Friday, August 9, 2013

{5 on Friday} August 9, 2013

Happy Friday!! Every year, this particular Friday is always a little bit of a "downer" for me since it's my last official week day of summer break. Once I get back into the school routine {getting up early}, I'll be fine, but really, who *wants* to give up all day freedom and go back to work?! :) We have a fun weekend planned, though! We're heading to Montgomery tonight to have dinner with Daniel's parents, and then on Saturday we're going on our annual back to school date to The Cheesecake Factory! If you've been reading along, you know that I'm pretty excited about this!! :)

Anyway, here's my five on Friday link-up for this week! Whatever you end up doing this weekend, I hope it's wonderful!! :)

Last night we were watching the news and saw a little snippet about the first Alabama football game. We were like, "How fun would it be to go to the game?" We pretty much immediately dismissed the idea because we thought that there was no way we could afford tickets. Just for fun, we looked them up and ended up finding a good deal!! I *never* thought I would get excited about going to a football game, but living in the south has made me a huge fan!! And, thanks to my husband, I actually understand how the game works now. We've only been to one Alabama game and that was four years ago, so we're SO excited!!!

I got to have one last lunch out for the summer with Daniel yesterday. Being able to have lunch with him during the week is something I love so much about summer!! He'll come to have lunch with me a few times during the school year, but it's just not quite the same... It probably has something to do with being in a noisy lunchroom full of 300 kids. Just maybe. ;)

Since I am heading back to school next week, my mom wanted to have a tea party with us girls {and my dad came, too! :)}. I'm so thankful to live close to my family so we can do these kinds of things. My niece, Vanna, LOVES tea parties and she had so much fun helping Nana get everything ready. Let me tell you, my mom went all out. She tends to do that sometimes...especially when buying produce. ;) This was quite the tea party! We had tea, scones {plain, blueberry, and chocolate chip} with Devonshire cream and lemon curd, quiche, mini chicken salad croissants, fruit, lemon tart, and dainty, little cookies. I know. And I'm sorry if you're reading this while hungry. :) Everything was so pretty and so delicious! I think the quiche was my favorite - Swiss, bacon, and green onions. I will have to share some of my mom's recipes on the blog sometime. She's an amazing cook!

On a more serious note, God has been giving me lots of opportunities to trust Him lately. I have to say, I'm a worrier and trust is something that's hard for me. I know that I *can* trust the Lord, it's just hard for me to let go of worrying about situations sometimes. Over and over recently, He has worked things out so seamlessly...even better than I hoped. I'm so thankful for a Father who loves us and wants to bless us. I LOVE this quote below. It's so good to know that God holds everything in His hands and will do what is best for His children. And this leads me to number five...

I really don't have any words for this song other than thankful

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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  1. Awww, enjoy your weekend sweet friend! It will be Christmas break before you know it!! :) That's so exciting about going to an Alabama game! Where did you find reasonable tickets? I've never gone to a game, but have always wanted to go! Hope to see you guys soon!

  2. We bought the tickets from Stub Hub. The only reason they were affordable were because they are on the Virginia Tech side, but right next to the last Alabama section. Anything on the Alabama side was CRAZY expensive!! We figured that many other Alabama fans will have the same idea as us and we won't be the only ones in that section. (We hope!!) :)