Wednesday, January 8, 2014

30 Weeks

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How Far Along: 30 weeks and 1 day

Size of Baby: According to BabyCenter, the baby is the size of a cabbage, is about 15.7 inches long, and weighs almost 3 pounds.

Total Weight Gain: Last time I went to the doctor, I was up about 20 pounds. I'm quite sure that it's quite a bit more than that now. I *might* sneak a peek at the scale tomorrow when I get weighed at the doctor...depending on how emotionally stable I'm feeling. ;)

Gender: It's a girl!!

Maternity Clothes: Definitely! There are just a couple pairs of pants that I can still wear with the belly band, but they're definitely not as comfy as maternity pants. I'm going to be sad to see maternity pants go...

Wedding Rings On/Off: On

Stretch Marks: I was really hoping I would never have to change this answer from "none yet", but I've found a few stretch marks. The night I spotted them, I decided my relationship with Publix cocoa butter lotion was over and I ordered an upgrade. This Palmer's Tummy Butter has great reviews on Amazon and I'll be using it until *hopefully* these stretch marks go away. It does feel a little greasy for a while which I hate, but I just tell myself that it means it's doing its job!

Sleep: Sleep has not been so great this week. :( It's taking me a long time to go to sleep even though I'm so tired. My brain just races at night with everything we still need to do to get ready for the baby along with everything I need to do to be ready for work every day. I've said it many times, but I really wish my brain had an off switch.

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing really specific, just food in general.

Symptoms: Oh my goodness, this has been *the* week where I have started having tons of symptoms. I felt fantastic during my entire Christmas break, and this week the bottom fell out. I'm talking exhaustion, back pain, headaches, Braxton Hicks, heartburn, labored breathing, you name it...

Movement: I haven't felt her move as much this week and I think it's because I'm up and around a lot more with being back at work. I hardly feel her at all during the day. Once I get home and get still for a little while, she starts to move more. The movements are changing, too. Instead of little thumps and kicks all the time, the movements are slower and more drawn out...almost like she's stretching or rolling.

Mood: I still feel happy most of the time, but I've started getting *very* emotional. I've always cried easily at touching things, but it's just gotten ridiculous lately. Daniel and I were out to dinner the other night and I just looked at him and started crying out of nowhere. He had no idea why and I couldn't keep it together enough to tell him. Finally, in the car on the way home I told him I just got "overwhelmed with love" and, of course, barely got that out because I was tearing up again. It's comical, really.

What I Miss: Christmas break and sleeping on my stomach. And Christmas break.

Looking Forward To: We have our 30 week doctor's appointment tomorrow and then we're getting our maternity pictures taken on Sunday.

Best Moment This Week: We finished our registries! What an overwhelming task! We were so glad to cross that off the list. Also, we had THREE, yes three, two-hour school delays this week for extremely cold temperatures. It was bliss. So nice to kind of ease our way in to the second semester.

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  1. Hope that new tummy butter does the trick girl! Just keep using it b/c it can't hurt! And I am loving the repeat of "Christmas break" being what you miss. Only 8 1/2 more weeks of school for you momma!!! :) And I so thought of you with those 3 delayed opening days this week and just thought that was God's way of telling you that you can make it!! Can't wait to see maternity pics. And for our girl's weekend next weekend!

  2. I love this picture of you! such a cute top too! Sorry about the stretch marks... I found some too toward the end of my pregnancy. But, I used the Palmer's lotion faithfully (even after Vanna arrived), and they faded away. I hate to hear you're having contractions again and heartburn, too. yuck! The emotional story is so cute! At least Daniel knew you weren't being emotional because you were mad at him. :)
    So glad for you that tomorrow is Friday! Looking forward to seeing the maternity pictures! :)

  3. You figured out how to leave a comment! :) Yes, the symptoms have hit me hard this week. The contractions aren't as bad as they were before Christmas, but I am sitting down almost all day much as I possibly can. I sure am hoping these stretch marks will fade away. :( Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! :)