Thursday, December 12, 2013

26 Weeks

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How Far Along: 26 weeks and 1 day

Size of Baby: According to The Bump, the baby is the size of a head of lettuce, is between 13.6-14.8 inches long, and weighs anywhere between 1.5-2.2 pounds.

Total Weight Gain: Definitely not weighing myself. Definitely not.

Gender: It's a girl!!

Maternity Clothes: Yes! I finally bought a pair of maternity leggings and they are oh so comfy. I don't know why I waited so long. Now I just need to find some more long shirts to wear with them. You know, because...

Not that I needed a reminder... I've always been of the "leggings aren't pants" opinion.
Wedding Rings On/Off: On

Stretch Marks: None yet. I'm still using cocoa butter lotion almost every day.

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well...just feeling like I need more of it!

Cravings/Aversions: Just sweets, although I'm not sure I can really officially call that a pregnancy craving. I always want {more} sweets during the holidays.

Symptoms: Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. We actually ended up going to the hospital last Wednesday night because I was having them about three minutes apart and I hadn't felt the baby move as much that day. They monitored her for a couple of hours and praise the Lord, she was fine. Her heartbeat stayed steady every time I had a contraction. They told me they were probably related to stress and that I need to take it as easy as possible. That's kind of difficult to do...especially around Christmas time! Anyway, I've been drinking tons of water and trying to remain as stress-free as possible. They have lessened, but I still have them almost every day...well, make that every week day. I don't really get them on the weekends. Imagine that! ;)

Movement: She has started moving so much more in the past few days! Daniel has been able to feel her several more times, too. We love it!!

Mood: Happy!!! {And a little bit stressed...}

What I Miss: My daily naps during the summer time when I first found out I was pregnant. I would also *love* a steak and a 44 oz. cherry Coke.

Looking Forward To: My doctor's appointment tomorrow {fingers crossed that I pass my glucose test} and we're going to a childbirth class on Saturday. A little nervous for that one, but still excited. We're also planning to test out some gliders for the nursery this weekend.

Best Moment This Week: Even though we were at the hospital, I loved being hooked up to the fetal monitor and getting to hear our baby's heartbeat and kicks for a couple of hours. We also heard hiccups!! So sweet.

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  1. Still praying for you and those contractions sweet friend. I'm counting down the days until Xmas break FOR you! :) So exciting that Daniel has been able to feel her more now! That will become an every day occurrence, which is something fun to look forward to. You'll have to let me know what you guys think about that birthing class on Sat. If Daniel needs a "therapy session" afterwards he knows he can call Michael! lol :) Enjoy your upcoming weekend and GET SOME REST
    !!!!! ;)

  2. We may be closing our eyes for parts of the birthing class! ;) So thankful it's the weekend! :)