Thursday, February 5, 2015

#richlyblesseddaily2015 {Weeks 4 & 5}

We've had one sick little girl the last couple of weeks! No fun at all! :( Thankfully, she's almost done with her antibiotics and is slowly getting back to her happy little self!

Hope y'all have had a great week!!

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Day 22: Emery didn't feel well today, but that didn't stop her from playing hard and being happy most of the day! Normally she sits up and plays during her bath, but she laid back and relaxed the whole time!

 Day 23: Reading used to be a whole lot easier for me! And those baby foods used to be all organized, but that's now one of her favorite places to play! Being sick doesn't slow this girl down!!

 Day 24: I can't even believe that it's time to start planning Emery's first birthday party! 

 Day 25: Peekaboo!!!

 Day 26: We love it when Daddy gets home!!

 Day 27: Weird picture, I know...but I totally forgot to take a picture yesterday! So, I took this picture of the lemon cake I *made* yesterday.

 Day 28: Well, Emery has her first ear infection. Thankfully, it's not that bad and only in one ear. And seriously, look at how happy she is even when she's sick!!

 Day 29: Today's favorite toys: a little box and a plastic lid. My leg is her new favorite thing to pull up can make things a little challenging but I love looking down at that sweet face. And I'm loving the new way she's sporting her headband. It didn't seem to bother her one bit...she even gave it a little taste. 

 Day 30: We try to watch Wheel of Fortune every night. If we had a recliner and an afghan, we'd be just like my grandparents!

 Day 31: Sweetest little angel.

 Day 32: Emery was with her aunt, uncle, and cousin this afternoon and what do we do? Go grocery shopping and buy diapers!

 Day 33: This is the only picture I took today...probably because I was too busy trying to keep Miss Fussy Pants happy. She's on an antibiotic and I swear it's making her SO cranky!?!

 Day 34: Worn out! And this hood owns me!! 

Day 35: Into everything! Who knew baby wipes were so much fun? She sat on the floor playing with these for 15 minutes!

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