Monday, December 2, 2013

{Snapshots} Thanksgiving Break

Making a new chalkboard and eating so much pineapple that my mouth hurt. :-\

Taco Bell. 11:15 p.m. I'm pregnant. No shame.

Staying up late watching a movie with my love.

Introducing Daniel to my favorite breakfast ever on a Wednesday.

Pizza for dinner and catching up on DVRed shows.

PJs and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Thanksgiving Day!

Precious family.

Disney Hedbandz and Monopoly!

Thanksgiving Day 2013

Black Friday shopping!

Got our free griddle! In and out in 15 minutes!

Breaking in our griddle with pancakes for breakfast!

Hunger Games! 

Dinner at The Boot at Preserve Village.

Our Christmas tree finally has a topper, thanks to my mom! :)

We have a chandelier for the baby's room!

Trying it out to see how it looks.

Testing out paint colors in the baby's room.

We were thankful for this happy delivery after Alabama lost the Iron Bowl. :(

The baby's room has a chandelier completely installed!
Now to just get the walls painted...

We ended our break with a big splurge...Outback cheese fries.

Lots of time with family, lots {and lots} of food, and lots of fun. So thankful for these past five days! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :)

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  1. Looks like you had an Awesome Thanksgiving! And that picture of you and Daniel--you should totally be a pregnancy model! You look great. And I almost cried when Alabama lost! (And when Michigan lost, and when Florida lost) It was a bad day in this house :(

  2. You are too nice-I'm freaking out because I've already gained 18 pounds!!! I'm not weighing myself again, I don't think. It stresses me out. And yes, that loss was TOUGH. A lot of "if onlys"... I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving! Justin could safely be here any day now, right?? :)

  3. Well, I gain at least 40 each time... I just don't care too much, As long as I know there are healthy balanced meals in there, it is what it is! :) We had a nice thanksgiving, busy, but nice. And yes, Justin can come any day now! I thought he was going to come yesterday actually. Had good -real- contractions yesterday morning...and then they quit. I was so mad! and then I just cried! I'm laughing now, but will probably be crying in another hour! I forgot how emotionally up and down it gets the last few weeks! oh my! poor Chris! hahaha! I had a midwife visit today and he was so active she said she could feel him sucking his thumb! (he's head down, face up right now) don't know if I'm ready for a thumb sucker! but it was neat :)