Monday, October 28, 2013

Gender Reveal Party & Ultrasound Day!! {Plus FREE Printables!}

We have been looking forward to finding out what our baby is ever since the day we found out we were pregnant! I remember thinking that very night that we had 14 L-O-N-G weeks to wait. Those weeks went by so fast, but yet so slow at the same time! Our appointment wasn't until the afternoon, so my day at school felt like it lasted forever! My students were so sweet, though, and were so excited all day, too. :) Our math data question of the week was whether they thought I would have a boy or a girl. All the girls except one voted for girl, and all the boys {plus one girl} voted for boy.

Daniel and I met that afternoon and all the way to the hospital, we talked about how we couldn't believe the day had finally come! We both wore pink and it turns out we were right!

Even though we both thought it was a girl, hearing the words, "It's a girl" was so amazing. It just made it a million times more real for both of us. She was a little wiggle worm and moved around the entire time. Of course, we thought everything was incredibly adorable. :) Here we are right after finding out!

After we were done at the hospital, we went out to dinner and did some shopping to celebrate. It was so much fun being able to buy our little girl something!! We both just fell in love with this adorable little kitten blanket!

We also got this sweet ornament for our Christmas tree this year. We're going to put one of her ultrasound pictures in it.

Daniel's protective nature came out full force as he inspected some of the strollers. It was hilarious. He started throwing around words like suspension! He's definitely in charge of the stroller research. :)

The next few days we were busy getting ready for our gender reveal party. We decorated the fireplace with pink and blue balloons and a pennant banner that I made to match the invitation.

I made some tissue paper pom poms {tutorial coming soon!} in baby colors to hang in the kitchen. They were really easy and I love how they turned out!

For food, we did "Boy Cravings" {salty/savory} and "Girl Cravings" {sweets}. You can download a free printable of the tent cards at the bottom of this post.

We had veggies with veggie dip, buffalo chicken bites, my mom's famous {and super yummy} taco dip, and pigs in a blanket. Don't the pigs in a blanket look like little babies? So cute. :)

On the girl side, we had our reveal cake {with pink frosting on the inside!}, pink and blue chocolate cake pops, he/she Hershey bars, and fruit with fruit dip...which was still in the refrigerator when we took the picture. :-\

I also did an old wives' tales printable that we displayed. It looks like most of the old wives' tales were true in our case!! There's a free {blank} download for this at the bottom of this post, too. :)

We kept the pink and blue trend going with the drinks. For the pink sparkling punch, I made this recipe. The blue punch was just limeade with a couple drops of blue food coloring.

Both of my parents and my brother-in-law, Dale, wore blue {or something in the blue family...Mom :)} to cast their vote for a boy.

Aliesha and Vanna both thought it was a girl!

Vanna wanted to make sure that everyone knew that she thought it was a girl!!

We weren't telling yet! It was so funny when everyone realized they had to wait until we cut the cake to find out! There may have been some "hurry up and eat" talk going on...I won't mention names. :)

Finally, we cut the cake!

You can't tell in the picture, but that's pink icing in there!!! :) Everyone was so excited to finally know the news, and Vanna was jumping up and down squealing, "It's a girl! It's a girl!" So precious.

Everyone brought our baby girl gifts, too! My mom and dad came with both boy and girl gifts. Inside the girl box were these precious outfits. Baby clothes are the cutest!

Aliesha, Dale, and Vanna got her this adorable Lion King book. The Lion King was my *favorite* movie growing up {could have had something to do with my Jonathan Taylor Thomas obsession!} and is still my favorite Disney movie, so I absolutely love that our little girl will get to know all about Simba at an early age. :)

On Monday, we headed back to work and were excited to share our news with everyone. I took "she" Hershey bars to my students. I laid them face down on their desks and then they flipped them over at the same time. Their reaction was so cute!!

I took pink cake pops to my coworkers with "It's a Girl!" tags {free download at the end of this post!}.

One of my sweet friends at work let me borrow this cute carriage pin to wear that day, too.

We absolutely loved sharing our news with everyone! We can only imagine how wonderful it's going to be when we get to introduce our sweet baby girl to our family and friends!!

Now, for the free printables... Just click the links below each picture to download a PDF of that file. I've also made an invitation and complete DIY printable party kit that matches the chevron, polka dot, chalkboard theme. You can check them out in my Etsy shop if you're interested!! :)


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  1. Love the pics from your gender reveal party! You are so creative and are so great at planning things like this. Loved the decorations and pics of when you guys cut the cake! Excited to meet this sweet girl in just a few months!

  2. Wow your party looks like it turned out amazing! You must have done so much work for it! Happy to be a new follower!

  3. Thank you so much!! It was a lot of work, but it was so much fun to tell everyone at the party! So happy to have you following along! :)

  4. Thanks! I'm so glad we ended up doing the gender reveal this way! It was hard to wait to tell everyone, but the party was so much fun! :)

  5. Thanks for the free printables! I've been planning my own gender reveal party, probably early December... even though we found out at the end of September! It's been SO hard to not spill the beans! :)

  6. Oh my goodness! We only waited for a few days and it was torture not being able to tell everyone! You'll love having a party, though! Just FYI, I made an entire party kit that coordinates with my printables. It's in my etsy store if you're interested. :)
    Party Kit: