it...well, except for the lady next to us who continuously yelled, "Let's go, Bamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" {Seriously, she would hold it out for 30+ seconds. Why?}

Once the game was over, we walked back to the car and cut through Centennial Park. It was neat to see the new ferris wheel all lit up at night!

It took us about three hours to get home with all of the traffic and I'll be honest, I slept about half the trip! I did wake up to enjoy a little late night McDonald's trip with my sweetheart, though. He needed a little caffeine since I wasn't helping keep him awake! :)

I'm so glad we got to have this day together and I'm so excited for the rest of the season! How much fun would it be if we made it to another national championship?!? It could happen!

Have a great week, y'all!

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  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun!! We're hoping to go to a game later in the season b/c I've never been to one. Oh, and by the way- I love your baby bump pic!! You are too cute!!

  2. The Mr.'s Gramma and two Aunts (and their fams) live in Tuscaloosa and are HUGE Alabama fans. But you are right, there is something about football in the south that makes people go crazy! :) Love it! Although the Mr and I are huge FL fans, we'll become honorary Bama fans as long as they aren't playing FL when we're in town visiting. ha!

  3. Yeah, My ears are still ringing a little from the screamer. but I had such a good time! There is nothing like quality time with my Sweetheart!

  4. You guys should definitely go to a game! It is so much fun!! :)

  5. I used to live in Ohio, so I didn't understand all the hype until I lived in Alabama. It really is a way of life here and so much fun!! :)

  6. I had the best time with you, sweetheart! :)