Sunday, March 23, 2014

#richlyblesseddaily2014 {Weeks 10 & 11}

Here are weeks 10 and 11 of #richlyblesseddaily2014! It's been an incredible two weeks! I have been so excited for these posts to have pictures of our baby girl in them! She's finally here! :)

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 Day 67: These bottle dishwasher baskets make my OCD heart so happy.

 Day 68: We went on a walk this afternoon to enjoy the beautiful weather and extra daylight! Daniel also ironed Emery's curtains (with many ruffles)...he's definitely a keeper.

 Day 69: 39 weeks chalkboard in progress. We also hung Emery's letters in the nursery. We're ready for her!

 Day 70: We had our 39 weeks appointment today and found out that Emery's birthday will be March 14th! We are SO excited! Then we had lunch at Sumo and I got a very appropriate fortune in my fortune cookie. Can't wait to meet this precious gift!

 Day 71: A day of pampering...a pedicure and a prenatal massage. Only 2 more days until we meet our sweet girl!!

 Day 72: All checked in and ready to go for tomorrow! We're ready to meet Emery!

Day 73: Welcome to the world, Emery Faith!! It has been the most amazing day. We are so in love with her already!! 

Day 74: We are so in love with this precious baby girl! She is the sweetest little baby! So incredibly overwhelmed by this blessing. 

Day 75: She already has Daddy wrapped around her finger. 

Day 76: I just can't stop looking at this precious face! We can't believe she's ours! Such a blessing. 

Day 77: A tough day with our baby under the lights for jaundice. Thankful it's nothing more serious but we've missed holding her so much today!!! 

Day 78: We bought our sweet Emery home today!! So incredibly blessed. 

Day 79: Getting ready for her first "washcloth bath". :) This was the calm before the storm. She's not a fan. 

Day 80: First trip to the pediatrician!! She looked great!! One week old today!

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  1. She is beautiful! So happy for you.

  2. She is SOOOO gorgeous! Praise God for a healthy and safe delivery - and daughter. I know you three are bonding and learning about each other. Thinking of you!!