Monday, July 28, 2014

#richlyblesseddaily2014 {Weeks 28 & 29}

Here are weeks 28 and 29 of #richlyblesseddaily2014! 

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 Day 193: We actually hung some pictures on the wall! If you know me, you know this is a big deal! I get anxiety when I have to decide where to put a hole in the wall!

 Day 194: Emery tried cereal for the first time tonight! If you couldn't tell, she was NOT a fan! Hoping she likes it better tomorrow!

 Day 195: Four months old today!!

 Day 196: Sometimes Wubby hangs out on her head while she sleeps.

 Day 197: I drove by our old house today after my dentist appointment. Sweet memories there. Then I picked up Emery who was *worn out* from her time with Aunt Aliesha and Vanna. We also had a spontaneous night out to Steel City Pops. Emery was thrilled. ;)

 Day 198: Emery hung out with me in the kitchen today while I made zucchini cookies. She watched me do everything so intently! I'm hoping she'll love to cook and bake with me when she gets older! She's also getting SO good at grabbing and holding her toys!

 Day 199: We went to see Daddy at work today and had lunch with him! He was pretty excited to show her off to everyone at his office!

 Day 200: Bedtime with two sweet girls tonight! Vanna couldn't be a sweeter cousin or love Emery any more. It is so precious!

 Day 201: Playing cards at the kitchen table with my love. We are officially my grandparents! Except that we have a baby monitor on the table...

 Day 202: Today was a rough day with this little one. Much more crying (on my part, too) than sleeping. She ended the day only taking her bottle this way...only a diaper and sprawled out in the Boppy. Even after days like today, I couldn't possible love her any more or be more thankful for her!

 Day 203: It was an awesome day at Weight Watchers! 25 pounds! Emery got to spend time with Vanna at Nana's house and I couldn't resist taking this picture. She was holding Emery's pacifier in her mouth while she was sleeping. So precious.

 Day 204: Emery enjoyed tummy time a little more in the Boppy today.

 Day 205: Going to bed like a big girl with her arms out! It takes her forever to fall asleep because she plays with her hands constantly {they're pretty fascinating!}, but other than that, she's doing great!

Day 206: She's pretty excited about her first drive in movie!

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