Sunday, October 11, 2015

Life Lately

Well, it's been almost a month already since I last that happened is beyond me. I just can't keep us with how fast the days go by! Here's what's been going on our in our little life lately...

Emery got to try out coloring this month! She loved it and was super focused the whole time.

She's now tall enough to reach our kitchen drawers and she *loves* the drawer with my measuring cups and spoons. Sometimes she'll bring me one measuring spoon at a time and pretend like she's feeding me something.

These sweet girls love riding in their car at my parents' house. Vanna is such a good little driver. Every time they come to a stop, Emery says "uggie" because she wants to go again. :)

Daddy picked Buffalo Wild Wings for his birthday dinner. It was pretty cruel if you ask me. He'd been saying he wanted to go to Cheesecake Factory all week and changed his mind at the last minute.

Emery loves her Sesame Street place mats. She says "Elmo" and "Cookie" for Cookie Monster...

...and she does this for Oscar the Grouch. We die laughing every time she does it. It's like the least grouchy thing ever.

Trying on her new winter coat...I can't hardly stand how cute it is!

I can't hardly believe my baby is big enough to walk with me and hold my hand. She's constantly reaching for our fingers to hold and wanting to take us places {usually to the spot where we keep M&Ms "emmys"}.

Playing peekaboo with herself in her crib. She'll cover herself up, say "Emmmyeeeee", pull the blanket off, and laugh hysterically. It is just too funny. <3

Celebrating my birthday at Chuy's!

Since our birthdays are just a few days apart, we always go out on a joint birthday date. We went to Starbucks after dinner and sat in the same spot where we sat on our second date. <3

One of Emery's newest phrases is "no way!" Oh yes. Sometimes it's hilarious and sometimes, not so much. This video makes me laugh every single time, though. I'm glad I caught it on video, and now that I have it forever she can stop saying it!

My sweet, sweet little pumpkin!!! How can this sweet little person yell "no way!"?? :)

Daniel was out of town last Sunday and I was scheduled to sing on praise team, so I had to take Emery with me to rehearsal on Sunday morning. I couldn't have asked for her to be any better! She played with her blocks and entertained everybody with her dancing.

This girl *loves* music and will dance to just about anything! I love how she tries to tuck the block under her chin so she can clap!!

Daddy got home Sunday night and Emery got in some extra snuggles. <3

We had a bunch of gloomy days, so when we finally had a sunny morning last week, we went to the park! I just love how she holds my hand.

She's all over the park now! It amazes me!

We went to our first fall festival of the season this past weekend. Vanna was so sweet and wanted to carry Emery's backpack. :)

These girls are just too sweet. There was music playing, so of course Emery was dancing. And how adorable are those little cat flats?!

Emery was worn out from all the fall festival fun.

I rode a spinning ride with Vanna that night and I have to say, I was definitely feeling my age. These spinning rides used to be my absolute favorite! I could ride them over and over again, but wow, I was pretty glad when this thing finally slowed down. We had so much fun together, though! {And look at that sweet little snow cone face!}

I bought this fun little cookie pop kit at Walmart and we had so much fun making these jack-o-lantern Oreos! Emery was hanging out in the big chair watching Elmo...her current favorite!

What a cute little pumpkin princess!

We had lunch at church with our deacon family today and Emery made her way around the room collecting name tags. She's really starting to get into stickers. :) Vanna wrote some of the name tags and on my dad's she wrote, "Mike Gampa" because she calls him Gampa. I just thought that was too cute and funny! She wrote Emery's name tag, too. I love that sweet handwriting.

Emery kept coming to get Nana and Gampa so she could get them to walk around the halls with her.

Then we came home and had some Sunday afternoon snuggles.

It really doesn't get much better than this.

Daniel had a deacons' meeting tonight at church so Emery and I went outside to check out the leaves and acorns. I'm not sure what was so fun about it, but she loved throwing these acorns off the bench.

We are just absolutely *loving* this stage she's in right now! We are so thankful for her and the joy she brings to us!

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