Thursday, February 19, 2015

#richlyblesseddaily2015 {Week 7}

Here is week 7 of #richlyblesseddaily2015! Have a great weekend!! :)

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Day 43: Thankful for the precious time that I got to rock Emery to sleep today...she doesn't let me as often anymore. ❤ I also decided to give "blanket training" a try this week. She stayed like this for approximately 20 seconds! Baby steps...

Day 44: I had an oatmeal chocolate chip breakfast cookie this morning and Emery *loved* it and wouldn't leave me alone until it was gone! She's also starting to like drinking water from her sippy cup a *little* bit better!

 Day 45: Our little valentine is 11 months old today!! And our Valentine's Day didn't go quite like we planned...reservations at Flemings and we ended up at Five Guys. It's a long story, but there's no one I'd rather eat at Five Guys with on Valentine's Day than my sweetheart!

 Day 46: Her new thing. It's like she's saying, "Behold!"

 Day 47: So much love for this little girl! She has no idea...

 Day 48: We ate at Outback tonight and Emery did great...except for the fact that she was terrified of our server and screamed every time she came over!

Day 49: Just a little bit of static... 

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