Friday, January 23, 2015

#richlyblesseddaily2015 {Week 3}

Here's what we were up to this past week!

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 Day 15: Pulling up on literally ev-er-y-thing! It's like she thinks that handle is there just for her!

 Day 16: Day one of my church women's retreat at beautiful Lake Guntersville! I'm excited to see what's in store for the weekend, but I sure do miss my two loves!

 Day 17: It's been a great weekend with these sweet friends!

Day 18: I had a great time at the retreat this weekend, but I'm so happy to be back with Daniel and Emery! I swear she's bigger than she was when I left!

 Day 19: Watching Daddy baby proof the cabinets. It looks like she's supervising!

 Day 20: Grandma and Grandpa's house = the only place you'll get your feet and legs stuck in a garlic bread box. She didn't seem to mind!

Day 21: She made it all the way up the stairs today...with Daddy close behind, of course. We've got to get a gate SOON!

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