Thursday, October 29, 2015

Life Lately

We've had a busy few weeks! I always tell myself I'm going to try to do a blog post at lease once a week so they don't take me as long {and aren't super long posts}, but the days just always fly by so fast and time gets away from me. So, now at 10:00 on a Thursday night, I'm finally getting around to it. Here are some little glimpses into our life lately...sweet little memories that I might otherwise forget. :)

Emery does this when it's time to pray. <3 We had my dad's birthday dinner at our house a couple of weeks ago and Emery sat in her high chair with her hands like this for probably five minutes!! Maybe all that talking about patience is sinking in?! Usually, when she knows it's almost dinner time, she gets pretty impatient {that's kind of an understatement}...or at the very least, she grabs a few bites off her plate while we're praying.

If Emery sees me getting food ready, she'll say "more" to ask for a bite. Sometimes, she'll walk off eating whatever I give her and then come right back in the kitchen saying "more? more?" I love how she says "more" and "cheese"!

Two sweet {matching} cousins. I think I'm going to have to frame this one. Emery calls Vanna "Nana".

Daniel had a meeting at church on Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago, so I took Emery to the fall festival in the little town just a few minutes away from our house. The weather was perfect for Starbucks, boots, and a jacket...what could say "fall" more, right? It was a pretty perfect morning until I spilled my coffee *twice* because I hit bumps in the sidewalk. :-\

Emery knows and loves the Starbucks cup! She managed to get a hold of the cup after this picture and spilled some on herself. I'm pretty sure that was a cursed cup of coffee.

I love peeking in the back seat and seeing these precious little feet back there...especially the kitty feet.

Later I looked back and she had her legs sticking straight up. So funny!

First little ponytail!

If she can't grab my hand, she's holding on to my clothes. It's like I'm on a leash. ;) It can get a little challenging at times, but I know one day I'll miss that little hand constantly reaching for me. {Okay, seriously...I'm tearing up.}

Emery loves playing with the little pumpkins on the porch...and she always tries to pick up the big one. :)

We've been going to Kindermusik classes for a several weeks and Emery is really coming out of her shell! She used to never leave my side to get an instrument or listen to the story, but now she pops right up when the instruments come out and will leave my lap to go sit with the teacher when she reads the story. She also always puts the instruments away when it's time without crying...the first week she had a come apart when it was time to put away the ball. It makes me so proud of her that she's becoming more independent, but also a little sad, too.

Waiting to get her sticker...all by herself.

This silly girl walks around with her Mega Bloks bag on her head saying "peeeeek!"

Watching Elmo on a rainy morning. I'm pretty sure she was trying to give Elmo kisses.

She climbed up on our bed the other day and opened my Bible. She can say "Bible" and she knows to be careful with it. She was turning the pages so carefully. Moments like this make me pray even more that she grows up to be a woman who loves and serves the Lord!

And I have to end with a precious video I got this week. Emery loves "beeping" noses and thinks it's pretty hilarious. If you watch all the way to the end, you'll hear the cutest little "yay!!" She says it all. the. time. I love it! <3

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