Friday, September 18, 2015

Five on Friday {September 18, 2015}

Yay for Friday! I thought I'd do a little "Five on Friday" during nap time today. :) Here's a little peek into our life lately.

I started Kindermusik classes with Emery last week. She *loves* music, almost always saying "uggie" {again} when a song ends, and she's super shy in new situations and around people she doesn't know very well, so I'm hoping these classes will help her come out of her shell a little bit. She seems to really like it, except when she has to give back the ball. I took this picture at our first class after she had to give the ball back. She cried and then eventually went over to my purse to get herself another "ball" {my chapstick}.

The classes are close to Daniel's office and they end at 11:00, so it's perfect because we can meet him for lunch! We got her pasta and she made the biggest mess she's ever made. We tried to control it at first...wiping her hands, feeding her with our forks, and it just wasn't we just let it go. First of all, thank goodness for baby wipes. Secondly, I put her straight in the bathtub when we got home! {And her high chair cover in the washer to soak!}

We had our second Kindermusik class yesterday and she definitely seemed more comfortable. She even danced! :) The classes are at the church where Daniel and I got married. We went there while we were dating and until we moved across town...lots of sweet memories in that place. Yesterday as we were walking to our classroom, I stopped and took Emery's picture in the same spot where Daniel and I first saw each other on our wedding day. <3

We officially started our Christmas shopping yesterday! I am determined to get it all done much earlier this year! Mostly so I can enjoy the Christmas season more, but also because I love a Christmas tree with a ton of wrapped presents under it, so I want to have lots of presents under there as soon as possible! :) The first thing we bought was Emery's "big gift"...a kitchen! I've had my eye on it on Amazon for a while now, and I saw the price drop by $40 the other night! Daniel was outside, and I was going to order it as soon as he came in and could talk to him about it. By the time he came in, the price was back up. What in the world?! Well, thank goodness for camelcamelcamel {say what?!}. Yes, you read that right. It's an Amazon price tracker that emails you when an item goes down to a price you specify. So, that night I set it up to track the kitchen and I got an e-mail the next morning that the price was back down so I ordered it! Yay! The price only went down for a couple of hours again. Emery loves to play with the kitchen at my sister's house, so I know she's going to love it! I can't wait to play with it with her! Now to find some fun kitchen accessories! :)


September is a huge birthday month in our family! We have several family birthdays and Daniel and I both have birthdays next week! My mom's was yesterday, so we celebrated with dinner at my sister's house. Emery even colored Nana's birthday card!

We got to pick Vanna up from her piano lesson at church before the birthday dinner yesterday, and Emery discovered this little raccoon in the preschool lobby. She's obsessed with "beeping" noses right now, so she was touching it's nose and saying "beep, beep". :)

Happy birthday, Nana!

I started a new Bible study at church last week and I am loving it so far. It's Hosea: Unfailing Love Changes Everything by Jennifer Rothschild. Redeeming Love is a book by Francine Rivers that's based on the story of Hosea, and ever since I read that book several years ago, I've been fascinated with the story. Well, Jennifer Rothschild is an amazing teacher and I'm learning so much about God's love for me and my identity in Him. I've highlighted so many parts of the book, but I just love this:

"To be chosen by God means you are His first choice and His best choice. He didn't shrug His shoulders and say, 'Well, I guess I'll take her if no one else will.' No. When Jesus' hands were nailed to a cross, His fingers pointed to you--He chose to die for you. He chose you and He chooses you every day. He doesn't love you because you are cleaned up, religious, or even because you are a Christian. He loves you because He is love."

I was doing my Bible study the other morning when Emery was awake and I started to feel guilty about it because I thought, "I should be playing with her". Let me tell you, "mommy guilt" is a huge struggle for me. Then I came to my senses and was like, "What am I thinking? She absolutely needs to see me reading and studying my Bible!!" And what do you know, she climbed up on my lap and sat with me while I read. That was a precious gift.

Emery has become quite the little block stacker. She used to love it when we would stack blocks for her so she could knock them down and we'd say "boom!" Now, she will stack them herself, knock them down, say "boom!" and laugh like crazy. She's stacked all 12 of her blocks before! It's so amazing to me to watch her be so careful and make adjustments so it doesn't fall down. She's also started counting. She'll say "one, two" pretty consistently, then she'll say the "s" sound when it's time for six, she says "eight" almost perfectly, and she'll usually say "ten!" It's so funny how she matches our tone when she counts. Whenever I count with her, I say the numbers really slow and kind of sing-songy {especially ten}, and now she does it! She's just learning so much every single day! It makes me so happy and so sad because she's growing up too fast!

She loves to watch this video in my lap and laughs hysterically when the blocks fall over! :)

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