Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Rewind {November 11, 2013}

Three day weekends are the best. It just makes the whole weekend better because you know that you have an extra day! That carefree "I can stay up late" feeling on Sunday night is just *the best*.

We had a wonderful started with me telling Daniel that I wanted to put the Christmas tree up this weekend. Yes, really. I promise I don't ignore Thanksgiving...I'm just so ready to get started on all the Christmas cheer! :) At first he was totally against it...he's an after Thanksgiving kind of guy, but I convinced him to at least go and look at the Christmas stuff at Lowe's on Friday night.

While we were there, we look at paint swatches for the baby's room. We're I'm still torn between light pink, light aqua, and light gray. After looking at samples, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to find a light aqua that I like. Daniel is ready to paint the room gray today! I'm so glad that he cares and has an opinion on these things! I think it's so sweet! :)

It was a cold night so we went to Starbucks after Lowe's and got our first red cup of the season! There is just something about those red cups. {I was also hoping this would help in my Christmas tree plans!}

On Saturday morning, we went to Vanna's fifth birthday party. She had a princess tea party and all of the little girls dressed up in princess outfits. My sister did an amazing job with everything! All the little girls *loved* the tea party. And just look at this castle cake she and my mom made! Vanna loved it!

After the party, we went and did a little shopping at Hobby Lobby...both for the baby's room and for Christmas stuff. ;) Daniel found this adorable canvas that we ended up buying. It makes me lean more toward the pink and gray color scheme. The tree looks brown in the picture, but it's more gray in person.

I also did a little damage in the Christmas department. I absolutely love that Hobby Lobby pretty much always has their Christmas stuff 50% off!

After having my new favorite lunch, a veggie sub at Subway, and finishing up our shopping, we headed home and project Christmas tree began! Squeal!! :)

After finding out that only about 5 of the 1,000 lights already on the tree still worked, Daniel set to work removing all the old ones and putting new lights on the tree. Pre-lit trees are not worth it. Those lights were not easy to take off! This is about as far as we got on Saturday.

Sunday was another busy day with church in the morning, Christmas angel shopping in the afternoon, and finishing up the Christmas tree on Sunday night. This sight makes me a very happy girl. I absolutely love going through all of our ornaments every year when we put up the tree! So many memories...

We hung an extra special ornament this year with our sweet baby's ultrasound picture in it.

This is another one of my favorites that I made last year. I cut our wedding invitation into strips, curled them, and put them inside a clear ornament. I did one for our save the date card, too. Of course I found the idea on Pinterest! :)

Here's what we ended up with. It just needs the topper and some presents underneath which will come another weekend!! I'm just so glad we get to look at it for the next six weeks! It makes me so happy!! :)

Whatever you ended up doing this weekend, I hope it was a wonderful one!! Y'all have a great week!! :)

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  1. ABSOLUTELY Beautiful!!! It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend - I wonder if I could talk my husband into putting up the tree already?!

  2. Your tree turned out beautiful!! I love Christmas and decorating is the best!! :) I bet within the next 2 weeks Daniel will be able to feel her kick from the outside! I think I was around 22 weeks when Michael felt both of ours! It's the best! And I still vote pink and grey. lol :)

  3. You crack me up! You and your convincing ways ;) Your tree is gorgeous though, want to come do mine??? Vanna's party looked great. I enjoyed following Aliesha's Pinterest board. The canvas Daniel found is Adorable!! Now maybe I can do my shopping for you too ;)

  4. It's worth a try! It's so much work...I want to be able to enjoy it as long as possible! And Thanksgiving is so late this year, we'd only have a few weeks to enjoy it if we waited! :)

  5. Thanks!! I love, love, love it! I'm thinking we're going to decorate the staircase and mantle, too! The decorations just make me so happy! I can't wait for Daniel to be able to feel her kick! It's just so random right now that I never know when it's going to happen. She did a big flip in church on Sunday that I'm pretty sure he would've been able to feel, but I haven't felt that since. It's so much fun!

  6. I love the tree! It just makes me so happy! I can't wait to decorate some more! You're amazing if you even get any Christmas shopping done with three kids and almost four! How are you feeling??

  7. I'm hoping to get all of our shopping done well before Christmas. Most of the girls list got sent to grandparents so it actually makes it really easy on me. My parents and, well almost everyone else is hoping to come for Christmas this year, it should be exciting to have them all here. I hope Justin comes a little early so they can all enjoy him. And I have never been more exhausted in my life! I was tired with Sophia, but it was so hot in June and July that i mostly blame that, but this time I blame the fact that it's a boy ;) I'm 34 weeks and ready to be done. I hate when I get like this, I really want to enjoy it as much as I can until the day I get to hold them, but I'm ready for that day to come a little sooner than later. Just praying for grace to get there :)

  8. That would be wonderful if the timing works out for your family to meet Justin!! I know what you mean about being ready to be done. I'm loving being pregnant...just not teaching while pregnant. I'm trying not to wish my pregnancy away just because I'm ready to get to maternity leave!!