Tuesday, December 2, 2014

#richlyblesseddaily {Weeks 45, 46, & 47}

Here are the last few weeks of #richlyblesseddaily2014! A lot has happened!! I really *cannot* believe that there are only a few weeks left in 2014. This has easily been the fastest {and best!} year of my life! I am so glad I decided to take a picture every day this year. {I got the idea here.} I've already had fun looking back at all the little {and big!} moments and memories we've made this year.

Have a wonderful week!

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 Day 312: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
{This is seriously one of my favorite pictures ever!}

 Day 313: We had a wonderful time celebrating our sweet Vanna at her birthday party today! She turned 6 yesterday!

 Day 314: Emery got to try on some of her Christmas outfits today!

 Day 315: Christmas decorations are done! Now to clean up all the glitter! 

 Day 316: Santa baby. She was NOT thrilled at all about the hat and this was the only picture I got where she wasn't screaming!

 Day 317: I thought I had her in a spot where she couldn't reach anything, but I was wrong! She pulled the fruit basket over next to her and was having the best time with some apples!

 Day 318: Eight months old today!!!

 Day 319: This girl LOVES to play peekaboo lately! She goes wild in her exersaucer when I cover her up!

 Day 320: She is surrounded by toys and has been playing with these tubes of lotion for the last 20 minutes!

 Day 321: When her hair looks like this, it means she had a good nap!

 Day 322: One Wubbanub just isn't enough.

 Day 323: Thankful for these two and how they love each other.

 Day 324: Reading her Christmas pop up book! This girl LOVES some pop up books!

Day 325: Our sweet little pumpkin!

 Day 326: Date night at El Barrio!

 Day 327: First time riding in the cart like a big girl today!

 Day 328: First walk in the stroller without the car seat! She kept leaning to the side so she could see me through the screen.

 Day 329: She's left the tree alone since we put it up, but she's getting a little closer to it every day!

 Day 330: She backs herself into this little corner all day long...then she cries when she can't get out because she can't move forward yet!

 Day 331: Happy Thanksgiving! Emery decided to crawl on her first Thanksgiving! I couldn't be more thankful for these two loves of mine!

Day 332: Emery is venturing off the carpet now that she can crawl... And she finally discovered the ornaments that I put on the bottom of the Christmas tree for her.

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