Friday, September 13, 2013

{Five on Friday} September 13, 2013

TGIF!! Fridays are seriously my favorite. For some reason, Fridays mean that it's totally acceptable for me to go to Sonic on my way to work and get a junior breakfast burrito and a Route 44 strawberry limeade {like every week}. I make all kinds of rationalizations like that on Fridays. I mean, I need some fuel to get through a crazy Friday with 20 eight-year-olds, right? :)

So I haven't done one of these posts in a while...that might have something to do with the fact that I've been going to bed around 8:30 every night here lately. I think I might finally be getting a little of my energy back, though. Maybe I can start making it to 9:00. :) Anyway, here's my Five on Friday for this week.

Daniel went on a business trip to New York City at the beginning of this week. I was super jealous because I *really* want to go to New York City. I seriously hate it when he's gone. I worry way too much. For example, he got to his hotel the first night around 11:30 and hadn't even had dinner yet. He told me that he and his boss were going to walk a few blocks to go to this burger place for dinner. My response: "Honey, be careful. I hate the thought of you walking around at midnight on dark streets." Clearly, I've never been to New York City. He assured me that the streets weren't dark and sent me this picture. I mean, I knew that the streets wouldn't be completely deserted, but I did not think it would be like this at midnight! I guess it really is the city that never sleeps.

September is a *major* birthday month in our family. Within two weeks, both of my parents have birthdays and both Daniel and I have birthdays. There are so many birthday meals and birthday treats in our future! Yay! :) Daniel asked me what I wanted and I finally came up with this Urban Decay Naked2 eyeshadow palette. I've heard so much about it on other blogs! By the way, does anyone else have a hard time coming up with things you want the older you get?! It seems like it gets harder for me every year.

I am determined to add some sort of festive cheer to our front porch for fall this year. Every year, I have the best intentions. Then September turns into November and I decide that it's not even worth it at that point. Oh, and just to prove how indecisive I am, we went to Hobby Lobby last week and bought everything I needed to make this moss covered monogram for the front door. Aaaannnd, I'm heading back to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to return it all. I just kept thinking about how mad I would be if I spent the money to make it and it ended up looking horrible. So, I think I'll just exchange it for a wreath that's already made. At least then I *know* I'll like it. :) Oh, and if you want some front porch inspiration, check out this post from Six Sisters' Stuff. It just makes me want to go on a hayride, carve a pumpkin, and cozy up with a big mug of apple cider!

We love a good game night around here every once in a while...Phase 10 is one of our favorites. Well, our Saturday night last weekend consisted of junk food and a new game. I've been hearing about this game called Farkle and decided to order it when I needed to add a little more to my Amazon cart to get the free shipping. At first we thought the scoring was going to be complicated, but it ended up being really easy to catch on to once you played a couple of rounds. Oh, and I won. :)

I love it when I have a reason to bake something. The girls in our community group at church are having a Pinterest party on Sunday night. Everyone is supposed to bring something they've pinned but never made. We're also going to make some kind of craft. I'm super excited about it! Now, I just have to figure out what I'm going to make. My dessert board on Pinterest definitely gets the most attention. I have 558 dessert pins! These peanut butter brownie buddies look pretty yummy...and perfectly poppable! Decisions, decisions...

Well, whatever you end up doing this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful one! :)

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  1. Oh my goodness we love Phase 10!! Maybe we've talked about that before? We need to plan a game night that consists of yummy snack foods and some Phase 10! Or Farkle? lol Love that monogrammed wreath too...I would be buying one too b/c I don't like the thought of it not turning out just how I'd want it! :)

  2. Those peanut butter brownie buddies look amazing. You'll have to let me know if they are super easy to make. :)
    Am stopping by from the link up and am your newest follower!
    Kate @

  3. We should definitely do a game night! You guys would like Farkle, I think! :)

  4. Hi Kate! Thanks so much for stopping by! I actually ended up making another recipe from Six Sisters' Stuff. I'm going to blog about it today or tomorrow so stay tuned! :)

    I'm so glad you are following along - I'm your newest follower on bloglovin! :)