Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday {January 31, 2014}

Happy Friday!! Linking up with Darci again today for Five on Friday!


Winter Gridlock 2014. Wow. We have had such a crazy week here in Alabama. There was a light dusting of snow forecasted for Tuesday afternoon. As I was getting ready for work that morning, I told Daniel how I hoped we would get out of school early and maybe even have a snow day on Wednesday. My goodness, be careful what you wish for. It started snowing around 9:45 on Tuesday morning and my students and I all excitedly gathered around the windows to watch.

Everything was covered with snow and school was scheduled to dismiss at 11:30. About the time we had called all the parents and had all the kids on the buses, we got the news that the buses were grounded and all parents would have to come to the school to pick their kids up. The roads turned to sheets of ice immediately, people were abandoning their cars and walking, pretty much all the roads were at a complete standstill. So...we had to call parents again and tell them they had to come and get their children. This led to more reports from parents telling us how terrible the roads were.

This pregnant lady was getting pretty anxious at the thought of possibly being stranded overnight at school and the Braxton Hicks were kicking up. Daniel had already tried to leave his office, but couldn't even get out of the parking deck because there were so many cars that were already stuck and in the way. He ended up having to spend the night there. I was so thankful {and now realize even more how incredibly blessed I was} that my dad was able to come and get me at school in his four wheel drive truck. It took us four hours to get home {about 8 miles} and the only reason we made it was because he drove in the grassy median for the last couple of miles. The roads were solid ice and at a complete standstill. Here are just a few pictures of what the roads looked like. There were areas that were much worse.

Several teachers stayed at school over night with the kids whose parents weren't able to get there. Bless their hearts! There are so many amazing stories! All in all, I feel so, so blessed that I was one of the few that actually got to be in my own home that night. Daniel finally made it home on Wednesday night, and even though I missed him like crazy, I'm so thankful he was only away for one night. Many people were separated from their families much longer. I'm also *incredibly* thankful that I wasn't closer to my due date! Many women had babies at home or in their cars. I can only imagine how terrifying that would be!

Because of all the snow and ice, we didn't have school Wednesday, Thursday, or today. Of course, I would never wish for these weather situations, but the days off and extra rest have been wonderful! And now, I only have five more weeks of work before my maternity leave starts!! Unless the baby gets ornery and decides to come earlier...

We're leaving this afternoon for our babymoon in Nashville!! I'm so ready for a weekend away with my sweetheart in a beautiful place. Lots of relaxing, eating, and probably some shopping for the baby.

Our last trip to Opryland ~ April 2013

I have come to terms with the fact that the nursery will probably not be done by the time the baby is born. I just don't have a final vision of what I want it to look like which makes it very challenging to find things. I wish I wasn't so darn indecisive! :-\ The thought of having it completely done was just becoming overwhelming to me, and it was starting to be not so fun. I definitely want the whole process to be fun, so I'm just going to chill out and do a little bit at a time. It will be okay. :) I have ordered a few more things that I'm super excited about.

I pray that we are able to teach our daughter the true meaning of these words and that they will be forever in her heart.

One thing I do know for sure is that I want hair bows for the baby! Lots of hair bows. I haven't ordered any yet, but I found an online shops that is very reasonably priced. I didn't see anything more than $4.00!! I'm planning to place an order soon. Does anyone else have any hair bow secrets you're willing to share? ;)

Polka Dot Posies
Enjoy your weekend, everyone! :)

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  1. I teared up when I read that teachers were staying overnight with their kiddos... I love how passionate most teachers are and I am praying blessings over each one! Joining you from Five on Friday and glad to be a new follower! :) :)


  2. It was quite a week, that's for sure! So happy to have you! :)

  3. Glad you made it home safely! You may have heard of these but sometimes has deals on bows. I just heard about ... haven't order from there yet. Also,, a few of my friends have ordered through them. My son's room was not done by the time he was born... it all worked out and I was glad we waited to finish. Have a good weekend!

  4. Yay! Thank you for the bow tips! :) I think we'll be glad we waited, too. I'd rather get things I know I love rather than settle on something just to fill the room. I hope you have a great weekend, too! :)

  5. Have FUN on your babymoon, girlie!!! And safe travels!!! The kiddos here in Wilmington, NC, are on snow day #4! How crazy!!! xx

  6. We had a great time, even though I ended up getting sick! :-\ The snow days WERE crazy and spoiled me! I'm wishing I didn't have to go to work tomorrow! :)