Saturday, March 8, 2014

#richlyblesseddaily2014 {Week 9}

Week 9 of #richlyblesseddaily2014! It's been a wonderful week! I can't help but wonder if our sweet baby girl will be in next week's pictures. We are so excited!!! :)

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 Day 60: Date night at Carrabba's, then ice cream cones and Lifeway to buy Emery a storybook Bible.

 Day 61: Doing a little light reading in "The Art of Feeding". :) I love that he reads all the baby books and pamphlets we have around here. He's going to be the best daddy.

 Day 62: The letters for Emery's room came today. We also got to have a yummy dinner with my brother-in-law, sister, and Vanna.

 Day 63: Being spontaneous while we can! :)

 Day 64: 38 weeks pregnant! I'm wondering if I'll make it to 39!

 Day 65: We got to see this sweet face today! Looks like she's going to stay put for a little bit longer. We absolutely cannot wait to meet her!!

Day 66: Everything is ready for my maternity leave sub on Monday. Such a weird, wonderful feeling. Then we celebrated at Cheesecake Factory!

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  1. Love all the pictures! You and Daniel have done a Great job preparing for Emery!! You'll be wonderful parents!! Congrats on getting everything ready and organized for your sub during maternity leave. I know that was a huge sigh of relief to have that completed. Can't wait to meet - and hold - Emery SOON!!