Monday, September 30, 2013

Another year older...times two.

September is a major birthday month in our family! We have five family birthdays within about two weeks. Both Daniel and I have birthdays in September and they're only three days apart. It's always fun to celebrate together...and we pretty much rationalize anything we want during the entire month. It IS our birthday month, after all. ;)

I have always been terrible about taking pictures of our birthday celebrations anything, and that's one of major reasons I started this blog. I want to have pictures to go along with our memories!

Daniel was lucky this year because his birthday fell on a Saturday. I guess that's where his luck stopped, though, because he had been sick that week and ended up having to go to the doctor...on his birthday! Thankfully, they gave him a steroid shot and he felt better after a few hours {and hardly slept thanks to those steroids!}. We hung out around the house most of the day and headed out for an early dinner at Jim & Nick's.

The Alabama game started at 6:00, so we had to be home in time! :)

I ordered a hamburger, ate two bites and couldn't eat any more. Then I cried because I felt like I ruined his birthday dinner out. I'm telling you, pregnancy makes you crazy!

After dinner, we headed home for dessert and presents. I got him one of his favorites...cookie cake. And yes, that's camouflage wrapping paper. I was trying to find a bow to put on it, and then I thought, "Does camouflage wrapping paper really require a bow?" I decided no.

I made Daniel a homemade cookie cake last year, and it was okay, but just not as good as the real thing. Oh, and do you see my mistake?

Yep, his cake said "Happy Birthay, Sweetheart!" last year. I'm a good speller. I have no idea what happened. Good news, though...everything was spelled correctly on his cake this year! :)

Being married to someone who loves technology and whose career is in technology, I've resigned myself to buying gifts that are pretty much nerdy always related to technology in some way. This year, he wanted these special glasses to wear while he works on the computer {which he does pretty much all day}. They're supposed to reduce eye strain and fatigue and other stuff like that. I can't believe I bought them for him, but he loves them and claims that they work wonders.

I'm so glad this guy was born 29 years ago, and I'm so thankful for another year with him.

Just three days after Daniel's birthday, we celebrated my birthday. It just so happened to be the same day as parent orientation at my school so I had to work until 6:45 that night! Happy birthday to me! :-\ It was still a good day at school, though. My kids were super sweet all day and brought me all of my favorite treats - Cheez-Its, Oreos, peanut M&Ms, and Cherry Coke. Daniel came to school to have lunch with me, too. I love that he got to experience eating lunch in a room with 200 kids and having to scarf down his food in 20 minutes or less! It's quite an experience. Later that afternoon, one of my sweet friends from church and her daughter surprised me at school with a birthday balloon and all my latest pregnancy cravings.

After parent orientation was over, I came home and Daniel and I headed straight to Chuy's for my birthday dinner.

We cannot get enough of their chips, salsa, and creamy jalapeno dip!! And their deluxe chicken quesadillas! SO good!

After dinner, it was time for birthday cake and Daniel surprised me with ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. I used to get one every year for my birthday but hadn't had one in years, so I was excited!! I can't get enough of those fudgy cookie crumbles in the center! {They really could work on their penmanship, though. I know...I'm such a teacher.} Oh, and we almost had an ice cream cake casualty removing it from the freezer which is why it's all messed up on the side. It was close, y'all.

I finally got to open the present that I'd been wondering about for almost a week. I asked for the Naked2 eyeshadow, but the present was a pretty big box that was super heavy. I was worried I was getting a cookbook or something. {I love cookbooks, just not for my birthday. Or from my husband.}

No cookbooks, though. Just two PowerAdes to throw me off.

I got my eyeshadow! I have no idea how to blend all the colors, though. Good thing there are lots of tutorials on YouTube. :)

I can't imagine how different our birthdays will be next year with a 6-month-old baby!! We really can't wait, though!! :)

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  1. Yay what a fun post!! Sounds like you guys both ended up having great birthdays (and so glad Daniel's steroid shot had kicked in just in time!!)!! Next year, once your little one is here birthdays are never the same again- but because they're different in the most amazing way possible!!

  2. Thank God for my beautiful wife who understands and loves me for me! We had a great birthday week!
    Your Nerd

  3. We talked so much about how different next year would be! We can't wait! :)

  4. It was the best! So thankful for you, too, sweetheart! Even if you are a little nerdy sometimes ;)