Wednesday, September 18, 2013

14 Weeks

How Far Along: 14 weeks and 1 day

Size of Baby: According to The Bump, the baby is the size of a lemon and is about 3.4 inches long. One of my pregnancy apps also said that the baby is probably starting to suck its thumb. The cuteness of that is just too much!

Total Weight Gain: +1.5 pounds - I lost another pound this week. This is a mystery to me. I wish I could always lose weight without trying! I guess it might have something to do with my completely out of character cravings this week!!

Gender: We find out on October 17th! :) Daniel is convinced it's a girl and calls the baby "her" most of the time.

Maternity Clothes: Still a lot of regular clothes + the belly band with a few maternity things

Wedding Rings On/Off: On

Stretch Marks: None yet, but I did buy some cocoa butter lotion this week and have been using it every night. Who knows if it actually works but I'm willing to try!

Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty well this week. I've only been waking up a couple of times at night and I can usually go back to sleep.

Cravings/Aversions: This has been a big week for cravings, and I know it's a true pregnancy craving because it is so totally opposite of what I usually want! One night I told Daniel that I wished I had a huge vegetable tray with ranch what you would serve at a party. Considering my pre-pregnancy snacks of choice included anything with sugar, he was shocked! {So was I!} It was too late to go to the store, but the craving didn't go away. I went to Publix the next night and stocked up on carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, and celery. I've been eating a big plate every day and usually another one right before I go to bed! I know, I can't believe it either! :)

Symptoms: I've been really tired, but not as bad as the first trimester. I've gotten more headaches this week, too. I don't think I had a single headache during the first trimester, but from what I've read, it's pretty normal to get more during the second trimester.

Mood: I've been pretty happy this week!! :)

What I Miss: Sleeping all the way through the night!

Looking Forward To: Our 15 week appointment next week

Best Moment This Week: All of the veggies. Yes. Seriously. :)

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  1. I am still cracking up about the cravings for raw veggies!! lol Happy 14 weeks sweet friend! I can't wait to know what that sweet baby is!! Missed you tonight!

  2. I'm still cracking up about the veggies! It's so weird! And I'm still eating them. Although, I went to Publix yesterday and had to stop myself from slurping applesauce straight from those little cups.

  3. Hahahaha! You crack me up!! Those pregnancy cravings are something else!!