Thursday, September 10, 2015

Labor Day Weekend {2015}

We just had the *best* long weekend ever. We packed in so many fun things...I'm always so sad to see these long weekends come to an end.

Both of us have birthdays in September, so our long weekend started on Thursday night with an early birthday celebration at the Sam Hunt, Hunter Hayes, and Lady Antebellum concert.

I'm still really puzzled about why Sam Hunt had flowers on his logo?!

It was so, so fun! They were all really good, but Lady Antebellum was just amazing. You know how some singers are just not that great live? {I'm looking at you, Rascal Flatts!} Well, Lady A was amazing. They didn't miss a single note!

And at one point, they walked out into the crowd and played a few acoustic songs.

Emery spent the night with my parents since the concert ended so late, so Daniel and I pretended like we were dating again and went to McDonald's for a midnight treat. {We regretted this decision. McDonald's is terrible. Chick-fil-A, you need to stay open late because you never disappoint us.}

The next morning we slept in {yes, 7:45 is now considered sleeping in for us} and went out to breakfast before going to get our sweet baby. We always miss her so much! She had so much fun at Nana and Gampa's that she fell asleep on the short drive home...snuggling with the new bear they got her. She *loves* this bear and calls it "Boo"!

We pretty much hung out together at home all day on Friday. I love laid back time at home with my little family. I also decided that September 4th isn't too early for Halloween jammies. :)

We took it easy again on Saturday. Daddy did a little more babyproofing...with Emery overseeing, of course.

Emery loves to play peekaboo in this little shelf under our kitchen table. We did a lot of that and got to hear lots of sweet giggles.

This girl loves her bear and her blanket. This is just so sweet to me.

So, Saturday was a pretty big day in was college football kickoff day for Auburn and Alabama!!! We did a little photo shoot with Emery in her cute Alabama football shirt. I mean, I love this picture so, so much.

Daniel got some pretty precious pictures. It's always *torture* for me to narrow down pictures and pick which ones I want to print. It's like my least favorite thing to do.

Once Emery was in bed, we ordered pizza and watched the game! I ended up redoing our chalkboard during the game. I've had this verse on it for the last few months.

I've been wanting to put our fall bucket list on it, and I love how it turned out! Yes, I realize the overwhelming majority of things on this list are food related. What can I say? I love fall...and all of the food that goes along with it!

Click here for my chalk art tutorial. :)
Click here for my blank printable fall bucket list.
We all took naps on Sunday afternoon...and on Friday, Saturday, and Monday, too! Long weekends are the best! It felt so good outside on Sunday night, so we went out for Mexican food and ate out on the deck.

You know that Sunday night feeling when the next day is a's just the best! Emery seemed to know it was a holiday and slept until 8:00 and then we all had pancakes for breakfast. She used to not really care much about pancakes, muffins, waffles, etc...but she seems to be starting to see the light! Ha!

Labor Day morning swinging... She just brings us so much joy.

We wanted to do something special with her that afternoon, so we took her to Itty Bitty Magic City at McWane Science Center. Apparently, lots of other parents had that idea, too, because it was a little nuts, but still a lot of fun! Emery totally knocked down a kid's Lego tower while we were there. We stack blocks and knock them down all the time at home, and I could see what she was thinking as soon as she saw it, but I just couldn't grab her in time. I felt bad for the little boy, but it was also hilarious!

Daniel was like a kid in this place. I *love* seeing him play with her and teach her things! <3

She loved rolling balls down this pipe and then peeking at Daniel through the hole.

Hesitantly milking the cow...

She walked back and forth across this bridge probably 20 times. My big girl...

She also went down a slide for the first time, too. She didn't cry, but when we asked her if she wanted to do it again, she said "no". :)

I'm in love with those little curls.

We went to Jim & Nick's for some Labor Day BBQ that night. It seemed like the right thing to do. ;) We introduced Emery to the cheese biscuits and she was definitely a fan! She was also a fan of the lemonade and would bounce up and down reaching for it.

And just like that, our weekend was over. Long weekends are so much fun until they're over. :) I'm so thankful that I got to spend so much time with my sweet little family. <3

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